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This is actually a poem I wrote on one of my most favourite shounen ai pairings ever Hwoarang and Jin from Tekken. keke yeah, I know that I'm a geek.
The poem came to me in the form of a picture at first and the words just started flowing. Hwoarang dying alone in a pile of autumn leaves, his red hair matching with nature's orange. I had kind of bittersweet feelings writting this (yeah, I cried a little bit too) and I hope it shows in this poem.
In any case, whether you know the characters or not it doesn't matter. It's just a poem from two lovers' or friends' point of views. And since it means a lot to me, I am proud of it. Comments are always welcome. Thank you for reading :)

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011



A distant morning set in distant years
A bed of autumn leaves
You embraced your defeat

My sweet,
It isn't always how we like it
Not always what we hoped for
You wait out the hours,
salty crystals marking your eyes
It's not like you would hope it would be

In the arms of your lover
Supressing the very feeling you deny

Even now, afraid to smile
Afraid to put your guard down
Even now, so close to the last page
You close your eyes
Shutting the world away

But you won't give in
Being alone, that's nothing new
And as you lived your life by it,
the end won't be so sad
May be a blurry picture
in someone's mind
But you'll laught anyway
May be the last you do

My pain is still here
but I hurt not
My skin is scarred
Deeply, but I don't bleed

My fear has gone
Following the currents of my past

Now I lay, in silence
Not exactly how I want it
But it's the last page, and I have written with ink.

I wish I was with you...
But then again,
I like that I'm alone...

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