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Sometimes the things you want most in life almost never come, but sometimes fate takes a chance to help you out
Even when you tell yourself you give up. When you don’t care anymore. When you refuse to be heartbroken again. When you try and put your needs before hers.
Fate changes you.

In this story, the antagonist isn't a who you would originally think it would be. The antagonist in this story is the best friend, the first love, the first heartbreak. The friend who the main character describes, is also the antagonist he describes. This short story is an explanation of one person playing two roles, and as much as the narrator hates it, can't get over her.

Submitted: April 13, 2016

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Submitted: April 13, 2016



Sometimes the things you want most in life almost never come, but sometimes fate takes a chance to help you out. Even when you tell yourself you give up. When you don’t care anymore. When you refuse to be heartbroken again. When you try and put your needs before hers. Fate changes you.



This isn’t how things were supposed to end. We’re meant to be together and last forever, not break up and end our friendship completely. I need her in my life, she’s everything to me. I’m so lost without her. I told her everything. How my day went, my 11:11 wish, finding out who’s playing at Warped Tour this year, how I wrote a new song and learned chords for it, everything. I feel empty without her, without telling somebody that I’m that comfortable with everything. She doesn’t love me the way I love her. She doesn’t want to be with me. She wants to stay best friends, but unless we’re together, I can’t. It hurts me way too much. Watching her be with someone else, I can’t stand back and pretend to be okay with it anymore. Nobody will ever love her the way I do, even if she doesn’t love me back, and even if we aren’t friends anymore. How can you possibly love someone so much but refuse to date them because it will ruin your friendship? Shouldn’t it bring you two closer together? Shouldn’t it make your love for each other even stronger? Why can’t she get over the fact we can NEVER be friends. We will only ever be best friends, and we will only ever be best friends if we’re together. It wasn’t supposed to end like this. It wasn’t even supposed to end. We were supposed to get married. It all went so wrong and it hurts worse than anything else I've been through. It was like my entire world fell to the ground, like my life’s a chandelier and somebody cut it down and let it shatter all over the place, with that being said, it was the worst experience in my entire life. I had found the person I held so dearly and I tried so hard for so long for everything to work out, and then all I remember is feeling played, I felt so worthless. I was torn apart and devastated and so confused and infuriated. I'd never been more let down or hurt in my life. For a while, I would almost cry anytime I saw her or even heard her name. The day it happened I went upstairs and asked my mom to take me to Max’s house. She said she was too busy and I could go another time, but it was the point when she saw that I was on the verge of tears and told her what happened that she decided to take me. My entire heart has been ripped right out my chest, and the worst thing is, I don't think she even cares. She seems perfectly fine herself, and as much as I want to hate her right now, I only love her even more. All I want to do is hug her and be told everything is okay, and I can't even have that.



Written as Sidney

Oh my god I love her so much. She’s my best friend, and no matter what we’ve been through, even when I’ve said we can’t be friends anymore, we always end up back in each other's life. That has to mean something right? I love getting to know her even more everyday, and I know every detail about her, even more than she knows herself actually. I remember the simplest things. I know the way that she eats kit kats, sides first; then the top layer; the the bottom; then the wafer. I know the way she acts when she’s pissed, she’ll be really short with her words, and when we text she replies with only “lol”. She’s very sarcastic, and has a sense of dry humor, and when she says she doesn’t care...she doesn’t care. I know her favorite tv show is Glee, and even though I don’t want to watch it, I watch it with her because I get to see her laugh and smile. God, when she laughs and smiles my heart beats so fast. My favorite is when she isn’t looking directly at me, and I watch her as she quotes Juno or Lilo and Stitch, and sings along to High School Musical because she loves those movies just the way I love her. The way she’s interested to learn every word of these movies, is the way I feel towards her, astonished to learn every detail. I don’t ask her anymore why she wears mismatched socks, I only question her when she isn’t, which is never, unless they’re knee high socks. I know every time we’re in the car together and she asks for the aux cord next The 1975 will start playing soon. I know when she’s making sandwiches on whole wheat bread, she’s making a pb&j, unless she has bananas, but only really ripe ones, then she’ll be having pb&b. I know if she isn’t wearing winged eyeliner then she doesn’t feel well, but she almost always has winged eyeliner on. I know she hates the cold and she hates snow, but she would kill to live in New York City, even though it’s basically the north pole during winter. She also has this like, motherly instinct. All babies and toddlers love her, literally. One time at this Super Bowl Party, she was sitting in her chair minding her own business, and this little girl, about 14 months came up to her and grabbed her leg and smiled, and wanted to be held, even though they have never met each other before. And at church, she’s usually put in charge of the nursery, just because everyone knows they can trust her with their kids, and they babies will love her. If you tell her that being a vegetarian is unhealthy and meat is better for you because it tastes good and is full of protein, expect nothing but facts and statistics to come out of her mouth for half an hour, with no chance of winning the argument. Expect very loud and very big arguments about politics, oh, and don’t expect to win. She loves to argue, and not to be mean, but just because she loves to be right, even more than most girls. Which also brings out her competitive side. Please, do not expect to beat her at anything, except maybe uno, but anything else, she will kill you, or at least bruise you enough to win, usually on accident. She loves baking, and if she wants something really bad, just know she’ll try and bribe you with her cookies and brownies. She loves pancakes, but only if they’re burnt. Not crunchy burnt, but cooked long enough to turn dark brown, she loves them. I don’t know it’s weird, but whatever makes her happy. And speaking of pancakes, she refuses to eat lunch until she’s had breakfast. Even if she wakes up at 4 pm, which is highly unlikely because she wakes up no later than 9 am, she still will eat breakfast before lunch or dinner. I don’t even try to remember the smallest things about her, it just isn’t hard to, especially when you’re in love with her.

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