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This is about my roleplaying character, Ailo. She's basically a happy go lucky little girl.

Submitted: February 18, 2010

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Submitted: February 18, 2010



The Little Ailo

A happy little girl running down the halls

Dark hair flowing down the back behind her

Smiling and laughing

Until an older girl pushes her down.

Now a tear fills up her big violet eyes

And the orphanage father has to come and help her up.

Tears fill her big Violet Eyes.

The Young Ailo

A scared little girl timidly walking down the halls

People are following her

They're being cruel and hitting her

Except the orphanage father that always helps her

He takes her away from the others and

Drags her into a room

She smells a burning smell

And runs outside the doors

The burning orphanage stands before her

Her Orphanage Father trapped inside.

Tears fill her big Violet eyes.

The Naive Ailo

A gorgeous girl

Running away from all the things that destroyed her

Looking for her love

Unknowing that he is right in front of her

They stand looking at each other.

But as she loses her mind

And throws her ring to the ground,

He gets mad

And she loses her finger.

And a man hangs her upside down trying to kill her

And then she finds out it was her orphanage father.

Tears fill her big Violet eyes.

The Married Ailo

A happy girl

With a demonic priest

A demonic best friend

And a wonderful groom

Beautiful in a big white dress

With her long hair falling down her back.

A maid of honour stands across the room

Then helping her down the long aisle

She makes it to her groom

And he gasps at her beauty

And as he kisses her,

Tears fill up her big Violet eyes.

The Friend Ailo

She runs down the bridge

Up to her best friend

He's mad at her

She has no clue why

But he's determined to win

An evil man stands behind them as she tries to persuade him

If he would just forgive her.

She tries and tries to hug him,

But he pushes her away

And then The evil man pushes her off the bridge

It has to be the end.

But her best friend catches her

And takes her ashore.

But he spits on her feet.

She looks up at him

Tears fill her huge violet eyes

And she falls to the ground.

A broken heart.

A broken soul.

Tears fill her best friends eyes.

Ailo- The Funeral

Left in the coffin

Motionless, still

Her big violet eyes are closed

And her hair is covering her face

They bring in the coffin

And a single rose lands next to her

The coffin is lowered

And they know she is gone.

And as tears fill their eyes

A scratch is heard

And her best friend hears her

Digging her up,

Cries leaving her gorgeous body

Until she is finally back

And they brush her hair out of her face.

The half of her face that is left burned


And a tear fills her big violet eyes.

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