What Is It To Be In Love?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Grayson has been through way more than an ordinary high schooler should have to go through. She's learned to build walls around herself to keep herself from getting hurt. But soon she meets someone who finds the cracks in her walls and wiggles himself through. Will Grayson be able to keep him out, or let her walls crumble?

Table of Contents

A/N: Hiiii!!!!! This is something new I've been working on lately. I'm not entirely sure where I should go with this haha. But if you rea... Read Chapter

The rest of my day went on like usual. I didn’t see Drew again, thank god. But I still wonder what he was about to say to me before the... Read Chapter

I stayed up pretty late with Mom. That is something I don’t normally do. Usually I try to keep my distance for fear of her finding out ... Read Chapter

I wake up to find the space beside me cold. Mom must have gone to work early. I hope David isn’t here. But why shouldn’t he be? He ju... Read Chapter

Surprisingly, Drew managed to keep his word. He didn’t say a single word on the way to school. Though, he did sneak a glance at me from... Read Chapter