A life of Sorrow

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How does it feel to be not cared of and neglected by everyone.
This is story is about such a life of sorrow.

Submitted: February 04, 2013

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Submitted: February 04, 2013





My name is David Miller. I call myself David and only find me myself using the word. This is because no one else calls me by my name. Most people address me as ‘The unlucky’ ‘The Devil’s form’ or ‘The weirdo’; Even my parents.

My life is not the least good in x. Everyone in town hates me, scolds me, and bullies me. I get beaten every day by the older boys, they snatch away my lunch, take away my glasses, and throws away my books and copies in the ground.

My teacher scolds me every day. I fail in every test. I am the worst student in class. I hardly pass the exams. My mother has a heart of stone and often scolds me for that, and my father beats me to death. I am weak in sports. I always get a D for physical training. So overall I am an average loser.

But I try to improve. But life is very hard, I am never able to get the right mentality for doing things right. I have no friends, but have a lot of enemies. I just cannot think properly. When I start to think everything seems dizzy, so I can never improve in my studies.

One day I took up a resolution. I cannot live like this anymore, so I decided to run away. There was a small wood beside the school. I don’t know where it leads to, but somewhere far away from civilization.

So the big day came. I came back from school like every day, ate my lunch and played video games. I did everything I could, everything I liked because today would possibly be my last. Night came and I slowly peeped out of the window (our house being at the ground floor). Till now I had no feelings of sorrow for leaving civilization maybe forever because my sorrow in life may have neutralized the sorrow of leaving this rueful life. Until now I kept walking out of the backyard but when I got to the road and looked back at my house, tears rolled down my cheeks.

Three days passed. Fourth day came. Even after four days I did not completely realize that I was in a forest. Dense swamps with croaking frogs, trees reaching the top of the canopy, the ground covered with vines and creepers and the flow of limpid water by a stream beside. I did not realize that I had survived here for four days. I could hardly remember how I got here. I only remembered that I have run away from my home and ran into the woods and kept on running until I felt I was at the heart of it. Maybe I was not even in the country now. But I did know that the woods opened up to a forest and I was no longer in an ordinary wood beside the house but in a dense, unknown forest teeming with unknown creatures.

It was my fourth day and I had still not been familiar with the new lifestyle I was going to live with. When I first came to the forest I felt kind of new and still I feel it. So even though now I mention of the fourth day, it is still what would have been on the first day of which I can only remember by parts.

After waking up, I spent three hours in washing my face and hands with the fresh stream water. I lived on fruits, leaves and honey. I made a small shelter for myself out of leaves and barks. I learned to make a fire from stones and branches.

But even though I felt good to be away from home, I still was not happy. I was in sorrow not because I was missing my home; not because I was scolded always; nor because I can never have a good future. I felt sad because I did not get a chance to live a better life. I never bullied anyone, beat anyone or misbehaved with my elders. But still I had to leave my past in filth and regret. But still I cannot get a life where I can enjoy myself. Even the worst can live his/her life in peace but I could never and can never, neither being innocent nor guilty.

I cried in the evenings, I cried in the nights. I had to cry myself to sleep,

There lay in the far a tall tree, full of branches but no leaves. The dead was also the home of the dead. Six decomposed skeletons hung itself from its branches. They hanged themselves to death. I made the dead my friends.

One of them was Green. He was always beaten by his father. So he one day escaped here just like me. In sorrow he committed suicide.

Another was Michael. He was seventeen. He failed his A levels and his parents threw him out of the house. And he ended up here.

Two of them were Mathew and Daniel. They were unsuccessful physicists. They had no money and decided to become robbers. The police caught them even before they started their plans. They were sentenced to 3 years in prison. They escaped but the police were hot on their trail. So tired of the entire hide and seek, they ended up like this.

The fifth was Empelo. He never cheated, never lied, never hurt anybody. But he was always interested in games. But he never passed a single test. So tired of all the scoldings he got for this, he took away his life.

The last of them was Manuel. His story was similar to mine.

I was not scared to see their dead bodies. By now I felt I had already seen all fears in life. So I decided to visit the tree every day.

May days had passed like this. I did not even know if my parents were looking for me. I still did not have any feelings towards them.

I visited the tree on one noon. The sun was setting at that time. Looking at the sunset beside the dead was really exquisite.

As evening came, the shadow of the tree was cast on the ground. The silhouette of the tree was sharp and so was the shadow. The leafless branches, the tall figure and every other detail were cast well, as well as the seven shadows hanging from it. 

















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