60 days for Sky Smith

60 days for Sky Smith 60 days for Sky Smith

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Sky Smith a young cancer patient finds out she only has little less than a year to live how will she spend that time?
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Sky Smith a young cancer patient finds out she only has little less than a year to live how will she spend that time?

Chapter1 (v.1) - 60 days for Sky Smith

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Sky Smith a young cancer patient finds out she only has little less than a year to live how will she spend that time?

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Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 24, 2013



60 Days for Sky Smith

Chapter 1

Sky couldn’t sit any longer in that stuffy hospital room. Her legs were cramped, and the suspense was too overwhelming. How long was she to live? A month, a week, a year, and as Sky took in the overwhelming sterile smell of the hospital she thought she would be sick. The fluorescent lights continued to beat down at her eyes as she watched the young cancer patients play with the too old hospital toys as if nothing was wrong. But as Sky knew nothing could ever be fine for a cancer patient. In her past experience, when the doctors had miraculously stumbled upon her intense cancer, they had performed chemo-therapy and radioactive therapy on her almost instantly. Sky being as arrogant as any other 13 year old had built up all her belief on one treatment; she expected it to rid of the cancer. Only it hasn’t. Now, every Monday and Thursday she returns to the too familiar hospital as the doctors desperately try to lengthen the young girl’s life. As Sky nervously twisted her short brown hair she felt her stomach twist in fear as her doctor called her.

Sky knew that today was the day that she found out how long she would live, and she suddenly felt scarred to find out the results. But as she saw her mom help her up she felt the fear dissipate, for she knew her mom was just as sad to see her baby slowly slipping away from her, while she can’t do anything. As sky walked through the doors she felt as if the white hallway was closing in on her, felt as if the next time she walked out of the hospital would be her last. Talking deep, relaxing breaths she looked around the room the doctor had brought her in, and this room was also white, everything was white in the hospital, and Sky hated the color white for the same reason. The same sterile smell hit Sky’s sensitive nose as the young male doctor with his white lab coat began to speak, “Sky, Miss. Smith, thank you for coming today.”

The young doctor cleared his throat uncomfortably as he flipped through is papers. “How long,” Sky’s mom thick voice filled the air, and Sky felt a twitch of guilt for she knew her mom was trying not to cry. The doctors stare watched as Sky’s mom nervously tucked her long brown hair with the occasional gray streak in it behind her ear, her hands dropping down to her side. Sky could barely hear the doctor as he muttered, “Sky has at the least 60 days to a year at the most”

Sky felt her mom’s hand clench hers in a death grip as the doctor left the room. With a small gasp Sky brought her mom into a hug tears streaming down her face. Sky felt her mom hug her back, and at the moment she pretended that nothing was wrong with her, Sky just took in the familiar scent of her mom’s perfume and pretended that she was someone else, someone who wasn’t going to die by next year. Sky felt her mom freeze up as she began to cry, the tear drops hitting her daughter's shirt. If somehow possible Sky felt her mom tighen her hug and felt her mom's tears hit her shirt. Unable to remain strong any longer Sky buried her head in her mom's shoulder and let out sobs that racked her body. As she cried she thought Why me?

Chapter 2

As Sky’s mom silently steered the small car in front of their small three bedroom house Sky felt as if she was in a daze. One year, that is all her brain could think of. Numbly sky trailed after her mom into the house, and up the stairs. From a distance Sky watched as her skinny feet brought her to her room, her room she wouldn’t be in next year. Sky felt overwhelmed, maybe the doctor was wrong maybe he wasn’t. Sky knew though that the cancer had already shown its effects. Sky’s lung cancers had lately been quite horrible for her, and even though Sky didn’t want to admit it she knew she was getting weaker every day. The radioactive therapy and the surgeries hadn’t killed her tumor that the cancer had created, and now the tumor spent pain spiraling through her stomach with every step, but Sky had gotten used to the pain it didn’t bug her anymore. Poor Sky had also long ago lost her appetite, but Sky forced tasteless food into her for her mom’s sake. As Sky changed into colorful, happy pajamas she was brought to her knees with a furious attack of coughs. Sky flinched as she coughed speckles of blood into her hand.

Crawling to bed Sky lay down and played with the edges of her home made quilt her throat sore. Silent tears ran down her pale cheeks as Sky felt her bed creak as her tabby cat, Scarlett, leapt onto her bed to lay with her. Sky wished that her body had taken the treatments well, but after every treatment to rid of her cancer none of them had worked in the long run. They all left Sky with no energy or will to do anything, and even though Sky couldn’t help it she felt as though she should be able to be stronger than she is. As the moon light trickled through her window onto her bedroom Sky could hear her mother tossing and turning her bed, and suddenly Sky didn’t want to be alone. Picking up her tired body from the bed she took small, pain filled steps to her mom’s bedroom. Opening the door she saw her mom lying flat on her stomach, starring at the celling. “Sky, whats wrong honey?” Sky’s mom asked in a rush of worry, her stressed ghostly eyes filling with fear of the worst. With a ghost of a smile on Sky’s lip Sky crawled upon her mom’s bed and lay down next to her mom. “I love you mom, I always will” Sky whispered her voice thick with tears once again. One Year, only one year. Sky felt her mom reach once again for her daughters hand to hold it in her grasp and never let go, “I love you to Sky.” Sky felt her body growing weary as she curled up to her mom’s embrace and Sky felt the familiar feeling that she never wanted to leave from her mom’s side, but that was not a choice Sky could make. It was a choice that the fates would make.

