The Double Crime

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The eccentric detective Arjun Pandav and his companion Dev Krishna solve another murder mystery just by examining a gun and a beer can.

Submitted: March 05, 2015

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Submitted: March 05, 2015





I continued to live with the witty Arjun Pandav. Though I was suggested a flat I chose to live with him as I adored his work. But to describe him in some adjectives he is too much overconfident, a show-off and gets cocky about his detective skills. He is the most ridiculous man a person can make the mistake to meet. I confess I don’t like him but I like his work and his mind. His mind works like an engine racing out of control.

Like any day I used to bring our grocery. He would just sit in the sofa reading crime-thrillers. It was Monday and brought our monthly grocery as usual. He was still sitting on the sofa and occasionally staring at me and started chuckling. It made me annoyed and I shouted at him,” Um......Ah! You are just sitting there all day and when I am working hard you are laughing at me?”

“Ha ha ha! I presume you had a fight with our grocer. It’s hard, really hard to manage a little soldier fellow. Hail to the grocer.”

“What? But how did you know that? Did he call you? And wait a minute; you are trying to put the blame on me?”

“No I am not putting the blame on you. I appreciate the grocer that he didn’t call the police. You know you can be sometimes very outrageous.”

“And you can be annoying. Tell me how did you know that?”

“Oh! Your facial expression. You were counting the change you had received while you were entering. Judging by the number of notes, it was given to you by our grocer. Your face had a slight grudge. You were the holding the bill in your right hand. You were carrying the items in your right hand as well. When would a person carry a bill and the items simultaneously? I can even tell that he didn’t give you the exact change. The grocer claims that he has given you the exact amount but when you counted it didn’t match. And somehow after a fight you got your change.”

“I won’t say anything. But please keep your damn mouth shut.”

He again started laughing heartily and I had no choice other than to ignore him. After about an hour there was a ring on the doorbell. Detective Nakul Pathak entered in a confused state. He sat down on the chair without much talk. He was lost in his thoughts until I broke the silence,” What’s the matter?”

Detective Nakul Pathak answered in a low voice,” I am here to seek the help of you both.”

Arjun said to these,” A death?”

“Yes. I am completely confused how did he die?”

“Tell us from the start.”

“Alright, today I was given a day-off. I was going to Noida to meet my parents. They lived in an apartment. When I reached there the place was full of commotion. I managed to get past the crowd of lodgers to meet my parents. I asked them the reason for the commotion and they told me that Mr. Sammer Prakash who lived a floor below them had died. I was taken into the room and saw the horrible sight. Mr. Prakash was sitting on a chair, dead. A bullet had passed through his head. His face was blood-stained. At first thought, it occurred to me as a murder. But then I found a gun on the table in front of him. People said it was a suicide. But then I saw that the gun had the complete cartridge that is not a single bullet was shot from it. Also the doors were bolted, the windows locked except one. It was on the west of Mr. Prakash’s dead body. It was evident that he was shot through that window. I talked to CID and then I thought you could be as well of assistance. So I am here.”

“Well, well. Nice thinking of you detective. I’ll take the case. We both will meet you at the CID office. By the meantime get some information of Mr. Prakash.”

“Ok then.” With these words Detective Pathak left us. I saw an air of happiness blowing on the face of Arjun. He got himself ready in no time. “Are you coming?” asked he.

“If you say—“

“I won’t say, I’ll take you.”

We took a taxi to the CID office. We went directly into Officer Bhim Khurrana’s cabin. He wasn’t there in the cabin. He had gone to the interrogation room to talk to a drug smuggler. Detective Pathak came in and showed us the files.

Mr. Sameer Prakash owned a sugar manufacturing company by the name of Sweet Sugar. He was in duty for 20 years. His company flourished for many years. Mr. Prakash was unmarried. His retirement was five years after. He owns two flats in Noida one of which he lives in. His grandfather was the founder of the manufacturing company. There were very few complaints with regard to the sugar produced. He had a high deal of respect towards his fellow employees. For the initial 10 years it had no competitors but then another company came up. The former claimed that the sugar produced by the latter had high composition of fat and was responsible for obesity. The company’s stocks crashed and it had to shut down. The owner of that company was Mr. Vivek Thapar.

