Damaged Stars

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I wrote this for a school project and I made it a bit better, I hope you like it. It is supposedly finish but I may add little touches here and there

Damaged Stars

~A Novella~


Chapter 1

Home Away From Home

Here I am crying in a cold damp prison like cell, the cold wet floor under my feet, and humid air that stunk of rotten tomatoes and in some sense death, thinking ‘This is how I’m going to die.’ Okay I’m guessing you're wondering ‘What has happened to this poor girl?’ Well let me tell you how I ended up in this situation. Now let’s go back to the beginning.

One week earlier at a college campus, it’s the beginning of spring break during my freshman year.

“Hey Emily!” Emily is my best friend, or my only friend. Emily is very athletic, and very smart, more than she gives herself credit for. Where as I am more of an introvert person.

“Are you excited for spring break?!” I asked Emily excitedly.

“You bet I am!” She answered.

“Do you think you did well on your exams?” I asked nervously.

“I think might have passed? How about you?”

“ I think I did okay…”

“ Okay? Girl, please, you probably aced every test! Your like the smartest person I know!” I shyly look away, I never know how to respond to a compliment.

“Shh stop, I’m not that good.” Even though I probably was, I’m just too modest to say out loud.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come over to my house, over spring break?” Emily asked.

“Yes I’m sure, I always feel out of place there, your family is just a bit more energetic than I am. I’ll be just fine! I promise! I’ll just get ahead on my studies”  I said with a big genuine smile on my face.

“Oh, alright! But just call if you want us to come pick you up, we are just a few hours to the north!”

All the sudden a car horn honks.

“That’s my mom, I gotta go!”


“Buh bye girly!” We embrace in a very long hug. We could have stayed in that hug for days, but then Emily’s mom honked the horn again.

“Sweetie, time to go home!!” Her mother yelled from the car.

“Coming mom!” She yelled back, some small tears formed in her eyes.

“Don’t cry Emily! We will be together in 2 weeks! I promise.” We hugged one last time, I felt her tears on my shoulder, then she left the embrace and got into the car and left. If I only knew that was the last time I was going to see her, I would have hugged her longer.

This was my two weeks of solitude, but of course I was used to it. I’ve been tossed from foster home to foster home, some of them were good. Some sent me to school, but those were  just some of the lucky ones. When I got into high school I was in the same foster home for that four years, but the family really didn’t care what I did though. All my foster parents did was smoke and do drugs. The houses always reeked. School was my escape from them while I was there. During my senior year I applied and got accepted to Mission Valley University will a full ride scholarship for all four years, and of course I accepted! I was so excited to get away from all of foster care, and have my own life.

Chapter 2


After a few days of studying and total isolation, I decided I needed to get out and about. ‘Shopping and a quick bite to eat should be good’ I thought to myself ’then back to work!’ So I grabbed my purse, sunglasses, and a light jacket. I walked out of my dorm room, into the main foyer, and out of the building. With the warm sunlight shining on my face and the cool breeze in my hair, I started to walk to the local mall. And within a few minutes I was there.

I shopped for about three hours before my feet were hurting so much so I decided to go and eat lunch. So I chose this little cafe named ‘Lake City Bakery’, it has the best coffee and donuts. When I entered the cafe I was instantly hit with the smell of delicious coffee and donuts fumigating in the air.

“Gosh I love this place”, I say as I sit at a table. After a little while the waiter came and asked for my order.

“What can I get you dear?” the waiter asked.

“May I have an iced coffee and two sugar donuts?” I ask with a smile on my face.

“Sure, will that be all?”

“Yep!” The waiter walked off and I sat there for a few minutes till my food arrives. My food finally arrives and I take a sip of the ice coffee, feeling the cool sweet coffee run down my throat. And then I take a bite of my sugar donuts, sugar going everywhere.

I finished up my coffee and donuts, and I was about to go up and pay, but my phone started to ring. It was Emily so I picked it up.

“Hello? Emily?”

“Hey, Camila. Are you sure you don’t want my mom to come pick you up? She said she could fatten you up, since your so skinny.”

“No I rather stay here and get ahead in my school work. Tell your mom thanks though for trying to ‘fattening me up.” I laughed a little.

“I will! Why don’t you want to come over?”

