Enchanted Skull

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From my J.R.Tolkien side, this is a fantasy poem including a witch, skeletons and an enchanted skull (as the poem's name suggests) If you enjoy epic and slightly overreacting poems, proceed :)
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Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



The witch calls out her darkest friend
The element of terror
With which she can retrieve
The enchanted skull

Horses made of mist lead the battle
As the bones form in a cloud of dust
Skeletal feet mark the wet surface
As they move towards the valley

Black bones make their way through the wreckage
Spreading filth with their rotten language
And the descending sun accepts his fate
For his light has been banned from this world

In the silver light of the sick moon
The bodies dance to the battle's sound
Where only one can take the lead
And turn it around to serve his greed

Undead machines for one sole purpose
That will reward them their final rest
When the enchanted skull arises
And breaks the dawn with howls of pain

And the doomed undead will prevail
And bring the curse back to its grounds
To complete the negative circle
The witch will call her darkest friend
The element of terror
The skull inside her grip
The lackeys turn to ash

And then the world may look so grim
For us, living machines...

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