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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the first book, in this sci fi series, about a post apocolyptic world.

Submitted: March 06, 2018

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Submitted: March 06, 2018




Carpe noctem – “Seize the night”

On one gloriously and blissful night, Noctern lay awake, unable to sleep. He was pondering, about examinations, that were going to happen the next day. Mathematics, English, all the usual, subjects, that endlessly, bothered him. Yes, he knew, in order to live a educated, and decent life, he needed to study, and work, on these subjects. He was about to finally, sleep, when a voice, a low, and quiet, but calm voice, said to him “Noctern, the Stars are not going to sleep tonight!, come up, and greet them!, Seize the night!”. Noctern dismissed this, wrongly, as a random, thought, that his tired brain had produced. It was indeed something, much more grander, and greater.


“URGENT NEWS FLASH” Li Cau, first human to set foot on mars! People were cheering in all the major cities in the world, while Noctern quietly turned off his Paper thin Television. Let me introduce you to Noctern. He was an average 14 year old boy, who dwelled in the year 2030. He had two parents, and a cat, one of the last remaining pure-bred cats on earth. He longed, to be part, of the Glorious generation, of cosmonauts, reaching out into space, and setting new limits for humanity. He watched, 3 years before, as 12 cosmonauts, boarded, a starship, and set off for Mars. He longed to be a part of that almost, mythical group. Yet what he did not know, was that, he would have made an achievement far greater, than any of those 12, only in 23 years time.

At Nocterns school yard…..

As Noctern, turned towards, the school yard, he noticed, a shadowy figure, hunched by the corner of the school gate. He was about to walk past him, when the figure suddenly grabbed him, and said “Noctern?”

Nocturn, panicking said, “Yes?!”

“My name is Deus Re Se, I am a messenger, of the United Nations, from the 25th century, and am here to tell you, and give you something important.”

Noctern thought of this man, as a lunatic, and tried to stagger away.

“Before you go, let me tell you something. “You are not a chosen figure, or a hero, you a simply one, who has belief, that you will make, and shape, your destiny.” The figure, who called himself Deus Re Se, handed him a small golden rose, pendant, and said “This will protect you, at a time of crisis, and when you need it most, it will appear”. The Figure, threw away, his cloak, to reveal, himself, as a golden humanoid, who had a gentle, and hopeful face. Noctern Passed out.

When Noctern awoke, in his school, medical bay, he looked down. The pendant was still there. He stared at it, for two clear minutes, then quickly put it in his trouser pocket.


Hey, Noctern! What are you doing?. Noctern’s close friend, Neil, whose nickname, was “Armstrong”, after the famous astronaut, was running towards Noctern, nearly stumbling over. For his whole life, Noctern had been grateful to Neil, as he had saved his life.

 Almost ten years ago, the two friends were on a raft, riding it on an artificial stream, near their homes. Suddenly, their raft collided with a large peace of stone, that was awkwardly sticking out from the side of the stream. The whole raft, was ripped apart. Noctern, who could not swim, was flung, into the cold and unforgiving water. Suddenly, as he lay on the bottom of the stream, he remembered, something that his grandmother, who used to be a a NASA technician, and had helped develop the Mars rover, about 15 years ago, said to him before.

“When you are dying, suddenly, time slows,  so you can remember all that has happened in your life”

Suddenly, Noctern, felt as if time was frozen, he remembered his family, that had worked, hard, not for their own needs, but for the needs of the human race. He remembered, how his father, had told him, as a journalist, about his experiences, in a previously war ravaged country, called Syria.

He remembered, on his first birthday, how Neil, made a cake, out of mud, for him. He remembered when he was 11 years old, he saw the flash of the NASA, starship, launching out of orbit, and towards mars. He remembered so much….. yet this was fading away….

Suddenly strong, but small hands grabbed him, and pulled him out of the water. When he recovered, in a hospital, 2 days later, he was told that Neil had dived down, and had saved Nocturnes life. For the next 10 years, Noctern, kept trying to discover, a way, to repay Neil. He had yet to repay him.

Noctern was building, a small rocket, as Neil rushed over. Neil, once again asked “What are you doing?!” ”I am building a rocket”. “Oh come on, this is the 5th rocket you have launched in like a year!”. Noctern ignored him. Noctern suddenly turned around, and asked “What do you think, should we reach beyond the stars”. Neil answered, in a way most people, on earth, in the year 2030, would answer. “No, because of two reasons, the UN will not allow anyone to do it, and who knows, what happens if any other life out there tries damage earth”. Noctern suddenly felt something hot in his pocket. He saw a flash.



