Shattered goodbye.

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These are my feelings. They aren't fake. It all comes from the heart. Read and tell me what you think.

Submitted: November 15, 2009

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Submitted: November 15, 2009



My mind is sending me signals I must not ignore.
But my heart can't handle much pain anymore.
Might as well rip me open and tear out my heart.
I'm sure it'll be a great start.
A start for you, I'm sure I'll be okay.
An ending for me, the start of your brand new day.
The sun will be shining and the rain will not pour.
I'm leaving you behind, I'm closing the door.
I'm sick of this hiding, these secrets, these lies.
All this could end with two quick good byes.
But I'm afraid of this life without a good live.
But you are not willing to give all you can give.
I'll back away now while I'm still a whole.
Go home and get high, smoke away this bowl.
I'll live life like I don't know you and carry on my ways.
But without you I'm only living in a daze.
Just hold my hand and make me smile.
I promise I'll love you for a good, long while.
But It's all in my head.
Please forget what I said.
I'm sick of these lies...
I'm saying my final goodbyes.

I'm living in this lie all by myself.
so I'll reach up high and store it on the top shelf.
I know you don't care.
But seeing you with her, I cannot bear.
I'm asking for you, as a whole.
But it just so happens that you can't pay that toll.
So I'm flying way up high,
To empty my mind of that final goodbye.
I have to forget, I have to back down.
Sorry you have to see me wear this frown.
Walk around with my head held low.
My face lost of all it's glow.
I'm stumbling on my words, falling over you.
Trying to forget all that you do.
Maybe it'll turn around and shoot for the stars.
But I'll be lost flying passed mars.
Your hands i will tie.
As I say my last goodbye.

I know I can never get up the nerve.
To tell you a bye that you don't deserve.
But I'm stuck here thinking what to do.
But, then again, so are you.
I'll say I'm confused, I'll admit this is wrong.
Like not knowing the lyrics to your favorite song.
So, I don't want to do this anymore.
It makes me feel rotten to the core.
But I can't wake up from my dreams.
Even though they are being ripped at the seams.
I have to look at it like this..
I could never taste your kiss.
Like I said, I'm tired of our lies.
But we just can't make those final goodbyes.

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