Difference: Boy and Man.

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This is actually an essay for school about masculinity. Enjoy. It's a "must do" and is due is December the First. :)

Submitted: November 25, 2009

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Submitted: November 25, 2009



Jennifer and Brent were best friends for over six years now. They hung out everyday after school and all day when they had the chance. They told eachother secrets that noone else would ever get to hear. They were inseperable, noone would ever be able to tear apart. Maybe noone could tear them apart, but other things could, like a secret.
The day of Jennifers 17th birthday, Brent showed up late to the party with no gift in hand and hardly a smile. He had to postpone a date for an hour to be with Jennifer this particular day. This'll be the last day he'll ever have to cancel anything for her. Jennifer walked up to Brent smiling and clenching her hands tightly together. She quietly put her hand on his shoulder and asked to speak with him alone. He shook his head and said, "You'll have to hurry because i have a date to attend." Jennifer began to cry and the swells in her eyes were beginning to overflow.
"Remember when we were eleven and twelve and we would tell eachother everything and anything. I've been hiding something for six long years. Just answer me this, can you keep a secret and promise to never tell a soul?" He looked a little confused. He pulled her close and wiped her tears away.
"Of course, you can tell me anything." He never saw what was coming and she didn't think he'd react in such a way.
"Ok, here, when i first laid eyes on you.. I completely fell in love.. and since I was eleven i have wanted to be with you and only you.. I've never felt..." He cut her off in mid sentence.
"Jenn, I really have to get going, you can call m..."
"No, Brent, I want you to listen to me for a minute, just hear me out, please." She said in the most pleading voice imaginable.
"I've never felt this way towards anyone else ever. I mean, it's been six years and if i was meant to be with someone else, i would have found him already. But, i think i found my soulmate a few years earlier than expected." Jennifer said wiping a continuos flow of tears from her red, crying eyes.
"Jenn, I don't feel the same, I've always seen you more as a sister and a best friend, i never expected this, ever." He said keeping his cool.
"Okay, then, promise me you won't tell anyone and we'll be friends just like before?"
"I can't promise you that," he said, "And i know we won't be the same, ever again. So.. Jenn, just try to move on and see passed all this on your own.. I'll be here when you need me though.."
"Brent! I need you now more than ever." Jennifer said raising her voice.
"I'm sorry, I love you in a different way Jenn, I'm sorry. I've got to go."
As he walked out of the door, she fell to her knees and whispered, "this is the worst birthday i could ever have, i lost my best friend all cause of my stupid feelings. I knew i should have kept this secret all to myself. I wouldn't be heart broken if it wasnt for my idiotic actions. I should have known he was going to be this way when he walked into my party not smiling and wanting to be somewhere else with someone else."
Each day passed slowly for four months. She hadn't moved on very far. She'd been on one date with an internet guy. This night she decided she would have some fun and get out of the house. She dressed in a knee length sparkling blue dress and silver two inch heels. She grabbed her best girl friend and headed to the club. It wasn't the club where you could drink or anything, she was still underaged. She started talking to this guy named Trevor. He, obviously, was of age to drink and had brought in his own beverage hidden in his right pocket. Trevor asked Jennifer if she wanted to blow this joint and go to the movies. It was only ten and her curfew was around one.
They got into the car and he handed her his drink. At first she refused, but when she started to drink, the more she felt better. They never actually made it to the movies. They stopped at a corner store so Jennifer could walk her wasted little body to the bathroom. When she got out, Trevor walked up to her at the door and kissed her hard. She kissed back. After a few seconds, she pulled away and asked if they were close to the movies yet. He said, "I have a better place to go than to the movies."
After the ten minute drive, they ended up at Trevors house. It was a decent sized house and he didn't live with his parents. Trevor walked around and opened the door for Jennifer. He grabbed her hand and walked her to his bedroom. She looked up at him dazed and he was closing the door and turning the lights off.
"I wanna go home."
"Why? The fun hasnt even started yet." Trevor said in a mean yet satisfying voice.
Jennifer jumped out of the bed and ran to the door which had been locked by who seemed to be the master of this idea called fun.
