The Crisis Of A High School Student

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This is basically what I go through everyday at school. Others opinions and thoughts. Enjoy!

Submitted: April 03, 2009

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Submitted: April 03, 2009



The Crisis of A High School Student

I walk up and down hallways of surrender

I am only here to reciceve an education

Not to make friends or not to get along with anybody

Not to impresss anyone with the newest shoes I have on

Or to get attention from these low class hefas in this school

Yea go ahead and call me stuck up

I get that alot some call me mean

But why should I care ima do me regardless of what you think or feel

Always talked about

Always a role model to the fakes trying to be me

My walk my style my hair and just me period

I have these females dying to be me

Im the type of person who doesnt even get mad

I love when someone tries to be me or cop my swag

Eveyday I risk my life coming to this so called place of education

When I am rudely interrupted by people who abuse the fact of being cool

Why try to fit in when the folks you hang around dont give a damn about you

When they get to where they want to go

They gone leave your ass high and dry

And then what do you do?

Exactly nothing

There's nothing for you to do unless try to catch up

But you finally realize that it's way to late

So now what are you gone do??

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