Love Lullaby

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The only song I knew was the song he taught me on the guitar he left behind.

"Zack? Will you teach me a song." I was sitting next tohim on his bed as he played my lullaby that he made for me.

"What do you want me to teach you, Sarah?" He stopped and gave me a slight smile.

"Can you teach me 'our' soung?" I asked grabbing theneck of the guitar ready to take it from him.

"Well come here." He scooted back on the bed and sat criss cross pulling my hips down into his lap. He carefully placed the guitar infront of me and grabbed my hands placing my right hand on theneck and my left arm placed over the body with my fingures on the strings.

"Ok. your right hand needs to go into the C major." He placed my fingures on the strings where they needed to go. "Now you strokethis string really lightly and there's your first note." He taught me as he brushed the hair out of my face while I looked down at the strings trying to see where all my fingures were.

"That's easy enough." I looked up and smiled at him as he leaned in giving me a kiss on the cheek making me blush.

He continued teahing me note after note. stroking his hands along with mine for each differant one to remind me what to hit.

After a couple of weeks I had the whole song down. I was almost playing it better than Zack was, which surprised the both of us.

"So... did 'our' song take you awhile to make?" I asked him walking into his room picking up the guitar first thing getting ready to play the sweet lullaby that filled the room almost putting Zack to sleep everytime I played it.

"The write word is 'COMPOSE'," He said tome flopping down on his bed.Imouthed I'm sorry to him in a mocking way but he ignoredme and continued "and yes, it took a couple of days." He layed back on his bed relaxing as I played the sweet melody of notes over and over again letting the sweet sound fill the room.

He startled me when he quickley sat up on his bed making me mess up and stop. "What?" I asked afraid that I had messed up the song and he was going to point it out to me like always.

"Give me the guitar really quick. " He put his arm out towards me flexing his fingures in and out trying to get me to had it to him.

"Why." I watched as he sat it down into his lap and grabbed a papper clip of a stack of pappers thatwas sitting on his end table. I watched as he bent it out of shape and sratched it against his head board leaving a small scratch that wasbarly noticeable.

He then took the giutar and flipped it over onto his back. I could hear a small scratching sound as he moved the Papper clip over the face of the sound board. "Here. Look." He handed over the guitar to me.

I held it up and looked at the bottom were I saw him scratching. There was a small heart with my name in bubble letters in the center of it and all around were small swirly lines coming off the back of the heart and under the heart it said Love lullaby. "What's love lullaby?" I asked tracing the heart with my fingure.

He gave me a slight smile that he always gave me when he was trying not to blush. "That's what I decided to name our song. Do you like it?"

I smiled at how cute, cheesey, thoughtfull, and caring it was. Especially coming from him. "I love it Zack!" I sat the guitar down and jumped into his lap giving him a kiss.

- - - - -

"Honey?" My mom called from outside my door.

"Ya mom?" I asked As she walked through the door. But, the look on her face was enough just to get me listening. Her face was one from a horror film when she just found out her best friend was the one trying to kill her. "Mom what's wrong?" I ran over to her grabbing her shoulders once she looked like she was about to fall.

"Honey..." my mom took me into a big hug pressing her cheek against the top of my head. I felt her tears on the top of my head as she sobbed.

"Mom... what's wrong?" A tear fell down my cheek knowing that it was something serious if it was making my mom cry.

"Sweet heart... It's Zack." She whispered into my ear.

- - - - -

"Sarah, someone's here to see you." My mom called into my door as I laid on my bed Stairing at the wall.

I heard the creek of my door and then I felt my bed start to lean on the cornor by my feet. I looked down to see my mom sitting there. "Sarah, you can't stay in bed for the rest of your life." we were both quiet looking strait ahead at the same wall. "Listen... do you think that you could get out of bed for a few minutes. Zacks mom brought you something. She was going to give it to you at the funeral but, you didn't show."

I slowly sat up on the edge of my bed keeping my eyes locked on the one spot on my wall that I had probable been watching for the past two days.

I walked down the steps to see Maggie, Zack's mom, looking up at me. Despite all that she had been through she still some how managed to give me awarm smile that reminded me of Zack. Tears started to well up in my eyes and my throught started to close.

When I reached the bottom of the steps she grabed me andtook me into a tight hug just like my mom had when she told me about the accident."How are you doing?" I whispered into her ear trying to make it sound like I was happy.

"I'm doing better.His dad and I are moving back to the city in a few minutes. I just wanted to drop something off before we left." She turned around grabbng something she had sat down by the door.

"Zack's guitar." I sighed when I saw it.

"I saw your nameon it so I thought that he would want you to have it."We said our goodbyes to eachother and I headed upstairs with the guitar. I sat on the corner of my bedholding the guitar in my lap. It felt as if hewas right behind me placing my hands where theywent one on the neck and the other over the body. Slowly I started moving my fingues and I started playing love lullaby while tears dripped down onto my fingures as i played the only asong that he taught me remembering everything that we had..

Submitted: June 26, 2009

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aww i have tears in my eyes!! what a sad story!! i like the ending though, and the connection they had was really sweet! :) great work!!

Mon, June 29th, 2009 6:51pm


i found the picture and the whole story just came to me.
thanks a lot.

Mon, June 29th, 2009 2:02pm


That was sad!!! I loved the story though!!! =D

Mon, April 5th, 2010 12:34am


thanks. I'm stuck right now and I kinda started to rush through it and lost my point with the story. I think after a while(in the summer) I might rewrite it with more detail and a better plot and have more of an idea on where I am going with it. But I am very glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you very much for reading :)

Wed, May 5th, 2010 2:34pm

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