My Saviour, My Lord

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I was thinking about our Lord and everything He does for us. Enjoy.

Submitted: April 02, 2007

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Submitted: April 02, 2007



God gave me cancer today

He killed a child in Iraq

Caused a tsunami in the South Pacific

But I'm sure he's got my back

I pray to him when times are tough

And I'm sure that he must hear

And even though the world gets worse

He shelters me from fear

Yesterday I found a potato

Within it the face of my lord

I sold my story to the daily sport

It shows I'm not being ignored

And when people die

And they're only in the thirties

I'll say the lord needs them

No matter how the families hurting

I'll go to church each Sunday

And give my loose change

God needs money in heaven

I do not find this strange

And when people say they don't believe

I'll tell them they are wrong

God made the earth from plasticine

My belief is strong

My favourite books the bible

I read it with conviction

And though some things don't make sense

I ignore the contradiction

It says God gave us all free will

But if we don't believe we go to hell

I can't see anything wrong with that

Because my lord is swell

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