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This is a poem a wrote, explaining someone's feelings after the death of a loved person. Originally I had some people in mind while writting this, but I would rather not name them, as it would be pointless. I believe anyone who has ever lost someone they love can on some lever relate to this poem.
It means a lot to me, so I would ask of you to be kind. You don't have to like it, but please do be mean in your comments. Thank you for reading :) And yes, comments always welcome :)

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011



Seems like there's something missing in this shelter
My voice echoes in the emptyness
Hitting me back in my very core
You are not here anymore

The room, silent
Though not the first time,
it is the last
For all eternity to come...

Your sheets still carry your smell
And your memory is still vivid
If I were to close my eyes,
it would feel as if you're still here
Lingering in the remains of your existence
The things, that are still untouched
The pillow you layed your head on

I layed across your chest, that last time
Heart feeling heavy inside me
As if the strings that kept it in place were suddenly cut
A change that has yet to come
but has to be faced

My friend, I too regret not believing
But I regret more, allowing life to break us
And hate nurturing inside us

You told me there were stars there
And yes, I believe
They shine for those who never got to see them

In your eyes,
In my heart,
In our last breaths together...

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