Hiding in my Mind

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I wrote this for my friend to give to her girlfriend

Submitted: April 20, 2008

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Submitted: April 20, 2008



All around you the world is chaos

Confusion everywhere you look.

Hatred in the eyes around us,

Hiding entrancing eyes behind your book.

It seems as though the world’s against you,

And nothing is quite going right,

But I know that we can make it through

If you’re always by my side.

Maybe they don’t hate you at all,

Afraid of difference-yes, that’s true.

And when you’re feeling down, just give me a call,

This will be hard, but that we already knew.

Things aren’t always as they seem,

Sometimes first impressions are wrong.

And when a smile like yours gleams

Past opinions become more or less gone.

Our minds sometimes play tricks on us,

And make us believe things that aren’t true,

But we both know you’re just way too tough

To let your skies turn to gray from blue.

The ocean looks so vast and emotionless

On a day calm as the night is dark,

But just under the surface there’s a sweet caress

Like a summer breeze, or the song of a lark.

We all say or do things that we may not mean

And when things aren’t going your way remember:

Things aren’t always as they seem

And all great fires were once just an ember.

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