Give and Take

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The following is a story about a ten year old girl named Lily stuck in a tragedy commited by her non-caring mother and her mother's boyfriend Mick.

Submitted: January 05, 2008

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Submitted: January 05, 2008



Give and Take

I stood there, watching silently as the police officer took my mother away. I was merely at the age of ten when I witnessed thesehorrific events. I still remember all of them, faintly, though they still haunt my mind. All of them shocking. All of them tragic. All of them changing my life forever.

It all started the night my mom walked through the door of our run down house in what most would call the "ghetto" with her latest boyfriend Mick; both of them polluting the air with their Marijuana. They were laughing hysterically, drunk I assumed, talking about their newest idea to run off to Vegas and win big. My mom, completely ignoring the fact that I was even in the room, said she couldn’t have any fun because she had me to take care of. Those words were the straw that broke me. Instanly Ijumped up and beganyelling at her furiously.

“Take care of me? You barely feed me! You barely even pay the bills! Don’t you ever say you take care of me when you know damned well you don’t!”

Mick, coming in drunken protection of my mom yelled, “Your mom does everything she can to take care of you, maybe you need to respect her a little more and where in the hell do you get off having a filthy little mouth like that? Someone ought to teach you a lesson in respect!” As he was yelling he quickly took off his belt and ran over at me. I plunged off the couch but he grabbed me by the arm and started beating my back fiercely. As I cried out in pain. my mom just stood there, watching as her own daughter was beaten by a man she had deliberately brought into her house.

As Mick finished beating me he looked to my mom in search of what they should do next. He smiled at her and grabbed me. He dragged my squirming body out into the darkness of night and threw me in the pitch black trunk of his car. I knew not what he would do next, though I knew it wouldn’t be good.

I stayed in that trunk for what seemed to be the whole night. I managed to fall asleep, waking up at all the bumps along the road. I had no idea where we were going, I didn’t know what would happen to them, or me. All I knew was that I was afraid. Not just for me, but also for my mom. She didn’t know what she was doing, she was drunk, like always. She always brought guys home, she didn’t know this would turn out like this. This time, sadly, was one time too many.

As we came to a stop I heard their intoxicated laughter and I saw the light of morning as Mick opened up the trunk. He pulled me out as though I was a bag and not a child. He also grabbed guns out of the back of his trunk. Two of them. He handed one gun to my mother and kept one to himself. He led me into a convenience store hiding the guns in his pocket and my mother hiding hers in her purse. He took a Slim Jim off a shelf and casually walked up to the cash register. As the cashier rang up the item Mick and my mom forcefully pulled the guns out and Mick yelled at the man ferociously to give him the money in the register. I looked around, all the patrons were lying on the floor, a few crying. I couldn’t handle watching this, so I shut my eyes. I heard more yelling, then a some gunshots and felt a jerk on my arm and was pulled out the door. I was pushed into the backseat of the car, where I stayed for three blocks until we made another stop.

We arrived at a stunningly large white house. I stared up in astonishment wondering what business we had here. “This is it.” my mom said with a blank look on her face. “Lily, you go on in.”

I gazed up at my mother, refusing with my stare not to, knowing I would be forced into it anyway.

“Damn it Lily! Just go in!”

I slowly got out of the car and limped my way up to the door. I hesitantly rang the doorbell and looked back at my mom and Mick. The made gestures for me to stay, like I was some sort of trained dog. I turned back as a man opened the door. He gave me a surprised look and his mouth dropped down to the ground on which we were standing. He shut the door behind him and joined me on his porch. “Lily?” he said a smile coming upon his face. “What do I pay this visit? Come in if you like, my wife and I were just starting a fire.”

“How do you know me?” I whispered trying not to make eye contact.

“I’m your father, babe. I understand if you don’t remember me, it’s been so long since you and your mother left me.”


“Yeah, come on in. Make yourself at home.”

I agreed and rushed inside with him, locking the door behind me.

“What’s wrong, hun?” he asked, actually concerned about me, a girl he hadn’t seen for what had probably been nine years.

“My mom and this guy are outside. They beat me last night, and just robbed a convenience store, their armed, dad. If we don’t make it out quick you’re bound to be next!” At that he rushed to the phone and called 911. I sat on the couch as his wife double locked the doors. Just then pounding and yelling started to come from the outside. Mick’s body managed to beat down the door, crushing my dad’s wife in the process. He took out the gun and started firing, most of it is still a blur to me I remember my dad throwing me behind his sofa, and the wines and cries of his wife as she pummeled and then shot to death by Mick’s fire. I do, however, remember the last look my dad gave me and his last words to me. “I’ll always love you Lily, always.” My dad had just been given to and taken from me in this short amount of time.

My mom and I were the only survivors by the time the cops arrived. I had a gunshot wound to my left heel and thigh. Mom, on the other hand, was perfectly fine. Mick had shot himself, leaving all of the blame for my mom. As the police officer handcuffed her She looked and me and said “I’m Sorry, for everything. I love you.”

They took me off in an ambulance to the nearest hospital to get my leg examined. Not knowing what would be in store for the rest of my life. Knowing I had no one else to fall back on. I had lost everyone near to me so fast. I had lost the only love I had ever seen in my mother as the police officer took her away, and I lost my father just five minutes after meeting him, seeing his loving face for the first and last time. It’s amazing how little control we have over our own lives. God is in charge and I’ve found he can give and take whoever and whenever he pleases.

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