“You family is a bit… well overwhelming.”

“How so?”

“You guys are always energized and active. Its kinda like waking into a war zone for me!” I heard Emily laugh so hard she snorted.

“Okay then! Mrs. WarZone. I’ll talk to you later okay?”


“I’ll call you later!”


“Buh bye Girly!” She hung up. I got up to go pay for my food. I started to walk back to my dorm as dusk was setting in.

When I got back into my dorm I turn on my music, and one of my favorite song comes on “In my blood”. I start to dance and sing along. After the song ended I thought it would be fun to go to a club and dance. I’ve never been to one before, or gone out of my dorm without Emily with me. But I guess there is always a first time for everything. So I put on a pretty purple cocktail dress with sparkles, put my hair up into a messy bun, then put some makeup on.  I’ve never worn makeup in my life, so I had to use a few makeup tutorials, but I eventually figured it out. Apparently I’m feeling very adventurous today. Once I was finished with my makeup I put my bright red hair in a waterfall braid. When I was ready, I had to look up a club that would let college students in that were under 21. It took awhile, but I finally found one. It was called “Limelight”.

I walked up to the building from my car, I could hear the blasting music all the way outside. I could smell some food, but mainly alcohol. When I entered the building the music was so loud I swear my head was going to explode. I started to dance with the music, everyone around me having fun, dancing, and practically yelling at each other to hear each other over the music. Although I was alone I was having a ample amount of fun. After a while, my ears got used to the music and a guy must have noticed me dancing alone, as I saw him coming straight to me weaving through the crowd. He was around 6’2”, 6’3” maybe, he had dirty blonde hair with piercing green eyes.

Once he reached me, he leaned in close to my ear and said, “Hey! I noticed you were all alone, are you waiting for someone?”

“Um no actually, I came here by myself” I said, while thinking ‘Oh my goodness why did I tell him I’m alone’! You don’t tell random strangers you alone at a club. Ugh stupid!

“Oh, well mind if I stay and dance with you?” Once he said that I got a creepy vibe from him, but I pushed that to the back of my mind, thinking ‘You only live once Camila.’

“Um Sure why not?” So we danced for little while.

“Do you want a drink?” He asked.

“I have not drank alcohol before” I said with an uneasy look on my face.

“Well I can get you something light to drink?” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Um okay..” He walked off. ‘This could be my chance to go home and get away from him. Wouldn’t that be rude?’ I was caught up in my own thought I didn’t hear or see him come up.

“Hey, I’m back.” His voice startled me, making me jump into reality.

“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t see you come back!” I said looking at him, with a weak smile.

“Oh it’s fine.” He paused for a few seconds. “Here is your drink..” I take the cup out of his hand, and take a small sip. It tasted a little funny, I may not have ever had alcohol before, but I knew something was not right.

“So what’s your name?”

“My name is Camila. What’s yours?”

“What a beautiful name for a beautiful lady. I’m Marco.” We danced a little more then got this terrible headache and everything started to go black, but before everything went black, I saw an evil smirk on the Marco’s face.


When I woke up I felt the cold floor under me, the smell of rotten tomatoes and in some sense death. I stayed on the ground for a moment then got up, my head still hurt a little bit. I started to cry. And that’s how I got there.

Chapter 3

The Boss

I kept crying, till I heard the door rattle. I quickly wiped away my tears, I refused to look weak infront of these people. When the door opens, I stiffened when I saw the guy, it was the same guy from last night standing in front of me, with change of clothes.

“Why did you do this to me?!” I demanded.

“It’s my job” he replied, his voice held no emotion in it.

“What do you mean? It’s your job to kidnap people?!”

“Woah there! I don’t kidnap. I recruit” he said scornfully.

“Recruit for what?! And why did you pick me!?”

“I picked you because you seemed very easy to recruit” he chuckled.

“How did you even know me or know I was going to be at that club?”

“I actually saw you when you were at the mall eating, and I was going to grab you there, but then your phone rang keeping me from grabbing you. Then I followed you for the rest of the day making sure you were alone-”

“Wait how did you know I would be at the club?”