"Please, i just want to go home, it was a mistake coming here." She paused and thought for a second. "How old are you?"
"I'm 27 but don't look  a day over 19 huh?"
She looked shocked by what had come next. She had been swept off her feet by a stranger and was pushed onto a red sheeted bed. Her clothes came slowly off with how mush force she was using. She was struggling agaisnt his musculanity. Of course, the bigger man would win over a petite, wasted seventeen year old. She was raped that night and had noone to call or comfort her, she only wanted to talk to Brent. To have Brent. To hold him. To love him and have him love her back. When everything had happened and it was all through, Jennifer asked Trevor for a ride home.
"You can walk, it's only fifteen minutes."
"Please, just drive me home, I've got only ten minutes until curfew, please. If you drive me i'll never speak a word of this to anyone, i promise. It can be our own secret."
"Ok, but if i find out you told anyone, one single soul, i will kill you with my bare hands." He said leaning in close to her face and gripping onto her neck.
When they arrived at her house, Trevor leaned in for a kiss, but instead got nothing of the sort. He had been smacked by her tiny hand. She was out of the car in less than five seconds and in the house with the door closed in ten. She walked up to her bedroom and shut the door. She had decided to make a late night call.. to Brent.  
There was a tiny voice on the other end that was most definatley a girl, "Hello?" she said.
"Yes, who is this? May i speak to Brent." Jennifer asked.
There was a silence that made her heart break. She wanted to hang up until she heard a mans voice.
"Hey." Brent said.
"Brent, oh, I need to see you, I need to talk to you, It's important, please." Jennifer pleaded.
"Can't it wait Jenn. I've got someone over right no.." Before he could finish a soft voice interupted.
"Brent, I was raped tonight.."
There was no noise, not even static. Had he hung up on her? Then in the distance there was a faint cry, "Brent! Where are you going!? This isn't how a date goes! Don't bother calling me tomorrow then!"
After that there was a slamming door and her eyes beamed with joy and a smile slid slyly across her face. She hadn't been this happy in over four months. She did feel bad for Brents date, but not enough for her to lose the happiness she had wanted for so long.
Not even twenty minutes later, Brent was at her door. He didn't knock because he knew her parents were sleeping. Jennifer greeted him at the door with nothing but a hug and several unwanted tears.
"I'm sorry it took me so long to come, I had to stop and get gas," Brent said sadly.
"Let's go to my room, please," she said in between the tears.
They walked up to her bedroom and she explained everything that happened to her this night. He shook his head, hugged her when she couldn't speak, and whiped the tears away when the swells got too big. You could see in Brents' eyes that he thought it was his fault. He had told her to move on and obviously she tried. She failed miserably because she landed back into Brents' arms. Neither had anything to say when the story was done. He grabbed her and held her to his body, kissing her forehead.
"I know this is hard for you, but you are going to be ok. I know you will, you'll pull through like you do everything else. Don't let this get you down," Brent said warmly.
"He said if i told anyone that he would kill me," Jennifer said barely speaking.
The look on Brents face was anger and nothing else. He wanted revenge, but knew he couldn't do it.


Five years after this incident had happened, Trevor landed himself in jail for being a pedofile and a rapist. Brent and Jennifer were both happy this had happened. Although, they hadn't seen eachother in four years because Brent moved away. They both had jobs. Jennifer always thought of him and how much she missed him. She knew she wouldn't see him again.
A week after she was thinking of him, he showed up at her front door.
"I've missed you so much, the distance in unbearable. I love you Jennifer," her eyes filled with joy and love as she reached for a hug.
"I love you, too. What took you so long to come back to me?"
"I got caught up in work, I have been dying to be with you. I have longed for your kisses. I miss your big hugs. But most of allI missed looking into your eyes and seeing my soul. I need you like no other. You are my soulmate. I can't believe i didnt see this sooner," Brent was almost crying when he said this.
"Jennifer, I have cancer and I don't know how much longer I will live. I came back to you because we are meant to be. Maybe you'll heal me."
Jennifer was bawling her eyes out and trying to clear her head.
"I'll help you live. I'll love you and heal you. I will be here for you. We'll go get your belongings and you can live with me. There's a hospital right down the street. I promise I will help you get better," she said shaking and holding his hand tight.
"You'll be alright, you'll pull through like you always do," She said.

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