Star Wars: The Old Republic; Key'ae Drelk: For Honor, Glory, and Adventure!

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Key'ae Drelk is a young nautolan Jedi Consular just beginning her journey abroad to Coruscant. She has a peppy and upbeat attitude, that attracts people of all sorts to her side, but also annoys and repels some. