lets bring a change.....

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let's change the world..

"Today the sunshine feels as if it is mine

The world has no space for sin and crime

Today greenery is everywhere

plants are scattered hre and there.

There is no place for stress  or fear

Today  terrorism has ended.

corrupted peoples are suspended

There is no one who is sad or depressed

Today faces are glowing

fresh air is blowing


This ethopian future will come soon,

and we will make this dream come true......



But most of us don't have faith in ourselves..........

so hty should have beleive in themselves...


it doesn't matter how u luk like

it's what inside that counts.

u may be anything....

but if you've got a pure heart,

you're the biggest of them all.



be straight from ur heart becoz that



Submitted: April 20, 2012

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