What happened here?.....

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A young man wakes up to find himself with in a world of ruins

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



We find our hero, lying on the ground unconscio-

“Hero?” a young man interrupts. “I’m no hero” he replies while slowly opening his eyes, “Why would i call myself a her-ow” pain suddenly surged to his head as he ponders his minds own narrative.

He tries to sit up, however upon trying he felt his left arm staying put, a piece of debris of some kind has fallen on top of it. His mind queries, trying to understand the situation he is currently in as he tries to remove the piece of debris off his arm.

“ow” after removing the debris, he notices the various cuts and bruises across his arm caused by the debris “i can’t really feel my arm, it must have been under there for a while” he concludes as he feels his arm trying to see if anything has broken or swollen. 

“Luckily nothing is broken, i think. Still can’t feel anything but..” he wonders whether he is still able to move his fingers on his left arm “good i still have a little control of my hand, however i don’t think i will be pushing it though”.

Feeling a little relief about his hand he checks the rest of his body to see if anything has gone wrong elsewhere. His clothes have been covered with blood, however he doesn’t feel as if he is bleeding currently nor is there any intense pain. He does however notice that apart from the blood on his clothes some parts of his attire have been ripped or torn off “Hmm”. He glances around his position before slowly trying to stand “ow ow ow...ah my legs are kinda weak, i must have been here a while huh” he states to himself.

He takes a breather until he feels that he can walk or at least until his legs can support him a little, during which he takes a look around him, getting a better idea of his surroundings. He can only conclude that he is currently in a room, maybe an office however there is nothing inside that can help him identify the actual vacancy of this area.

“Where am i? I don’t recognise any of this” he exclaims “and what has happened to cause all of this debris, parts of the walls have fallen apart, and from the looks of it..” he looks up at the ceiling “yeah the ceiling is also falling apart”.

He tries standing again, his legs support better than before however are still weak as he falls to the wall closest to him. He clings to the wall as he slowly moves out of this room in case more than just a little debris falls on him. Out of the door he finds himself in a ruined hallway, similar to that of a school or hospital “where am i?” he queries. The sound of debris in the background echoes across his current position. 

He walks down the hall, the opposite direction of which he believes the debris falling came from until he finds a set of stairs, one ascending and the other descending. He picks up some small pieces of debris throwing one up and down the stairs, he then waits “no sound, i guess I’m the only one here” he slowly makes his way down the stairs. Upon entering another hallway, he looks inside one of the rooms, to which he finds that a large hole in the wall has been made, he wanders towards the hole.

He was amazed as well as saddened by what he sees, the buildings were in ruins, plants growing over them like something from a post apocalypse scenario “my god...please don’t let this real..” it was clear he was confused by what he saw, a beautiful sight it may be but the silence made it uncomfortable. He continues to slowly make his way through this destroyed building.

As he continues down another set of stairs, a very unusual aroma covers the airs, it was thick something he had never sensed before...he did not want to venture towards where the smell came from, but he had no choice. He gulped, small shivers going down his back as he came closer to the source of the smell. His mind pictured the worse as the smell got stronger; he came to the door and slowly opened it. The door opened and the smell was the worse as it could be, his eyes looked at the source and he instantly threw up.

“I shouldn’t have opened this, i did not want to see this” he closed the door as quickly as he could before he threw up again, the smell lingering over the corpses behind the door. At this point he knew he was right, something was not right at all, there must have been something catastrophic to have caused all this. He did not know what to do, he had never seen dead bodies before, he was shock.

He found on his travels in this ruined building a broken piece of wood and a small piece of debris.
“This will have to do” he tore a piece of his sleeve off, tied the stick and rock together to make a basic weapon. He did not know if he would have to use this but it was best to be prepared.

Thunder crashed down, things were just getting worse, rain started to pour as the thunder continues. He opened the window, cupped some of the rain in his hands and started to drink and clean his wounds. After cleaning himself he looked at the ruins in his sight, rain flowing off the edges of toppled buildings, thunder bellowing causing birds to fly away. He had no choice but to wait until the rain stopped before he would leave this building.

He collected more bits of broken wood, enough to create a small fire, for he did not know how long he would be here. The silence slowly causing fear in this young man as he stared into the makeshift fire, flames flickering in the reflection in his eyes. Where was he, what happened to this place, was there anybody else around or even when was he. These questions went through his mind as he slowly drifted asleep, he was fatigued physically and mentally and trying to make sense of all this did not help.

Hours past before he woke up again, his fire out and his makeshift weapon still at his side “this eerie silence is still here, i guess no one really is here huh”. He looked out of the window, the rain had stopped it would safe to go outside now, though how long it would be like this is another question.

Before setting off, he tried to think why he was here, his head still in pain as he thought “i don’t remember anything.... i must have hit my head pretty hard... man this is seriously clichéd now” he sighed.

“Not that remembering would make much a difference know...at least i can feel my arm better now...still weak though” he held his weapon in his left hand, he could grip it well enough but he was visibly shaking. He went towards the exit, going down 2 more flights of stairs, on his way he saw as more rooms were in far worse condition the further he went down.

On his travel he found scraps of material, not much on their own but together enough to make a basic satchel albeit a small one. “Well you never know” he quietly chuckled to himself trying to make light of this situation.

He came towards the exit, not knowing what he would expect when he opens it; he has seen what has become of the area around him, but not what lies inside it apart from a few birds in the distance.

He reluctantly opened the door to this new world, the dust clouding his sight as it blew in the wind, clearly time has passed before this was opened. The silence was broken at least, instead the sounds of birds squawking and the odd rustle in the background of what he hoped was wildlife.

“...what have i gotten myself into” he whispered to himself as he continued to look at the new world around him. He had no other option, he was alone to what he knew and this building to which was still unrecognizable but was his shelter but could fall apart at anytime.

So he gripped his makeshift weapon in his hand and ventured towards centre of this post apocalypse run down world. He only took a few steps forward before he saw something in the background collapse, even thought it was at the far sight of his vision, he could still hear it clear as day emphasizing the size of the building.

Never the less, the young man had to continue. Eventually finding a fruit bearing tree, he did not know how long he was unconscious but he knew he had not eaten in a long time, though he did not feel hungry himself, he picked some of the fruit, throwing away what would be inedible, ate what he needed and kept some inside his satchel. He continued forward, constantly unaware what would appear next, like a pawn in a game of dungeons and dragons. The further he ventured the more the plants had overgrown until he was walking through something similar to that of the rain forest, the birds getting louder and flying from tree to tree and away as he moves past them.

“Still no one around.... still no idea what happened here though.... how long was i out for?” he continued to question himself. “Why don’t i remember who i am?...*sighs* it would be helpful to have a badge or someth...” the sound of a branch snapping close by stopped in the middle of his thought.

He saw what could be a shadow of a figure close by, he wanted to ask friend or foe but he knew that it would not help, how would he believe them if they say friend and what happens if they are foe. He wasn't like the heroes you hear about, he didn’t have combat experience, he didn't have magic or powers he was just someone who found himself unconscious inside a destroyed building with a sense of amnesia.

This made him shake as he gripped his weapon, he did not know what to do, he couldn't try and attack the figure in case it was a friend and he couldn't hide as the shadow is staring at him and this would make things worse.
“Don’t move!” it came from the shadowy figure; it began to move closer, the young man could not move anyway, fear had gotten to his legs.

The shadow continued coming closer, stepping out of the camouflage and in front of the young man. He became less tense, the grip loosening on his weapon.

The only thing that the young man could say was “What happened here?”....

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