Tactics for Final Fantasy 12, Revenant Wings

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A list of things, which I will add to as I go through the game again, that will hopefully help you through some of the tougher battles of the game.

Submitted: February 14, 2010

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Submitted: February 14, 2010



Chapter 1: Tips for Battle

1. Healing Without Penelo:

Carbuncles are like miniature Penelos, so when fighting a hard battle, summon a large bunch, and have them cast Ruby Light. When you need healing, and Penelo is KO'd, use them to heal your party.

2. Surviving with only one living Ally:

Sometimes, only one member of your party is alive in a battle. Although your outlook may seem bleak, I myself have completed many battles survivng with only one person living, so have faith! The golden rule is that if you are in big battle (e.g Chaos), step down and start over, your not going to make it. If you're not in such a battle, and the survivor is Kytes, Penelo, or Llyud, you are in luck. If it is another player, start over mate, its not worth the effort. Here is what to do in each senario:

Kytes: Find a summoning gate you own, and get some healing yarhi. Sufficently heal Kytes using a yarhi whos element is air, and summon some level 2 fighters. Use Kytes's magic to kill of any attackers, using the healing espers to subsitute Penelo, and the fighting ones to subsitute Vaan. Do this well, and you might just complete your mission.

Penelo: Find a safe place, preferably near or on a summoning gate. Get some good level yarhi for protection, whilst you revive Llyud using Raise. Then, use Llyud and Penelo together to revive Vaan and Kytes.  If you manage this fast, you could be able to revive your whole party in time to kill off any remaining fighters.

Llyud: This is the hardest to work through, though it is possible. Summon several yarhi, some healing  (a Carbuncle if you can manage it, but a White Hare will do) and some melee. DO NOT go into battle unless you are forced. Instead, methodically work through reviving each member of your party, starting with Penelo,  (she can help you to do this using Raise), then Kytes, then Vaan, and then any other members of your party. Your outlook is pretty resonable if you do this right.

3. How to pick who to use for a battle:

When you are in the battle prep. screen, always make sure Kytes and Penelo are selected. These two play big parts in keeping your party together, and you will most likely find yourself in a battle one day where its those two characters that are the sole survivors. When you're picking who to fight with, be sure to check the following: what their quickening is, their level, and what weapons and armour they have. If you're entering a large battle, such as one against T.J.O.W, make sure that all your selected players are equipt to deal with the type(s) of element you are facing. (e.g, Use a sword that is fire-based for a fight against a water yarhi such as Shiva)

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