“Let me finish!” he practically screamed into my face. “Where was I...? Ahh, yes! I followed you to your dorm, thinking you would come to the club that allows 20 year olds in, but I thought I would have to wait a few nights. But hey, you surprised me when I saw you come in last night. So I waited awhile to make sure you where alone. Then I used the dumbest tricks in the book, and volla here you are!” I was speechless. “Here change into these. If I come back and you’re not dressed there will be punishments.”

I quickly change into the hideous and slutish clothing. After about 5 minutes he came back and roughly grabbed my arm right under my shoulder, since I was only 5’5, he practically picked me up like that.

”Come on, Babycakes” he said as he walked out holding me how he was. I looked at  my surroundings, there were cells at one end for as long as I could see. We walked the other way, after a few cells, a few of them held girls, he turned down a hallway, the painting peeling off, and mold everywhere. ‘Well I know why it smell like death in here...’ I think to myself.

He quickly turn and pushed me through a door, I saw a black guy about 5’9, bald, and wearing a doctor's coat. He turned when he heard me enter the room.

“Well hello there! Why don’t you come in closer I don’t bite” he said with a little chuckle, he was at least 50, with a nice soft sweet voice.

“Oh okay..” I walked a few steps closer. “Who are you and why am I here?” I said my voice a little shaky.

“I’m the doctor here, and you here for me to do a check up on.”


“Now I’m going to ask you some questions, are you ready?” He said taking out a notebook and pen.


“What’s your name?”

“Camila González.” He wrote it down on his notebook.

“Okay Camila. How old are you?”

“I’m 20 years old.” He scribbled that down.

“Have you had sex before?” I was taken back by the question.

“I, umm..”

“It’s okay don’t be shy.”

“Yes” I pretty much whispered. He scribbled it down. Marco came in and asked

“Is she done yet? Boss wants to see her.”

“Yes she is. I have labeled her Damaged Star.”

“Darn it I would have gotten more from a Perfect Star. Oh well, Come on baby cake.” “Why are you calling me Babycakes?! I have a name!” I snapped at him. “And what’s with calling me ‘Damaged Star’?” The doctor was about to say something, but Marco spoke first.

”We call every girl here ‘Baby cake’. Your name doesn’t matter anymore, and as for Damaged Star, you have had sex before, yes?”

“Yes...” my voice barely broke a whisper.

“That’s why. Boss can not get as much for a non-virgin, as he would a virgin.” Before I could speak again, he grabbed my arm and pulled me away, back through the horrid hallways to my cell.

When he pulled me into my cell, he tossed me onto the small twin sized bed, in the corner that smelled of rotting fish.

“Boss will be here soon to check that everything is good with you. So be ready.” He turned to go out but right before he did, he stopped and said

“I’d get off that bed if I were you.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Just because” He said as he continued out and locked the door behind him.

I was sitting there for what seem like hours, before I heard the rattling of my door, I stood up and straightened out my clothes. It was not “The Boss” This time, it was just time for dinner. The dinner was composed of some kind of meat, jello, and some peas I think. It all looked nasty all discolored, smelt like something was rotting. I was desperate for food though, so I used the plastic spork to lift some of the mysterious meat to my mouth, I opened my mouth and ate it. It tasted awful! Like something was rotting alive and it just entered my mouth! I forced myself to eat a few bites of everything so I didn’t starve myself, I do have to say I ate all the jello because it tasted so good, I have no idea why the jello tasted good and not the rest of the food, but eh I’m not one to complain about good jello. I did feel quite nauseous. So I sat down on the nasty bed, then cautiously laid my head down on my arms. I think I might have fallen asleep for like maybe 15 minutes.


Suddenly I heard the door to my cell rattle and I popped right up from the bed. I was a discombobulated, but I soon focused on the man in front of me. He smelled strongly of alcohol, and tobacco. He was at least 6’0 feet tall, over the age of 60, and had short, white, curly hair. Everything about him made my nausea come back quicker than you can say “ew”.

“Welcome to our happy home! To our newest baby cake! I’m so glad you could make it!” he said with a psycho grin on his face, and his breath smelled horrible.

“It’s not like I want to be here, your baboon Marco brought me here.”

“Well you are, but you won’t be here long.” He had a devilish smirk on his face that could either make all the girls in a room fall for him or die. If  his looks could kill, I’m sure I would be dead, maybe I was better off dead.

