Shell of Regrets

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It's a poem I wrote on one of the things that plague my everyday life greatly. Idleness, waiting for everything to come to you without lifting a finger. It is one of the ugliest things and it can realy wear you out.
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Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011



I search and you search
for something vague and unknown
Something that will set us free
and liberate us in some way

But we wait out our days
waiting for it to come to us
hoping it will be close
So that we won't have to sweat finding it

If only we knew where to search
Or where to start from
If only life was like a movie
like one of those I hate

Where everything winds up
and everything makes sence
And pain is only a passing thing
you don't see it all around

But I know it is not like that
Memories haunt you constantly
The future is only a concept
but the past has been lived
and can never be redone

So I wait out the hours
waiting for that masked person
who is going to free me
from my current self

But I have no will to change
I adapt, but I stay the same
Just a shell of my regrets
hiding behind forced smiles
Having the world to decieve me
and allowing it to break me

And hurting alone
believing in promises never made
Feeding on pain and rage
and waiting for the world to turn backwards
Waiting for something to happen, anything...

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