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Ok, work is annoying me! Was just watching the kids through my office window and had a massive stab of jealousy!

Submitted: March 19, 2007

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Submitted: March 19, 2007



Why did no-one tell us

Of the pain we'd have to face

The trials and tribulations

Being part of the human race

The scurrying, the hurrying

Trying to reach your goal

You don't know what you had

Until your grey and old

A child in the playground

Laughing on a swing

Not caring of the worries

The future has to bring

A teenager that's troubled

Thinking life is bad

Does not know these are the best days

And that they should be glad

And everyday I'm older

It just gets worse and worse

My age has become a nightmare

And I'm afraid it is a curse

When your young your allowed to

say and do as you choose

But now you should know better

Its your body you abuse

A baby in a cradle

Might scream and shout and cry

But they get hugged and cared for

So you have to wonder why

A job does not mean freedom

The monies not very good

In fact I don't own anything

I'd leave if I could

Perhaps I'll join the circus

Become a master clown

Then I'd have to be cheerful

I wouldn't get paid to frown

Or should I just live with it

I don't know if I can

I studied all my childhood years

I'd be throwing that down the pan

Join me in my grown up chorus

‘we can't take anymore,

We want to be kids again

We don't care if we're poor'

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