Naruto stories (Amaya part 1)

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Ok so this is my first story,there will be others,eventually so keep checking everyday.for my first few stories ill be giving u a backgroud for my character i created but i will be introducing the real Naruto Characters too so just stay tuned! :D

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012




Ok so this is a story about a new character i introduced into Naruto her name is Amaya and she will be our main character for now.


Chapter One:

"Amaya,come here for a moment."says a voice from the room down the hall."Yes mother?"asked Amaya.

"Where is your father?""Oh,hes outside"Amaya replies."Ah,I see well tell him to come here for a moment will you?"asks her mother.

"Sure! "answers Amaya."Father? Mommy is calling you,she wants to talk to you for a moment:"Amaya calls out as she walks towards the front door.

Amaya gasps as she notices her fathers lifeless body lieing on the floor. She turns back towards her mothers directoin only to find her in grave danger.

She runs towards her mother,this causes the killer to turn around and now,the unknown person is headed in her directoin.

Though this person had no intentoin to kill Amaya she still shakes."Stay out of thisim here for your parents please dont dont get involed if you dont want to die.says the man.

Amaya looks behind the person and watches her mother flee and leave her behind. The man chaces after Amayas mom.

Without her parents Amaya alone and scared heads towards the villadge closest to her locatoin.

Then another unknown voice calls."Are you lost child?" Amaya turns around startled,"please dont come any closer i dont wish to kill anybody!" Amaya forms a hand sign and creates a waterclone.

I see you can  protect yourself well,but there is no need for that dont worry ill take you home.The man finnaly showing himself steps out of the forest that consealed him.

The man had a smile on his face that was very heartwarming and made Amaya feel joyfull like the way she felt when she was spending a warm night with her parents.

Amaya finnaly disides to to break the jutsu and steps foward,"I-I dont have a home anymore."

The man frowns."What has the nina world come to?Your a child and you should always have a home."he sighs and thinks for a moment.

"Ypur welcome to come with me ill give you a place to live under one conditoin." The man smiles once again."what?" asks Amaya.

"You must allow me to love you as my own child.I lost my wife not to long ago and she had always dreamed of haveing a child for the 2 of us.Ihadalways said one day we would,of course we didnt considering the fact she passed away but i still dream of haveing a child for us."answers the man.

Amaya looks down feeling very sorry for the man."I would love to be apart of your family but i have another request"

"Oh?What would that be?"he asked.

"I-I wished to be trained so i can advance my waterstyle jutsus"

"Fair enough i supose,Ok youve got a deal."the man steps foward and glabs Amayas hand."Come on lets go ........... home"

They both smile at each other.

"Ok"agrees Amaya.

"By the way my name is Satoshi what is yours my dear?"Satoshi asks.

"Amaya"she replies.

"Night rain............................. lovely name"

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