Chapter 3

Skys only thought as she woke up from her slumber was that she ony had 59 days left to live. Only 59. The idea haunted her, like her very own invisible demon. Peering through her thick jungle of eyelashes Sky looked for her mom as the doorbell snarled to life. Rubbing her eyes she painfully stalked down the stairs, ccareful not to wake her mom from her dreams.

With a provoked snarl Sky silently cursed at the person who was ringing the doorbell once again at 7:00 in the morning. Sky could just faintly hear her mom's peaceful snores drift down the stairs as Sky opened the door. With a broad step a buff looking man pushed his way past her and slammed the door behind him making Sky jump. Sky fought back nagging coughs as she recognized the stangr she could never forget. How can someone forget their own dad?

"Sky", her dad's low voice rang out, " where is your mother?"

Ignoring her father for a second Sky felt fear worm its way into the pit or her stomach. For she knew why her mother had dicorced her dad and for that same reason Sky hated her father. The same man who used to abuse her mom day in and day out, and who also was sadly her father was back... but why?

"You should leave," Sky demanded her voice sounding hoarse.

Wishing for an ice cold cup of water Sky gasped as her father slapped her across her face, his eyes elightened with fury. Horror filled the young girl for she had never been struck before.

" Where is your stupid mother?" snarled Sky's dad, poison icing his words. With a hand over her stinging cheek Sky fearfully pointed upstairs. Thoughts swarmed Sky as her monstrous dad thumped up pthe stairs. But two things were certain for Sky Smith.

1) She only has 59 days to live

2) A new, unwanted nightmare had shoved its way forcefully into her life

Sky let out a loud sob as she heard the loud thumps from upstairs, her dad was hurting her mom and it was all Sky's fault for letting her dad in. Sky didn't know if she could ever forgive herself again. But one nagging thought rose above them all... why has her dad returned after 12 years?

Chapter 4

Guilt... Dread.... That was all the emotions that swarmed Sky as she sat at the dinner table. No joy had been in the house since her brutish dad had forced his way back into their life, and it had only been a week, and Sky knew she only had 52 days left now. Sky scattered her food around the table as she watched her dad eat, the stench of alchol rolling off of him. Turning her attention to her mom she felt as if she was going to cry. A big sized purplish bruise had blossomed on the side of her mom's face, and the makeup Sky's mom had tried to hide it with had failed. Green eyes darting from the bruise to the long cut on her mom's fragile face Sky wished she could apologize to her mom for opening the door for her dad, allowing the monster in, but she knew that if she were to apologize her mom would get beat. Gasping for short breaths Sky felt like her lungs were going to explode, her cancer she guessed had decided to act up . Water, she needed water.
" Sky, are you alright?", her mom's frantic voice said. Sky watched as her mom darted out of the room coming back with a glass of water, her mom always somehow knew what she wanted. Gulping the water down Sky and her mom flinched as if they had been struck as Sky's dad, Richard, drunkenly snarled for Sky's mom to sit her a** back down. Returning to her seat Sky's mom pushed her untouched food away, and Sky realized that her dad being back was really putting a stressing impact on her mom, but the big question still remained... Why was he even here?
" Miranda, get me a damn beer," her dad's voice rung in her ears, bringing Sky back to reality. Sky heard the fridge slam shut and as her mom walked back in the room without a beer bottle she felt her blood run cold.. did her mom forget to pick some up from the store. Knowing her mom wouldn't want to see what Sky's dad would punish her for forgetting the beer Sky got up and walked out of the kitchen. With a small gasp Sky covered her mouth to quiet a scream as she heard glass breaking in the kitchen, following by flesh hitting flesh. Sky could faintly hear the occasional thump, that slowly turned to screams as she lay on her bed, her head buried into her pillow, salty tears soaking where her head rested. Angered at what was happening to her life Sky screamed as she shot up and with a great shove, knocked everything off her desk. Bending down she picked up the now broken picture frame, in it it displayed a picture of her and her mother when they had gone to Disney Land, a time when Sky had no cancer, and no fatherly figure in her life. Sky felt as if she was a ghost watching her body as Sky's fingers grabbed the broken glass of the picture frame, dropping the rest of the frame to the ground Sky pressed the glass to her wrists. Sweat poured down her face, Sky had never cut before, she didn't want to, but she couldn't explain it.. she somehow needed to- wanted to.
" This is for my damn cancer" Sky shouted as she made a clean slice across her once flawless skin. Sky felt tears gather at her eyes, as a result of the pain from her cancer and the cut.
" I hate you dad" Sky shrieked loudly as she made another cut, this one deeper. Sky froze as her door opened softly her mom walking in, blood running down her face and fresh bruises already forming.
" Your dad is getting more beer---- Oh my god Sky" her mom yelped as she saw the fresh blood running down her daughters arm.
" I'am sorry mom.... I didnt know" Sky cried out as her mom dragged her to the bathroom and cleaned her wounds. As her mom cleaned Sky's wounds she didnt say anything, even when the blood running down from the cut on her forehead and began to run down her eyes, she didn't say anything, and frankly Sky wish she just would. Sky wished she would just yell at her, it would make her feel a lot better. Finally her mom spoke, " Sky, I am sorry that I haven't been the best mom, but I really am trying. It's just with your father back it has been a bit crazy" Sky's mom said as she bandaged the wounds.
Sky felt her voice crackle as she said, " Mom, I know you try and I wouldn't ever want anyone else to be my mom, it's just that I snapped. Seeing dad hurting you overwhelmed me, I'm sorry for hurting myself. Pulling her mom into a hug she whispered into her mom's ear
" Now it's time for me to take care of you, starting now."

Hey little narwhals,
Please comment, heart or follow me!!!! I know it is a bit of a cliffhanger... but lets just say Sky is going to fall in love soon. Thanks for reading- M :)

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