Slave (ashtray0belief)

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A coded poem about slavery. Those beautiful monuments we see all across the world were built by slaves' hands and it's something that no one seems to cares about or even think about.
I know they are cultural monuments, but we should consider how many people have died making them.

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



Whips and slashes
Punish you
Only for trying your hardest
And the snake unravels
Through this man's eyes
Hits you unexpectadly

Whips and slashes
Push you
Towards the edge of this grave's hole
When your muscles cry out
Through this man's eyes
You'll know the taste of failure

The Pharaoh will sit on the throne
You died trying to make
Slave, your soul is forfeit
This desert is all you'll ever see

Move a few feet
On these old knees
Get up and try to run
In the only desert you've known
Just to feel free for a moment
Before it all ends
And your thoughts scatter under the firm whip...

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