Breathing In Poison

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Riding around in one of the worst streets, people nagging in my ears and hiding behind their ignorance and hate... This is what I wrote and I barely altered its original form.
It might not all make sense, since it's kind of coded. It's about the hurt that one can see in their everyday lives, if they maybe open their eyes :/ People sleeping on pavements, fighting in the streets... This is our beautiful world.
Anyway, comments are always welcome. And thanks for reading.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



Colourful beads scatter under my feet
Fragements of hurt around me
All the walls that bleed silently
Tears of rain pouring down on all
Someone bribes a child
One whose innosence has long vanished

Reflections of fault in everything
It's like looking in a mirror
Distracting voices captivate me
Drawing me farther away from the truth
I fight away the tears
though they overflow inside
My weakness mustn't be made known
No one must know my state of mind
No one must know me

My forsaken guard still stand
Weak and worn out
But visible enough to fool

I hide behind a melody
Trying to escape the poisoned words
Spoken by faces once trusted
Faulsly, they turned away too
Turned to blurry figures
Wore a mask too

Hasty feet racing on unstable ground
Racing me, seeking a pointless victory
Pavements around, filled with hurt
Repulsed, I refuse to turn away
For I seek pain and disappointment
The last glimpse of hope,
Chocking under the weight of the darkness inside

I withdraw my promises
They don't belong in this world
I forget my dreams

I breathe in the poison I so hunger for
A tree, hitting itself with its own branches
Craving for stronger wind...

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