The Spaghetti Girl

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A children's poem about eating too much - riveting for both adults and children.

Submitted: June 29, 2007

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Submitted: June 29, 2007



There once was a girl,

Who ate nothing but spaghetti.

She poured on toppings,

Like they were simply confetti.


She'd put on the regular,

Meatballs and sauce.

But then right on top,

Bon-bons she would toss.


Berries and jellies,

And bananas galore,

Would remind her of ice cream,

And on it would soar.


But no, oh no,

She wouldn't stop there.

She'd add peanut butter,

With the least bit of care.


But you see, this one time,

She had gone much too far.

As the threw on enough candy,

To fill up a car.


The towering dish,

Had now hit the ceiling.

The house would soon fill,

With tangerine peelings.


Soon the girl's house,

Could take no more.

And her spaghetti paradise,

Burst straight out the door.


As the girl blew away,

Her friends watched her soar.

The poor spaghetti girl,

Had become no more.

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