Noctern suddenly, felt weightless, “Welcome to the future”. He jumped back, frightened, when he saw the strange golden humanoid, called Deus Re Se, that he has seen before, in the school-yard. But suddenly, his attention, was turned on something else. It was a woman, below, neatly uniformed, standing in some kind of command area in a starship. It was an open space, like a bridge, on a sea-going battleship, in the twentieth century. It was like a scene, from a movie, made about 30 years before Noctern’s time, called “Star Wars”. There was something wrong, though, as the woman, seemed, to be almost panicking, shouting. He looked out of the giant pane of glass , that was a viewing window, that was in front of the “command room”. He saw black space. He suddenly saw the black emptiness, flare up, into a thousand, different, violent, shades of red, orange. He could faintly see, Huge ships slowly moving across the sky, with these strangs lights, coming out of some kind of turrents. This scene looked like it belonged, in some kind of a Sci-fi movie. “Strange isn’t it?”, Deus Re Se spoke, startling Noctern, who was extremely drawn into staring at the explosions.  Finally, picking enough courage to speak to Deus Re Se, he asked “What is this…. Event?”. Deus Re Se, started laughing, in a quiet, but somewhat sad, way, and simply said: “The colossal massacre of B-9901”. Nocturn simply shrugged, not understanding to what Deus Re Se just said. “This was the site of one of the bloodiest galactic battles in the history of mankind”. “What are those turrent things firing?” Deus Re Se slowly sighed, looked around, for a second, and whispered, weapons. Of. Death. Noctern suddenly, saw a huge object slowly pass the viewing window of the starship he was on. It was the corpse, of a huge ship.

“This is what humanity, is too become, in the 25th century, Noctern, unless you can stop it”. Puzzled, Noctern inquired: “How?”. “You will see, be prepared” Just as Noctern, was about to ask, who this humanoid creature called “Deus Re Se” was, Deus Re Se suddenly said: “Oh, just to let you know, back in your time, at the end of the  21st century, did you know humans, discovered, how to freeze people, and make them wake up in hundreds of years?”, the creature smirked. Suddenly, Noctern saw the commanding woman, look backwards, towards him. It was Li Cau, the first human, to set foot on Mars. Noctern only got a glimpse of her, before passing out.



Noctern awoke, with Neil still running towards him. Strange, I thought I was there for more than 10 minutes? Noctern thought to himself. Neil suddenly stopped, and said: “oh I just remember!, I found this strange thing in the sand”. Neil handed him a card. It looked like some kind of usb stick, that humans, stopped using around 5 years ago. Noctern said: “Do you want to see whats on it?” Neil looked worried, and said, what happens if it contains something not good?”. Noctern shrugged and turned over the usb stick. It had the symbol of the un on it. They walked home, and plugged the usb, into the computer. What appeared next both surprised, and confused Noctern. A human, was looking at a metallic creature. The human announced: “This is my latest creation, a machine that will help man-king, in its many adventures, in the cosmos. He clicked some kind of button. The machine whirred to life, and stood up. The human said. “His name is Bee-mo”, he can help future, colonists, on far planets, to gather materials, and help the colonists survive. He is like a Rover, except, he can think on his own. His AI is far advanced than this time. Hopefully, he will be fully complete in about a year.” The next scene was the one that actually made Noctern confused. The human appeared again, and seemed to be in a panicked state. He seemed to be carefully locking doors, and was in some kind of bunker. “The un is here!, they have come to arrest me! Somebody, told them about my creation!” The machine, that was behind him, looked different. It had rows of automatic guns, on its back. It had a strange head now, that resembled, a humanoid. Noctern saw the door being broken, and suddenly un soldiers entered. Well some entered, most of them were cut to pieces, by the machine. The machine, lept out of the bunker, and escaped. The human was instantly killed, by the millions of un bullets, fired towards him. The film ended. “That was K-0909” Noctern lept back, as he saw Deus Re Se calmly looking at the screen. Neil was sitting opposite, eyes wide. “Oh I haven’t introduced myself yet, Neil. I am Deus Re Se, a messanger of the un, from the 25th centuary.” Neil shrugged, thinking it was a dream. “That was Noctern Thesmound, your 

Descendant. He created a machine, that rebelled against us. It created that huge war, that you saw before. Therefore, we must get rid of you”. Noctern looked eye-wide at him. “United Nation, soldiers,will be here in about five minutes. They were sent to kill you. Because, you have trusted me before, I am telling you to escape. Right now. Noctern shouted,”You are joking?!” Deus Re Se simply said: “Look out the window”, Noctern looked out the window, and saw a convey of un soldiers, coming to his door. With an explosive device.

Noctern quickly, grabbed Neil, who was in shock. He shouted to him: “Get out of here, before it is too late”. Neil simply said, “You know how, I saved your life before, and you said you needed to repay me?”, “Well the repayment, will be me coming with you.” Noctern could already hear the un soldiers shouting, and placing the explosive decive. He suddenly thought of his parents. His parents wouldn’t be in danger, because they had departed on a starship, towards a distant planet could Europe, 2 years ago. Noctern, with his parents permission, was legally allowed to live by himself. The only place where Noctern and Neil, had a chance of escaping the un soldiers, was the vault underneath his house. They quickly rushed there. In the vault, Noctern sealed the doors, and quickly got out the two automatic pellet rifles. He quickly pressed a button, and two cylinder shaped pods, he told Neil, “My father told me to go into there, if there is an emergency”. He an Neil quickly rushed into them. They would wake up 5000 years later.



© Copyright 2020 asimple. All rights reserved.

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