According to the security guard and some of his neighbours, Mr. Prakash was in a good mood yesterday. At about 8 o’ clock in the morning his dead body was found in the room by a person named Mr. Kapil Rai. He had to break the door to enter the room and thereafter called for alarm. He used to live two floors above.

Detective Nakul Pathak exclaimed,” So, shall we go to Noida?”

Arjun replied,” Yup! Just tell the local police out there that no one should touch anything in the room.”

“I have told them. Who would like to hear your damn humiliating words?”

Arjun chuckled a bit and we three set off to Noida.  At struck 12 o’ clock we reached the apartment. Detective Pathak took us to the room where Mr. Prakash’s body was sitting stone dead. When we found ourselves in the room, a sudden chill went through my heart. Mr. Prakash was in front of me sitting on a chair with a deadly grin. A bullet had passed through the left side of his head and pierced the right side as well. There was extensive blood loss. In front of the chair was a wooden table on which a pistol and a book rested. Opposite to him was his bed. The window which faced the left side of the brain was open. Through the window I saw that a building was under construction. I glanced over the book which he was reading. To my astonishment he was reading THE DEADLY HOTEL, my first writing which I had uploaded on my Facebook page and It described my first adventure with Arjun. He had got it printed. I was feeling a little bit cocky about myself. I showed the book to Arjun and he said,” Well, your page has a far wider readership. But who could have told him about me or your Facebook page?”

“He could have searched it in Google, but that doesn’t matter. Investigate!”

Arjun began dancing around the body; I mean he started his investigations. I was gazing at my creation and then the pistol. The pistol was new and shiny. I don’t know what made Arjun get down and look under his bed. He kept something in his pocket and got up and started sniffing the body. He tried to open the dead man’s eyes. Then he went towards the window and closed by pulling the glass down. There was a small crack on the window particularly made by the bullet shot. He asked for my mobile and I could make out that he was searching something in Google. I went over to the window and looked down. There was a tin-shed which was for car parking.

Detective Pathak asked,” So, did you get anything?”

“Well, well, nice, very nice. The case provides many peculiar features. So nice of you detective that you considered me apt for the case. We have got two criminal here; one should be alleged for murder and the other should be alleged for an attempt to murder.”

“I didn’t get you. Would you care to explain?”

“Yes, of course. This man you see was murdered from that under construction building with a gun which uses long bullets having a high velocity and creates least disturbance in its projectile motion.”

I exclaimed,” A sniper?”

“Precisely. The killer was an experienced one.”

Detective Pathak asked,” But what about the second criminal?”

“Yes, he is the one which gave me a lot of interest in this case. I don’t care much about to find the killer. The thing which puzzles is how the second one escaped?”

“What are you saying, man?”

Arjun produced a beer can from his pocket. He said,” This can you see was kept under the bed. Mr. Prakash isn’t a least bit of alcoholic. So, who could have kept it there? The second man must have hid under the bed looking for an opportunity to kill Mr. Prakash. He couldn’t resist the temptation of drinking it. But by the time he got himself ready to take the shot, he was startled by the sudden bang. Mr. Prakash was already dead in front of him. He knew if he was found in this room he would be suspected for the murder. So what would he do? He can’t go out through the front door as the sound had already startled the other neighbours. He took use of the window. He opened it and just jumped. Do you see that tin shed below? That’s where he landed. This must be a probable explanation.”

“And what about the gun?”

“No idea. I can well understand that he might have forgotten his beer-can due to the sudden sound. But why the gun?”

Arjun kept murmuring this question for at least 5-6 times. I just kept wandering in the room. Suddenly a man came in. I strolled out of the room when I met a man of dark complexion. He had curly hair and a two protruding incisors. It made me chuckle but I kept my standard. He asked,” Any detective working on the case?”

