An Easter Tale

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Being as its nearly Easter I figured I'd pass this one along. I hope everyone likes it.

Submitted: April 14, 2014

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Submitted: April 14, 2014



An Easter Tale


Just after the death of Christ Peter was devistated.  He was very upset and torn up inside.  So he takes a walk down by the river where he used to fish.  James and John see him and call out "Peter!  Peter!"  Peter just blows them off and keeps walking.  Finally they chase him down.


Peter turns around and tells them "Listen.  This is not a good time.  Our Lord is dead.  All of our hard work has just fallen apart.  I'll see you guys later but for now I just want to be alone, ok?"  "But Peter we've got to talk to you.  Its really important.  We have some good news and some bad news." James said.


At this point Peter is ready to belt James.  "Good news?!?  Did you see the way they hung Jesus up on that cross?  Did you see how long it took for him to die?!?  If there is any good news left in the world by all means please tell me!"


"I'm trying to." James replied.  "Christ is reborn!"


"What?!?" Peter exclaims.


"Yes, its true" John tells him.  "Do you remember how after he was put to death Ponscious Pilate put up guards by the tomb.  We met up with those same guards.  No one entered or left the area for three days!  But when we went to check the tomb out that big heavy rock it takes eight guys to move was moved.  The body was gone, everything folded neatly.  No stench of death either."


"And then we saw him" James continued.  "A bunch of us were hiding out in the back of the temple with the door locked.  He appeared to us and showed us his hands and the mark in his side from the speer.  Thomas wasn't there.  We told him and he didn't believe us either.  Then Jesus came back a second time and this time Thomas was there.  Its true!  Christ is reborn!  We've both seen him twice!"


Peter falls on his knees and starts praising God for twenty minutes.  After doing so the three of them turn around and head back to Jerusalem,  "By the way" Peter says "You mentioned some bad news too.  What could possibly be bad news after this?"


"That's the thing Pete." James replied.  "He wants to talk to you about Friday night.  Did you really deny him three times?"


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