“W-what do you mean I wont be here long?”

“Well I’m going to sell you.”


“Although you are a “Damaged Star” I won’t get as much for you, but still quite enough.” He paused for a moment as though he was going to turn and leave.

“Well then let’s see how good you are.” In a few strides he was so close to me. It smelt like I was inside of a bottle of beer and in a cigar. He leaned in closer about to kiss me. It all happened so fast, I felt the vomit coming up through my throat, and blah all over him my puke went and some even into his mouth.

Argg! That’s vile!!” he roared almost like he was a lion.

”You little brat! You will pay for this!!” He practically ran out of my cell and locked the door. I wiped my mouth and the floor with my purple dress that I still had with me, than I sat on the bed waiting for my punishment. An hour later a few guys came into my cell and beat me up, then the doctor came in and treated my wounds. This happened for a week, I could barely stand at the end of it, I ached everywhere. The next day the boss came in and said.

“Tomorrow is Auction Day!”

“Auction Day?!” I said, I was obviously terrified.

Chapter 4

Auction Day!

I was woken up before the sun had a chance to wake me up. I was rushed into a big bathroom where several other girls were showering. They shoved me into a shower stall where there was a towel, with no soap and no shampoo and no conditioner. I sigh, ‘Well at least I can rinse off.’ I turned the water on, and of course there was no warm water. I sighed, again, got undressed and took the quickest shower of my life. Then I got out and turned the water off, and out on bench with new clothes that somehow got into my stall, it was too early for me to process how they got there. Once I was done changing a guy brought me to where I could do my hair. I was provided with a hair dryer, a brush, a few hair ties, and a comb. The guys recommended we dry our hair, so the boss won’t get mad. So after a good 20-30 minutes of blowing drying my hair, it was dry and I brushed out my hair. It was the first time I saw my reflection in the mirror since the night that I taken, and I looked awful. Cuts and bruises all over my face, and I’m guessing my body too. When I finished doing my hair, I just kept it down. A guy escorted me back to my cell where I stayed till the Boss came and got me.


It was about an hour later when the Boss came to get me. He opened my cell,

“Come on Babycakes.” I reluctantly got up and followed him, through a lot of hallways. I was so lost, all the hallways looked the same, and even smelled the same of rotting fish. Soon we came to a door and we went onto a stage in front of hundreds of men. They were all talking till we came up onto stage, they all went quiet and stared at us. I felt very uncomfortable, tears start to form in my eyes blurring my vision, but I forbid any tears to stray away from my eyes.

“Okay! Gentlemen, This is Camila, but you can always change her name!” He gave a wink to the crowd and a few of them chuckled kind of evilily. “As you can tell she is a bit of a troublemaker, and sadly she is “Damaged Stars”, but she will make a good maid, or some fun.” He said with a smirk. Right when he said that something snapped and I turned to him and practically yelled.

“I’m not doing any ‘fun’ with anyone!” I was going to slap him, but he caught my arm and twisted it behind my back, then let go of me after a few seconds.

“See what did I say guys? Troublemaker. Anyway let us do the bidding! Who will start the bidding at $100?” This was going on for a little while  as it got up to $500. Then a guy said

1 Million Dollars!” The whole room went silent.

“Sold! To the guy in the black suit. Please meet me in the front office and someone will show you to her.” I could not see who bought me because my eyes were full of tears, everything after that happened was a blur but the next thing I knew I’m back in my cell. All I know was someone just bought me for 1 Million Dollars, and was coming to get me.

Chapter 5

Meeting Him

As I waited patiently for him to come, I started to doze off. I awoke suddenly when I heard footsteps. I stood up and straightened my clothes. Whoever footsteps there were belonged to was someone who could command a room, very confident. And they sounded like they were expensive shoes, unlike all the cheap shoes I usually hear walking around. I was suddenly very nervous to meet this guy. I hear the key enter the key hole in my cell door. He opened the door, and walked in. We both, immediately, checked the other out. He seemed to be at least 6’5”, which is almost a foot taller than me. He had dark black hair, the brightest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, and was in an expensive suit.

“Are you ready to leave?” his voice was stern and husky, but yet it was also sensitive.

“Yes, I suppose I am..”

