SIX Means Everything

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Kathleen is just your average, everyday college student. She has big dreams and goal, but everything changes when she meets Steve. The night of fun turns into a life of regret,sorrow, and fright.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



This is just the first few pages of my new short story. I am currently working on the rest of it. I would like to say that you are more than welcome to give me your feedback. Thanks, and please enjoy Six.

SIX Means Everything

By: Ashleigh Bloomis

“Maria, I don’t know what you are so worried about.”

“I am just worried. The guys around here are creeps, so I can’t help but worry. Kathleen, are you listening?”

“Yes, Maria, please don’t worry about it, Steve is a great guy and remember I had lunch with him earlier.”

Maria has always been a worry wart, but I’ve never understood why. She has always been able to win over the guy that she had a crush on. She is athletic built with flawless strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and a sparkling smile. Every time a guy around our city asks her out, but she always says no because she is afraid of getting hurt again, but that was before she met her fiancé Mat. Mat was finally the one.

I, on the other hand, do not have the same amount of decisions to make when it comes to guys. I have dark brown hair that goes to my shoulders, but I only put it in a ponytail. My eyes are green and they change with my mood. My smile is white but it doesn’t sparkle like Maria’s smile does. When a guy asks me out, I always jump on the opportunity to go on a date with someone, I don’t get many offers.

I was getting ready for a night out with Steve. We were planning on going to a karaoke bar in Houston, which is two hours south of where I live. I was nervously excited because I met Steve at another karaoke bar, and I thought he was really cute and nice. I was concerned  about the age difference though, he is 29 and I am only 20, but he didn’t seem to care.

“Why are you putting make up on?” Maria said. “You never wear make-up, won’t he think your trashy”

“He won’t think I’m trashy,” I said. “I am just trying to look good, since I am staying with him tonight at a hotel.”

“What?! You didn’t tell me you were going to stay at the hotel with him.”

Oh that’s right, I didn’t tell Maria that the plan was to stay in Houston with Steve, his brother John, and John’s girlfriend. I knew I forgot to tell here something.

“Oh, well, I am going to stay in a hotel with him and a couple of friends, so it’s going to be okay.” I said.

“If anything happens, I am going to kill someone.” Maria said, jokingly.

Maria has always been very harshly funny, so I just laughed that comment off.

As I was getting into my car to head over to Steve’s house for dinner, Maria decided she was going to play mom.

“Make sure you text me and tell me when you get to the bar, when you head to the hotel, and when you’re on the way back.”

“Okay, okay, I will sheesh.” I said.

 I know she’s worried about me, but sometimes I get tired of it.

I drove five minutes it takes to get to Steve’s apartment complex, and I can’t find the building that he lived in. There were 15 different buildings to choose from. I was looking for building four with the apartment number 4104. When I finally found the building I pulled into the first parking spot I saw and looked in the mirror.

“Kathleen, you can do this. You don’t know him very well, but how bad can he be right?”

I get out of my car and take a deep breath, I start walking down the dark, empty hallway and get to his apartment. The complex is really quite beautiful, all the buildings are blue with beige trim. On his door I see a silver doorknocker that is silver and looked like it was from the 1800’s. The numbers were on silver plated sign that said 4104 in big gold letters.

I knock on the door and immediately he answers.

“Kathleen! You’re here, come on in, make yourself at home. Dinner isn’t quite done yet.”

We give each other a hug and he escorts me in, I look around his one bedroom apartment. I come to the realization that he is unorganized. The apartment was just like any other apartment I have seen in this city. From the living room I could see his balcony with chairs and a table that look like they have never been used. I could also see the bedroom that had a couple t-shirts hanging in the doorway and dirty clothes all over the floor. Through his bedroom was the bathroom, but I couldn’t see very much of that. His kitchen was very unorganized, and various smells were coming from the kitchen. I sat down on his brown suede couch and was watching a movie that I couldn’t recognize.

“Do you like rice and chicken?” he asks taking me out of the critique of his apartment.

“Oh, yes, absolutely. Thank you.” I said

“Well, it’s just about done, so if you would like to get freshen up the bathroom is through my room to the right.”

“Thanks, I need to freshen up a little bit.”

I walk through the doorway and walk into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I stand in front of the mirror, and just stare at myself.

