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A girl, Genevieve, is sitting on a dock thinking about her sister when she is suddenly attacked.

Submitted: June 11, 2012

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Submitted: June 11, 2012



Chapter 1

The moon shined bright in the sky as I sat on the edge of the old wooden dock, the smooth wood damp under my hands, with my legs hanging a few feet above the water.  The salty spray from the ocean felt lovely on my skin on this warm summer night.  I could see the dark waves in the moonlight splashing along the rocky coastline.  I came out here sometimes on clear nights like this one, letting the sea breeze cool me after a long day at work.  I liked the loneliness, the sense of being on the edge of the world as I sat over the ocean.  I liked the darkness of it too, with the only light coming from the old streetlamps that were still on the timers.  All of this, the darkness, the loneliness, allowed me to think, about anything that was on my mind at the time.  

Right now, I was thinking about my little sister, Rose, with her sweetheart face, sharp green eyes that looked exactly like mine, and her long, curly brown hair.  I thought of how quickly she has grown over the years, already eleven years old. It seemed like yesterday she was just five, and I was teaching her how to ride a bike without training wheels.  Then I remembered her in my arms, at only eight years old, myself sixteen, with her crying and asking what happened to mom and dad.  I remembered having to tell her that we weren’t ever going to see them again, and constantly reassuring her that they were in a better place, a happy one, where they could always watch over us and make sure we were safe and happy.  I remembered her crying herself to sleep every night for months.  I would go in her room and lay in her bed with her and rub her head, and remind her that our parents still loved us, even though they couldn’t say it anymore, until she finally fell asleep, but I never shed a tear in front of her.  I wanted to show her that I was strong, and that I could move on, so that eventually she would too.  But I remembered that after she fell asleep, I would go back to my room, and cry myself to sleep, without anyone there to comfort me.  

I could feel a stray tear running down my cheek.  I reached up and wiped it away.  Of course Rose and I still missed our parents, but we’ve moved on with our lives.  I do everything I can to make sure Rose lives the life she would have wanted, with or without parents.  She is the most important person in my life, and I would do anything for her.

I picked my knees up and hugged them to my chest, looking at the stars.  I gave a little sigh, wondering what our lives would have been like if our parents were still alive.  I certainly wouldn’t be in the line of work I am now, and Rose wouldn’t be in danger every time she was around me.

Still thinking of Rose, I didn’t hear the sound of the object flying through the air toward me until it was too late.  The dart hit me, on the back of my right shoulder. Stunned, I quickly pulled it out, but it was too late.  Whatever substance had been in the dart was now running through my veins.  I could feel it as it slowly spread from the point of impact, down my arms, and into my chest.  It was like someone had literally put fire in my veins, and it had nowhere to escape. 

I was frightened.  Who just shot the dart?  But more importantly, why?  Did this person want something from me?  Do I know something I shouldn’t?  I wasn’t in the middle of any job right now.  Is Rose okay? Did anyone hurt her?  All of these questions were running through my head, but it was starting to get foggy and hard to think.

In a flash, I got up and turned around, putting the burning to the back of my mind.  I scanned the area for the shooter, but could barely see through the shadows created by the full moon.  In front of me was a long row of warehouses that once used to hold the cargo of ships that used to come to this port.  I couldn't see anything to the left or right of the line of warehouses; they faded into the shadows far out of my range of vision.

I started running.  I had to get out of here, back to my car, back to Rose.  My car was parked in the lot near the beach, and that was almost a mile away. I had walked here after getting an ice cream on the beach, watching the sunset slowly fade into the ocean, and the moon rise out of the abyss.  I hadn’t realized how much time had passed, and I wasn’t paying any attention to the world around me like I should have been, especially because of what I did for work.  I was trained to pay attention to everything even when I was relaxing, but I had let my senses down, and now I was in trouble.

Now I needed to get back there, as fast as I could, before whoever shot me came after me.  I was off the dock and onto the tarred area behind the warehouses.  I could easily run all the way to my car at the beach.  The only problem was that I could feel the liquid fire from the dart in my veins slowly making its way to my heart.  I didn't want to be anywhere near here when that happened, but I didn’t think there was enough time to get there.

I said a word a lady should never say as another dart came zooming through the air and hit me in the back of the neck.  I went down, onto my hands and knees, feeling the cool ground beneath me.  I could literally feel the liquid in this dart as it flowed into my veins.  There must have been something different in this dart, because instead of fire, it felt like my veins were freezing up, becoming solid.  It was happening quickly, much faster than the fire had spread.  And it hurt, especially where the fire and ice were starting to mix.  I looked up, and saw a man approaching me.  My vision started to go in and out of focus.  I could hear the man’s footsteps getting closer and closer.  I could tell he was tall, dressed in all black.  I moved so I was sitting on my knees now, and looked up at him.

I felt the mixture of fire and ice hit my heart.  The pain was unlike any I had ever felt before.  I let out a small moan of pain, and slid down so I was lying on my side.  I looked up at the man.  I could hear him laughing, and from what I could see he was smiling, like he was enjoying my pain.  

I was completely defenseless.  I could barely move any part of my body, and the man seemed to know this.  I could see him walk closer to me, and before I could lift a hand to block him, he kicked me, hard over the head.  All I could think of was Rose as my mind faded to blackness.


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