“Well let’s go then.” When I was about to take a step forward everything went black. Before I fell, I felt a strong pair of arms catch me.


I slowly woke up leaving my eyes closed for a moment, I could feel a warm blanket around me, and some warm and fluffy pajamas caressing my skin. I could smell the light scent of cinnamon apples in the air. I open my eyes and the first thing that I see is light purple walls. As I look around the room I see a bedside table and a big window. I can feel the bright sunshine on my face through the window. I’m not used to the bright sunshine on face from being in that dark, closed off cell.

As I sit up, I notice a small white piece of paper on the table. I stand up and stretched, then I pick up the piece of paper. It read “I’m glad you’re awake. I want you to meet me out in the living room. But please take a shower! You smell like death itself! You will find everything that you will need in bathroom, which is the door to the left. Don’t worry, it’s your own bathroom. I’ll have my men stay away for the time being. Don’t keep me waiting.” It was written in blue ink with excellent handwriting. I look around the room to see if there is anything I can find to try and contact the police, but I don’t find anything. ‘Might as well get into a nice warm shower before I get myself into trouble’ I tell myself. I walk into the bathroom and find everything that I would need and more. I turned on the shower and realized that there was actually hot water. It was so nice to shower in warm water and to wash off all this dirt and grim.

I took the longest shower of my life. I stayed in until I ran out of hot water. When I got out, I dried myself off with the fluffy purple towel that was provided. I then put on the clothes that he had provided for me. It was a pair of black soft leggings, and a off the shoulder purple sweater, he had also put on the counter my underwear and bra, which were purple. After I got dressed, I go out my bedroom door to try and find the living room. The house was enormous, it had white walls with beautiful pictures of landscapes on them.

I didn’t know where the living room was, so I just wandered around, the house could not be that big right? Well let’s just say I was wrong, this house was so big. I’m pretty sure I’m lost in an endless house, instead of falling down an endless hole. I finally found the living room where he was watching The Walking Dead. ‘Oh I remember this part! Should I spoil it for him?’ I thought to myself “I rather not die today..” So I waited quietly for a commercial to come in to interrupt him.  By the way I also like to watch “The Walking Dead”.

Once a commercial came on, I said

”Um Hello?” He jumped a tad.

“Oh, it’s you.” He stood up and walked over to me, he was in a black suit. “You took your sweet time.”

“Um.. Yes, sorry about that, I kind of got lost.”

“Well don’t get lost next time.”

“Maybe if you would have put directions on the note you left me I would have gotten lost!” He looked taken back, and said

“No one ever talks to me that way, and you will respect that. So! Let’s set down some rules shall we?” he said. I didn't say anything back, we just went to sit down on the couch as far away from him as I could. Once I sat down, he spoke,

“Rule number 1: You will not go outside. Rule number 2: You will not go into my room or my home office. And finally rule number 3: you will not be able to use a phone. And when you speak to me you will use respect in your voice, I’m I clear?”


“Any questions?”

“Um, just one, what do I call you?”

“You will call me, Sir.”

“Sir? What about you name?”

“My name is not of importance.”

“Um okay, I have another question,”

“Okay what is it?”

“What about my job?”

“Your job for right now is heal, you must have took quite a beating, you have a few broken ribs and lot’s of bruises.”

“What about after?”

“I don’t know,  but for now your job is to go back to your room and rest.”

“I have one more question.”


“What do you do for work?”

“That is my business, not yours. I’ll have Mary take you to your room. Mary! I need your assistance.”

A little old lady, with dark grey curly hair, popped up out of nowhere with a small sweet smile.

“Yes, Sir?” her voice was very soft and full of love compared to his husky empty feeling voice he had.

“Can you escort Camila to her room?”

“Yes of course.” She did a curtsey.

”Mary, how many times have I told you you don’t have to curtsey in front of me?”

“Sorry Sir. Come on deary.” I stood up, before we left the room he said to Mary,

“Please come back here when your done.”

“Yes of course, sir.” Then she continued to walk and I followed her to my room, it was a lot closer than I realized.

An hour or two later, my stomach was growling when I heard someone knocking on the door to my room.

“Come in” I said. A very tall man in a black suit came in with a tray with a pizza and some sobe water on it.