“Kathleen, why are you feeling uncomfortable? He seems very harmless, and if he wanted to do something he wouldn’t be so calm and collected. Just wash your hands and get ready to eat.”

I wash my hands and touch up my eye shadow a little and then I walk back out into the living room and sit on the couch. I am hoping the uneasiness will pass before the night actually starts.

Steve sat down with our food, and he switched the TV from the movie to some show about animals in the wild, that I have never seen before. I was eating the rice and realized that the rice was dry. I swallowed a couple more bites, and then moved on the chicken, I cut into it, and it was bleeding still. I started sipping on my water. I glanced over and looked at his reflection in the window. I realize I’m not attracted to him. He had dark brown eyes, which were almost black, his hair was reddish brown, and his goatee was untrimmed. I then began to think that this night wasn’t going to be as fun as was originally planned.

“Hey, I need to go get dressed real quick and then we’ll go, is that okay?” he said taking his last bite of rice.

“Oh, of course, go right ahead.” I watched him as he gathered the plates and tossed them into the sink. Then he walked back into the bathroom and I laid back on the couch.

I decided that while I was waiting I would text Maria.

“Hey, I am at Steve’s place, we are getting ready to leave. Love ya”

I waited for like seemed like forever, and I didn’t get a response from Maria. I was hoping she would text me so I could talk to her about my feeling nervous and uneasy. While I was waiting for him, I was playing solitaire on my phone. He came out of the bathroom dressed up in black slacks, and a white button up shirt. He had trimmed his beard as well, it looked like he was getting ready for a fancy date, not going to a bar.

“Are you ready to go?” Steve said.

“Sure, let’s go.”

We got into his 2009, black, four door Ford Focus, and everything got even worse than before. My feelings were starting to overpower me and I was feeling like I was losing control of who I was.

“What kind of music do you like to listen too?” Steve asked.

“Pretty much anything, but my favorite type of music is country.”

“Oh, well I don’t really like country, but I hope this is ok.”

He turned on some sort of Japanese Pop music that had an interesting beat, but I don’t think I liked it too much. Other than that conversation, we didn’t really talk much on the way to the bar. We talked about a few things like the crazy drivers on the road, although there weren’t a lot considering it was about nine at night. About halfway to Houston, when he turns down the music and says,

“I’ve got to stop by a friend’s house to drop off the shampooer in the backseat, I figured since we were heading this way that it would be the perfect opportunity to drop it off.”

“That’s fine, I’m just really excited to get to the bar and sing.” I said.

“Me too.”

I smile at him and then turn back to look at the night, all I can see are shadows of what the trees look like. I am still wondering why the feeling of nervousness hasn’t subsided. It feels like it takes forever to get to his friend’s house. We took a lot of back roads, dirt roads, and roads that don’t even exist on a GPS. When we got there he said,

“I’ll be right back, you stay here okay? It shouldn’t take long.”

I look at the house we pulled up to, it was a beautiful two story house that was white with burgundy trim. In the front yard, there were at least 10 statues of angels, and a fountain with an angel spitting water. There were expensive cars in the driveway, but I didn’t know what they were. I decided to play solitaire on my phone again to pass the time.

I heard the driver door slam, and I jumped because I was so engulfed in my game.

“Did you miss me?” Steve asked.

“Of course, who wouldn’t?” I said.

“I have to make another stop at Wal-Mart; I feel like I am dragging, I got to get some energy into me.”

“Alright, that’s fine, I got to freshen up anyway, and stretch my legs.”

We get back on the road going down a different route than we came and I was still nervous if not more than I was before. Something about the entire night just made me feel uncomfortable. When we finally arrive at Wal-Mart, it’s relatively busy for 10 at night. Steve parks his car in the back of the parking lot where it’s dark and says,

“My car will be safer out here.”

I chuckle and say, “That’s fine, whatever works for you.”

While we are walking the half-mile to the entrance, Steve tries to put his arm around me, but gets a confused look when I push it off. I didn’t know how comfortable I was yet, so I didn’t want him to get all touchy feely. We finally got inside the store and I was lost, I didn’t recognize this, it didn’t look the same as the one at home. Steve seemed to know exactly where he needed to go, so he lead the way to the energy drinks. We stood there for five minutes debating on what energy shots we needed to get.

