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When Christian's father dies, his mother starts dating again, but is the man she chooses the right one?

His name is Steve and he does it all for love. Why does he not understand that? He will just have to keep going in order to prove it to him.

Table of Contents


Christian heard footsteps outside his door, “Oh no. It’s him again,” he thought. He quickly hides under the bed. Christian’s hear... Read Chapter

New Boyfriend

It all started with his father dying. Christian loved his father, but there were parts of him that scared him. He knew that his father wo... Read Chapter


Steve was his name. A tall, strong man who didn’t like talking much. He was impatient, obsessive-compulsive, and controlling. He wasn... Read Chapter


“Take off your clothes.” Said Steve.   “All of them?” She asked, her voice cracking.   “Yes. All of t... Read Chapter


He finished in her. He wasn’t satisfied though. He wanted more. She was loose, used by many others before him. He pushed her onto the b... Read Chapter


A few days passes and Steve is filled with anxiety, “I want to do it. I want him. But no, that’s wrong, he’s just a kid. But I love... Read Chapter


Christian’s mom walks into the room, “What’s going on here?!” She rushes over to Christian and yanks his hand off of Steve’s pe... Read Chapter

Coming Home

Months pass and Christian is heavy-eyed. He wants to fall asleep so badly, but he knows it’s almost that time. The time when Steve gets... Read Chapter

The Voices

It’s nighttime and Christian can’t sleep, again. Lately it’s been that way, where he’ll try to sleep but can’t. The insomnia is... Read Chapter

The Killing

Christian couldn’t take it anymore. He moved Steve’s arm away from him and got up to go get something to drink. But the voices starte... Read Chapter

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