Dear ????????

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Some things are really difficult to say so sometimes I put things into letters that never get sent! I have a boxful of letters of things I would have liked to say. This is one I wrote this weekend and decided it should be a poem. Wish I could say it

Submitted: March 19, 2007

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Submitted: March 19, 2007






I don't want to frighten you

Or do something wrong

I should have told you straight away

Instead of stringing you along


To be honest I don't have the words to say

Its hard to tell the truth

But being with you made me so happy

I now don't know what to do


It all started a while back

I remember it so well

I'm good at pretending I don't care

So you probably couldn't tell


I put it to the back of my mind

I thought of someone new

Shame for them from the day we met

All I wanted was you


Its brilliant when we meet up

We always have a joke

Then there was that one time

When you never even spoke


Now, I know its wrong

In SO MANY ways

It would be just for now

Not for always


Please don't laugh at me

For all that I've said

I just can't help it

I meant what you've read


The words you speak

Touch me deep

The few memories we share

I'll always keep


The thing is, I know its not going to happen

So please don't take it the wrong way


I like you, a lot


That's all I wanted to say



From me  x x x

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