“Yes, but why?”

“I want to meet him.”

I took him to Detective Nakul Pathak.

“Are you Detective Arjun Pandav?”

Nakul answered,” No. The man you see there is Arjun.”

He directly went to Arjun and hastily told,” I maybe of immeasurable assistance to you in the case, detective.”

“Sorry, who are you?”

“I am Ashish Jain.”

“Mr. Jain I am not a detective, I am a private investigator. Tell me everything you know.”

“Alright. Actually I am the senior manager of the Sweet Sugar company whose head is Mr. Prakash. For some days he told me that he was threatened by someone. He used to get emails saying that his life is too short.”

“Who sent the emails?”

“Anonymous. We even tried to track the IP address but it displayed that it was sent from the banks of Yamuna River. He consulted me and asked if I could help him. I had heard your name a lot so I told him about you. He wanted proof so I gave him the hardcopy of Mr. Krishna’s page which details your great achievement.”

“Did you open the door?”

“Yes, me and some of the neighbours. We had to break the door. The door was bolted from inside.”

“What made you come here?”

“I heard a sound and just rushed in.”

“Where do you live?”

“I live two floors above.”

“Nice, very nice. Thanks for your assistance.”

“Mr. Pandav I have a suspect, would you like to know?”

“Why not?”

“I think it is the work of the boss of our rival company whom we had destroyed.”

Arjun looked satisfied with these words. We left the crime scene and I asked about my mobile phone. I asked ,” What were you looking in Google?”

“The nearest beer shop from here.”

“Oh! I get it; you would ask the manager of the shop about the second man, isn’t it?”

“Wow! But no”

“Oh! Great, then what would you do?”

“Have a drinks break. Detective, are you coming with us?”

Detective Pathak agreed and we set forth to the beer-shop which was nearest to the apartment. He did not return my phone. I was not in a mood to drink so I asked for some strawberry juice. Detective got himself a Pepsi and Arjun just ordered for water. We were talking about the case when suddenly Arjun disclosed something,” Perhaps, detective I know who is the second man.”

“What?” we both exclaimed.

“Should I call him?”


He dialled a number and just told these few words,” If you care about your life and your parents then meet me at the beer shop. Who had asked you to tell Mr. Arjun Pandav about me?”

Arjun told us that he got frightened and continuously asked ‘who’ and ‘what’. He told,” he will be arriving in a short while. Ah! There he is.”

And to our astonishment and complete surprise it was none other than Mr. Ashish Jain. He was looking very scared. Arjun covered his face with a handkerchief and went and nabbed him. He forced him to sit with us. I and Detective Pathak had also covered our face. Mr. Jain looked horribly at us when we pulled our so-called masks. Mr. Jain glanced at us and was trying to avoid eye contact.

Arjun started,” Waiter, please bring a beer for your regular customer.”

He asked,” Was it you who called me?”

“Do I sound so horrible?”

“It was indeed you. The way you nabbed me shows it. I am gonna complain to the police about the illegal torture you are giving me.”

“I did not torture nor do you deserve to be tortured. But Mr. Jain, don’t you think for a second that if you take any action against me you will be escaped. Now listen to me. It was me who called you and sorry to bring your parents in the middle of it. Undoubtedly, you must have thought that it was the boss of your rival company. Tell me why you wished to kill Mr. Prakash?”

“I did not kill him, It’s clear.”

Arjun got up from his chair and shouted,” Did I say that? Why you wanted to eliminate Mr. Prakash? And if you say that you weren’t supposed to hear that then I am going to give you a big punch on your damn nose.”

“You are torturing me to confess?”

“If you think it that way, then yes. Be quick or should I tell you the whole story?”

“You tell what you know”

“Alright, you were the first man who entered the room to eliminate Mr. Prakash with a new Glock 21. You lock picked his house and made yourself comfortable in hiding under the bed. You are a darn, alcoholic so you couldn’t resist your temptation. First mistake from your part. Second mistake you drank it. Third mistake you did not kill Mr. Prakash at the right moment. You waited for him to sit and read so you can do it in a grand way. Fourth mistake the moment you saw Mr. Prakash being shot you forgot about the beer and left it there. Fifth mistake that you left the gun. Can you please tell me why on earth did you leave the gun?”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, it doesn’t make sense.”

