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Submitted: January 31, 2018

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Submitted: January 31, 2018




He’s there at the station’s traffic lights at shoved down his pockets, gazing straight ahead with his body still. Wearing a black, velvet cloak and an old fashioned black top hat, he looks menacing. His skin is as black as ebony so it’s hard to tell which part is body or clothing.

As the traffic lights click and the green man flashes, the stranger walks solemnly but powerfully to the end. Before crossing to the tram stop, he looks both ways, then steps gracefully. As the sun glints on his smooth cheek, he pulls his hat closer to his face with one gloved hand.

The throngs of people around him seem to inch away, intimidated by his dark appearance, as he slowly glides to the other end of the platform like a glazed ghost. He stops at a silver bench and scrutinising for any imperfections, he lifts his cloak and gradually sits down. He clasps his hands and fixes his blood red lips in a thin line. His still face looks as if he is always thinking about other worldly matters in a tranced state.

Announcers introduce the trams that are rolling up to the platform as if they’re calling up concert performers. Each one goes by but the man simply keeps still, alert.

After a while, a black woman alike to the stranger, approaches him from the left side. Unlike the man, she is showing more skin than clothing with her black skirt and sleeveless top. The man gently tilts his head like a listening bird and stares at the woman. He moves his right hand, intending to retrieve something from his pocket, but his hand stops as the woman places a miniscule, black case on his lap.

Glistening, white teeth show through the black man’s mouth as he swoops for the case at a surprising speed. Opening the case, his mouth widens as he reveals a black ring, engraved with a sophisticated swan. The man stands up abruptly and embraces the woman as she squeezes him tightly.

Five seconds later, the man and woman compose themselves. The man slides his hands into his pockets as the woman stands tall, chest bulging. Then, they steadily stride to the right side o the platform, toward the traffic lights, gazing forward.

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