“Here you go” his voice was very deep, and like the guy who bought me, had zero emotion in it.

“Thanks” I say while grabbing the tray from him, nicely of course.

“I’ll be right outside your room if you need me.”

“Umm... okay” I said as I was stuffing my face full of pizza. This was the first decent thing I had eating in who knows how long.

The next few days I pretty much just stayed in my room not really feeling the need to get up. Everyday Mary would bring me breakfast, which consisted of pancakes, lunch, which consisted of either a pb&j sandwich or grilled cheese with tomato soup, and finally dinner, which consisted of either steak or chicken with a side of vegetables. We talked for awhile everytime she came into my room with my food. For some reason we usually talked about my past and more personal stuff, but it was also nice to finally tell someone. It got kinda boring, but it could have been worse, right?

Chapter 6

The Mall Escape

About a week later, I was sitting in my room and drawing when someone knocked on the door. ‘I wonder who it is.’

“Come in” I said, still drawing.

“Want to get out the house for a little bit?” the guy who bought me asked he entered my room. I turn and face him, my eyes twinkled.

“Yes! I would love to!”

“We are going shopping to get you more clothes. Get ready, we leave in 30 mins.”

“Okay.” I showered and got dressed in a beautiful maroon dress about knee lenght, and went out to the living room where he was waiting for me, getting lost somewhat.

“Ready?” he asked me.

“Yep” I say, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking ‘this is the perfect time to escape.’

We walked out of the front of his house and into the sunshine. It was so nice to go outside and feel the breeze blowing through my hair and hear the wonderful sound of tweeting birds, and the chatting of the squirrels. We got into a black and white corvette which looked like it he just bought. We drove for about 10 minutes before we stopped in front of the biggest mall I had ever seen. The sign had read, The Manhattan Mall.

“Wait, we are in New York?”I said, before we got out of the car.

“Yep, New York City.” He unlocked the doors, unbuckled himself and got out of the car. I did the same. When we walked in I knew this would be the perfect time to try and escape.

“I need to use the restroom” I said, right when we entered the building.

“Did you go before we left?” He sounded a bit annoyed.

“Well, no.”

“Fine, but be quick.” So I quickly walked to the nearest restroom. Luckily there was a window in there. So I climbed up on a seat of a toilet and opened the window and climbed out, but some of my ribs were still not healed so it hurt to squeeze through a tight window like I did.

Once I was out I started to run the opposite direction of the mall. After a while of running and weaving through people, I saw him, out on the sidewalk looking around, so I quickly turned and went into a alley. I quickly realised that I was not alone in the alley, so I turned around quickly, but ran into someone. It was him, he roughly grabbed my arm and started walking me back to his car.

“What are you thinking, trying to run away?!” He demanded. He was obviously beyond pissed. He quickly looked around, than said,

“I own you! You don’t get off the hook that easily!” he raised his hand to slap me, and I tried to cower away, but he still had my wrist tight in his grasp. When he saw me do that he put his hand down, and he shoved me to the other guy, that I didn’t even see and said:

“Take her to the villa, and put her into the VIP room. I’ll be there shortly. I’ll get someone to get her clothes.” The guy nodded and escorted me to another car. I got in and buckled myself in, while he got up into the front seat. We drove for what seemed like hours, till we finally arrived at an extravagant brick home, with white trimmings. He brought me into the house, but I didn’t see much of it only a few hallways and a staircase up to the “VIP” room. The guy put me in there with some water, than left without saying a word.  The room looked more like part of an attic, than a room. There was a bed in the corner with a bedside table and a lamp on it, and some paper and a few pens. There was also one window that was letting in some of the afternoon light. That was all that was up there.

Chapter 7

The Villa

I was up in the VIP area for what felt like ages. They would bring me food at the regular times like at the house, but I was always alone. It got really boring, and everytime I asked to see Sir, they said:

“He will come to see you when he wants to.” ‘What kind of guy just shuts me up here, and doesn’t come explain himself!?’ I might know a way for me to get him up here. I had an evil grin on my face, and started to belting my favorite song over and over again. This kept going for hours, my throat was so dry and needed water, but I refused to stop till he came up here.

A few hours later, the door opened and Sir was there. So I stopped singing and we just glared at each other for a while till he finally broke the silence and said

“What were you thinking? All of the guys have that song stuck in there head, and they sing it while they work!”

