The Sander Sisters

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Submitted: April 29, 2012



I lay there in the grass, breathing in the scent of fresh earth as I thought about what I have done. Even if I have known from the start that this would happen I still wouldn’t be able to regret the decision that I’ve made. Saving my sister from those warlocks made me realized how much I’m willing to sacrifice for the ones I love.

My name is Aera May Sander. I have long black curly hair and gray eyes. I’m a witch and part of the group of warriors who brings witches to the safety of our land, Avalon. Until the day that the warlocks took us all by surprise.

They pierce the barrier of shield that protects us from intruders and abducted our people, which include childrens, adults, elders and even newborns just to gain more power which they take out of force. The spell that they use to do this is called “Samhara Adeya” and every time that this spell is used on a witch... the witch dies like a withering flower.

Mikayla Sander, my sister, is one of the victims that they took. I watched them take her and I stood there not knowing what I should do. It was the first time that I started to feel hatred deep within my veins. How could I choose between saving fifty people and my sister?

Saving those fifty people left a deep hole in my heart. I may have survived but deep inside I felt like I was slowly dying.

After the incident, we went our separate ways and survived by stealing food and hiding out in the forest. I stayed with two of my comrades, Danika Robinson and Alex Meyer.

“Aera, you can’t go back. It’s dangerous, the streets are full of enemies and they have guards all over, think about it,” Alex adviced.

I turned to him and glared, “What do you expect me to do? Wait there, until they finally decide to kill my sister?!? I can’t! She’s the only family I’ve got.”

“We’re not asking you to leave her behind. We’re just asking you to think rationally. Have you ever been near the palace this days? There’s a reason we’re hiding out and only goes out at the city.” Danika reasoned out in a calm voice.

I smiled and took the backpack on my back and brought it down to the ground. I took out the “Book of Shadows” and opened it on the page that I wanted to show them. Behind me I heard Danika gasped.

“No! Don’t do this! Please Aera! Doing that spell won’t help you at all!” Danika shouted, now pleading. She shook me hard, making her silver metal battle armour jiggle.

“You’re right, ‘Ayeda Arahmas’ won’t help me, but it will help a lot of people and mostlyMikayla,” ‘Ayeda Arahmas’ is a spell, it’s purpose is to transfer your power into something else or someone else. So you see, the only way that the warlocks can be defeated is by giving something pure to them, not one that was forcefully taken. Despite they’re might, warlocks have their own weakness, they cannot bear to take something pure, that’s why all that they own was stolen.

To truly win this, I have to give my powers willingly to the warlock leader, Vladescu, because his powers are connected to all of those who follow him. To do that I would have to enter the mighty castle of Avalon and sneak in pass the guards.

After a year, here I am now, a mere ghost wandering around the earth. I managed to get on with my plan. The only problem is it didn’t go as well as I expected. It turned out that giving my powers to him will also result death, but two good things did came out, my sister is free and Vladescu has been weakened, making him vulnerable to attack.

“Aera! Aera! I got it! I got you the ‘Holy Grail’!” Mikayla shouted with excitement. The Holy Grail is a cup that contains many magical feautures, it can turn stone into gold, make a human immortal and bring back the dead. Our plan was simple, after we manage to get the cup we will drink the blood of a pure soul from it, meaning, a doe.

That’s what we did, not only did it bring me back to life, but it also made me and my sister immortal. You see, I can’t bear the thought that someday I will loose Mikayla, so together we drank from the cup .We were able to run faster, see more clearer and hear from many distances away.

Not all great things, can’t escape without consequence. The sun became our enemies and we became something that only exist in nightmares. We craved blood and it drove us wild, killing most of Avalon’s population. That’s when the true battle really began.

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