The Cruel Game

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A story about a board game that dooms all...

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012



Once upon a time… Two little boys named Jack and Justin were accused of witchcraft…

Years have passed...

Perhaps decades...


There was a young a couple, who’ve just move into an old house....

They didn’t know that there was a spirit living there.....

Two little boys by the age of 12, murdered, for something that wasn’t their fault.....

For many years they stayed at the house until Eliza and George Perth moved in with their little boy, Isaac.

The spirits were angry, so they tried to scare the family, but the Perths don’t scare easily.


Jack and Justin were frustrated, that their plan didn’t work, but then they stumbled into a secret door....That’s when they felt the power... there was a power drawing to them.... Jack and Jackson followed this unknown power.....And it led them to game of doom...On top of the board game there was a note and it says “players beware! For whatever happens in this game also happens in life! But only a witch or warlock, who has Merlin’s blood, can end the game!”Jack and Justin never doubted that the person who put the note in there was lying, in fact they believed it.... and Jack just had the best idea ever!

“Why don’t we put this somewhere where the Perths can find it?” asked Jack.


Isaac was just wandering around the house, when he saw the  game and then smiled and went to find his parents. He found them talking to each other on the lounge room.

“Mum, dad can we play this?” Isaac said and pointed to the board in his arm.

“Sure, why not?” said Isaac’s dad.

So Isaac opened it and read the instruction.

“Choose a game piece of your choice

Put it at the start

And decide who goes first, second and last

Roll the dice

Whatever number is on the dice, that’s how many steps, you should move your game piece

In every step you take, you will

Be given a challenge

And if you pass the test

You may be given a blue pearl and

Be free to move to the next step

Collect as many blue pearls as you can get

But beware, because only one player

Can leave the game


Isaac chooses the knight as his game piece, while his dad took the king and his mother took the queen.Isaac took the dice first and rolled it and it showed number 3 and moved his knight three steps...As soon as Isaac stopped moving his knight, he was taken to a cave and there he saw a wolfIsaac was scared, but he didn’t show his fear, because he knows if he did, the wolf would pounce. Surprisingly, the moment he blinked his eyes, he finds himself back at his house.

“Isaac! What happened? You just disappeared! Are you okay?” his mother asked frantically.

“I don’t know” Isaac answered.  He looked at his pocket and there it was...

The beautiful blue pearl.


George, don’t know what happened. All he knows is that he is known in this dark castle, all alone.Suddenly, there was a man in a dark coat standing in front of him.It was so sudden that he screamed and tried to punch the man in the face, but the man was too fast for him.The man opened his mouth, and sharp teeth came out from it.George was scared, so he screamed and run as fast as he canBut no human can outrun a vampire...


“GEORGE!” Eliza shouted.

Eliza and his little boy went to George, but George doesn’t appear to be breathing, he was so pale, and there were two dots on his neck with blood on it.

“No more!” Eliza shouted at the sky “I won’t play this game anymore!” and threw the game board at the wall.


Justin has been watching Eliza Perth wept and, he was full of guilt. This was his fault, but he didn’t mean for this to happen. He only wanted them to go away. How could he have forgotten of how cruel Justin and his death are? And all because of the witch hunt. They were accused of witchcraft, but this time the puritans were right. They use the magic in their blood to play tricks on people. They both knew the source of their power and who their ancestors are. Merlin is their great great grandfather...


It was said in the legend that Merlin imprisoned many creatures into a game. That only witches or warlocks that have Merlin’s blood can end the game. Suddenly, he knew what he has to do. He took Justin’s hand and together they both said chanted.

“In Merlin’s name,

We shall end this game.

Merlin, hear the cry of your descendants.

Grant our wish,

By fire, water, air, earth and spirit

By the power granted upon us,

Let it be.


Eliza looked up as she felt someone watching them.  There were two little boys and they’re skin was glowing.

“We’re both so sorry, for all that we’ve done” the taller one said. And then they both disappeared.

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