“What was I thinking?! What were you thinking?! Leaving me up here with nothing to do! You said you would come talk to me! And did you? No! You decided I could stay up here for the rest of my life! I-” Before I could finish, he took a few long stride forward and he kissed me! I’m guessing he is trying to shut me up, but still. As quick as it happened, his lips left mine. I look in total shock at him.

“Now can we please have a more civilized conversation?” He asked politely, while his voice usually had no emotion in it, this time it had some compassion and understanding.

“I’ll take you to your room, and you can freshen up in there than come and we can watch a movie or something.”

“Erm okay.”  

So I follow him to my new room. It is beautiful, it had a big queen size bed, with a canopy hanging over it. It had a huge window seat, and beautiful pictures of sunsets everywhere on the walls.

“I expect you in the living room in 30 mins” he said and left the room before I had a chance to reply.

“This is amazing” I said to myself. I started to get ready to go watch a few movies. I changed into something more comfy.

When I walked into the living room I found him looking through all the movies he had, which there was not very many.

“Ah you’re here. Which movie do you want to watch? We have Ant Man, The NoteBook, and The fast and the Furious” he asked me.

“Ooh The Fast and The Furious!”

“Really? I thought you were going to pick the Notebook. I didn’t strike you as a fan of that movie.”

“Well you don’t know me at all do you?”

“I guess not.” The rest of that night we watched movie after movie and ate a butt load of popcorn. It was really fun.

Around 2 am that night we decided it was best if we both headed to bed.

“Well goodnight, sir” I said to him after a giant yawn.

“Liam” he said out of the blue.


“My name is Liam, but you can not say my name around anyone.”

“Okay, but why?”

“I’ll tell you another time. Goodnight” He said smiling.

“Goodnight, Liam” I smiled as I walked away.

Chapter 8


During the next few months it was all the same. I’d wake up shower, either make breakfast or Mary made breakfast and we ate together at the dining room table. Then after that I usually went for walks, and sometimes I went to the library to read. Than I ate lunch, than dinner. During the day time Liam was busy at work doing whatever it is he does, he still hasn’t told me what he does for work. But during the night we usually watch a movie or two and talk. After a few months, I started to realise I was falling in love with this amazing guy. And he became very protective of me, in a good way. It was like this for almost a year, till he finally decided to tell me what he did for a living.


The day started out like most days, but when I went out to go an eat breakfast, I saw Liam and another guy, that I have not seen before, sitting at the table talking. I walk up to them to try and get their attention. They both turn to me, both of them alot taller than me.

“Good morning!” Liam said.

“Good morning” the other man said a little bit after.

“Erm, Good morning” I replied to both of them. “And your are?” I said with a small smile on my face reaching out my hand to shake my hand. The man look over at Liam, and Liam nodded his head like he was approving it. He shook my hand and said

”Hello, Miss Camila. My name is Jack Black. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. Black” Liam piped in and said

“Camila this is your bodyguard” Jack and Liam was smiling at me.

“Um Sir, Can I please talk to you?” I paused for a few seconds.


“Ah, Yes of course if you would excuse us, Jack.”

Jack left the room and Liam turned to me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Why in the heck would I need a bodyguard!?”

“Because of my work.”

“Please explain! This is ridicules!”

“Okay, I’m in a Mafia.”

“What?! Don’t Lie!”

“I’m not just in a Mafia, I’m the Mafia Leader” I stared at him in disbelief. He started to explain to me how his entire family has been part of this century old Italian Mafia. It’s name is Valiente, and their rival Mafia is The Moretti Mafia. He explained how he was adopted into the family as a child and later became the leader. And he explained how The Moretti Mafia seemed to be planning something against his mafia and he just wants to make sure that I am protected.

“Okay that seems reasonable, but why didn’t you tell me that in the beginning?” I ask.

“I didn’t want to scare you off.”

“You would not have scared me off, silly” I pull him into a tight hug.

“Let’s go get some breakfast” he said. I nodded and we walked into the dinning room to eat.