“Do you think we need regular energy shots? Or should we get the extra strength energy shots?” Steve said.

“It doesn’t really matter to me, I guess it just depends on how much energy you think you’ll need.” I said.

“Well, I am going to get the extra strength energy shot because I am going to need all the energy I can get. It’s going to be a long night.”

“You go ahead and get those energy shots then, and I am going to go to the bathroom and freshen up.”

I walk to the front of the store to the restrooms. When I walk in, all the stalls are full, so I decide to go check my make-up and fix my hair. When I look into the mirror I realize I am very pale.

“What is going on?” I thought. “Maybe I just need some water or something.”

I finish up what I am doing in the bathroom, and I walk out. I search for a couple minutes for Steve, and I finally find him at a check out with the energy shots and some water. It’s almost like he could read my mind.

When I walked up to him, he winked and then had a concerned look on his face.

“I still don’t understand why you had to go freshen yourself up, you look beautiful no matter what.”

I could feel myself blush, but I said “ I felt like I needed to go take care of  myself, I am going to be around a lot of people older than me, and I don’t want to look like my age.”

“Oh well, I guess that makes sense.”

We leave Wal-Mart and head back to the car. We get into his car and take our energy shots. Steve was acting weird because he took my energy shot and poured it into a cup that he had brought with him. I felt wide awake instantly. It took about 15 minutes before we arrived at the Crabs’ Bar, where we were going to hang out. I suddenly felt excited and no longer nervous, maybe I was excited for karaoke.

When we found a parking spot, we sat in the car for a minute while Steve texted Jon. He got out of the car and walked over to my side and opened the door.

“Ready to have a fun night, beautiful?”he said.

“Of course, I wouldn’t have come all this way if I wasn’t.”

We walked toward the entrance and he put his arm around me, but this time I let it stay there. I figured if I gave it a shot, it might work out. We walked in arm in arm, and we realized his brother wasn’t there yet.

The bar was small and full of smoke, since smoking is still allowed in Texas bars. The tables were round with painted playing cards around the edge. There were pool tables on our right, and on our left we had a dance floor, and the stage. There weren’t a lot of people here at the moment, but many of them were drunk. Steve and I picked a table toward the pool tables then Steve went to get our drinks.

“What would you like to drink?”

“Just water is fine. Thanks.”

Steve came back with our drinks, he had tequila on the rocks and we just sat at the table and listened to the awful female singer destroy some rock song.  About 20 minutes later, Jon and his girlfriend walk in through the door, dressed as if they came from a fancy dinner. Jon was wearing a black button up shirt with a baby blue tie, that really accentuated his toned abs. Black slacks with a silver strip down the side, his hair was black and messy, he looked like he had just woken up with his green eyes all glazed over.

Jon walked over to the table and started talking to Steve. His girlfriend sat down in the chair next to me, and I couldn’t help but to admire her. She has brown hair with blonde highlights it looked like she just left the salon. Her eyes were a chocolate brown color with a hint of blue. Her dress was a cropped top dress that went to her knees and it was a gorgeous pale blue color. I just couldn’t help but wonder what she saw in Jon.

Jon knocked me out of my state of awe.

“Kathleen! How are you doing?” Jon said.

“Oh, I am good, how have you been?” I said while he was giving me a hug. I could already smell the alcohol on his breath.

“Great! Have you met my girlfriend, Megan?”

“No, it’s very nice to meet you, Megan. My name is Kathleen” I said to Megan, who kind of seemed like she knew something, and was very skidish.

“Hi, it’s very nice to meet you too.”

“Well, now that everyone is acquainted, I am going to go change.” Jon said.

I always thought Jon was and interesting person, he was Steve’s brother, but I never saw them together. You won’t know they were related just by seeing them. Jon was tall and very outgoing while Steve was short and kind of shy.

Steve and I were sitting there with Megan while Jon went to go change. Steve got up and went up to the stage to put in a song to sing for karaoke.

“How did you meet Steve?” Megan asked.

“Oh well, I met him and Jon at school and got to know him a little bit at another karaoke bar here in town.”

“Just be careful, he’s been known to be dangerous.” She looked concerned.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Just then Jon and Steve came back to the table, I will never know what she meant by that, or will I?

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