“It does, we have complete evidence against you.”

“Show it.”

“Ok. First of all you said you lived two floors above. You ran all the way down just to push the door and indeed your push was the best which opened it.”

“It’s a mere coincidence”

“Maybe, but you knew where to strike. Moreover when I asked you how many sounds you had heard you said you had heard a sound, not two sounds. But after interrogating with the security guard and Detective’s parents they told me that they had heard two sounds. The security guard told me that you had entered through the front gate of the apartment. So it was a lie.”

“It is complete bullshit. Oh for God sake, you are making this up”

“Am I? Alright, you have full right to think what you wish to think but what confirmed my evidence is that I smelled the sweet fragrance of your beer on the door lock and on the gun. As you were drinking it while lying down some of it fell onto your hand and it got imprinted on the gun. The moment you entered the room I knew you were alcoholic and also you were an employee of the same person who was murdered. And if you are still thinking it as bullshit then mind you, we can get the fingerprints of yours and match them with those on the beer can and the gun. Have I made myself clear?”

I was completely amazed at the wittiness of my friend. Mr. Jain shrugged a bit and replied in a cold voice,” You are right, you are completely exactly right. I wanted to kill him. But there is a reason. He used to tell me that I was the best employee and even got the employee award but when it came to the question of who would be the next heir of the company, he would give it to his son. He told this only to me and the information was not made public. This enraged me as I had served the company for ages and still I get nothing out of it. He also told that he would reduce our salaries so that the company makes a new beginning. Damn his ideas, damn him. He deserved to die. I thought of killing him and whatever you said proceeded exactly. A sniper shot Mr. Prakash which startled me. I was confused at first but I knew that I had to escape somehow. So I bolted the door, opened the window and jumped onto the tin-shed and escaped the chaos. I thought I was successful but who knew that you would catch me.”

“Why did you leave the gun?”

“Oh! I did not leave it purposely. The window had got jammed so I had to open it with two hands. That is why I kept it on the table. But as soon as it opened I got excited and just jumped out of the window forgetting it. After Detective Pathak arrived I realized my big mistake. Mr. Pandav, what will happen to me now?”

“Nothing much, just some years in jail..... Won’t be that long.”

Detective Nakul got him arrested for an attempt to murder charge. But his face carried the same disappointment. He asked,” Pandav, you gave us the second man. But what about the killer?”

 “Don’t worry for that part. You can never catch him.”

“Why so?”

“As he was a hit man or you can call him, um, a hired killer. But I think I know who employed him?”

“By God, Who?”

“Mr. Vivek Thapar.”

“And who is he?”

“The boss of the rival company. His company recently got banished. It is likely that he must have sought to take vengeance. Detective, I trust you so you go to him and tell him everything”

“If he hesitates?”

“If he, then tell him that we have captured the killer he hired and then see how he speaks up the truth. And you are known to be aggressive. If he’s not our man then bring it to my notice.”

With these words, Detective Pathak left us and we both headed home. I still had doubts in my mind as to when did he had a chat with the guard and Nakul’s parents. I was with him all the time. I presented this question to him and he answered,” Oh! I indeed made up things a bit. Who knew I would have been so much correct? The second sound was of the man hitting the tin shed. Shot in the dark, good one though.”

And again Arjun Pandav solved a scintillating murder case. As to the killer’s employer Mr. Vivek Thapar confessed. He really wanted to get Mr. Prakash murdered. Mr. Jain was serving in jail for 12 years for some other allegations as well. Arjun was in his full spirit after solving the mystery and I have started maintaining a record of Arjun’s cases which have reeled my mind. Till now I have recorded only two with the headings of ‘The Deadly Hotel’ and ‘The Double Crime’. I uploaded them in my Facebook page under the title-































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