Chapter 9

The Proposal

It has been about 2 years now that I’ve been living with Liam, and our love grew and grew. Isn’t amazing that in 2 short years our love blossomed into what it is now. He is taking me out to dinner tonight which I can not wait even though we’ve gone out on dates before. He always makes me feel so special. With all the bad that has happened in my life, I’m glad I got one amazing thing out of it.

That night I was getting ready to go out I decided to wear a black dress with a gold belt around the waist. I put my hair up in a tight braided crown, and finally I put on my makeup and some bright red lipstick. I went out to the living room where Liam was waiting for me.

“Ready to go, Love?” He asked.

“Yes” I responded and walked out the front door to his black and white corvette. We drove for about 30 mins or so, which he had blindfolded me for. His reasoning was that it was a surprise and that he doesn’t want to ruin it. When we got there, he got out and helped me out of the car. I can instantly hear water crashing, and the smell of the sea. I instantly knew that we are by the ocean. He takes off the blindfold and I see this beautiful arrangement of white and gold flowers and a little picnic set up on the beach.

“It’s so pretty!” I say as we walk through the sand over to the picnic. As I turn around, Liam is behind me on one knee and he pulls out a little velvet box. I was instantly in tears when I saw him like that.

“Camila, would you make me the happiest guy on the planet and marry me?” It took no hesitation for me to say,

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! That would make me the the happiest women ever!” After he put the ring on my finger, we sat down and ate the samon and other food he had set out of us.

Chapter 10

The Wedding

After that night we immediately started to plan the wedding. We didn’t want it to be too big, so it would be safer from the Morreti's. So we are only going to invite all of our closest friends. It would be held at a vineyard that is very popular for weddings. There would be white and gold flowers everywhere, but mainly white roses. A pretty big white gazebo in front of the chairs where we will share our vows, and our first kiss as a married couple. The gazebo will be decorated with hanging flower baskets and some white mesh. White columns with gold flowers on top of them down the aisle. It was going to be perfect. With a harp playing “Here comes the bride” music. Liam has already purchased his tuxedo. But I needed to get my dress still. I have a dress fitting on Friday, and hopefully I will find a dress I like.

I tried on hundreds of dresses, but I only truly liked one of them, it was strapless, with a built in bra and it had a flower pattern going down to the end of it with a long flowing trail behind it. The vail I chose to go with it had a tiara on it. Liam thought it was a bit much, but I loved it. So we got it and the day was coming up so fast. We got everything perfect and just in time for the rehearsal dinner. Everything went smoothly during the dinner. I was surprised in myself that I didn’t spill or mess up anything.

The day of the wedding. I was getting ready with my bridesmaid. This was going to be perfect I know it. I got my hair and makeup done professionally. My hair was up in a braided crown , and my eyeshadow was was a dark gold that made my blue eyes pop. A bold red shiny, sparkley,  lipstick on my lips. As I walk out I got the last minute jitters out and was ready to walk down the aisle. Jack took my arm and walked me down the aisle. As I was walking I looked at my surroundings everything perfect in place, the flowers, white and yellow, perky and beautiful. Everyone was looking at me, I’m pretty sure I was as red as a tomato by now and I could not help, but smile as big as I possibly could. I got to the gazebo, and held Liam’s hands, while the priest was saying all the things he says, I was just staring into his bright blue eyes. Then I heard from the priest,

“Camila do you take Liam, to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“Yes! I do”

“Liam do you take Camila to be you lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do!”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride.” Liam and I put the ring on each other and then we kissed. I could hear everyone clapping and cheering, but to me and Liam, it was just us in the world. And you know what happens next.



~5 Years Later~


It’s been about five years, and Liam and I are still very happy. We fight sometimes, but that’s normal for young couples. We have two kids, our first one is a little boy named Topher, he is 4 years old, and our little girl named Izzy, short for Isabella, she is 2. Liam left the mafia life behind and we moved to Wyoming in the old mining town of Aladdin, nestled outside of Sundance. In a nice 20,000 sq. foot house, painted light yellow with white trimmings. Liam needed some help controlling his temper when he worked, but after awhile he got it. And I finished school and helped in foster care now. Trying to get parents to reunite with there kids that was taken away from them, like getting sober. Overall it was a pretty nice life, and I loved it. I know we came from hard times, but I would do it all over again, because I found something that beat everything. I found love and I found a family.



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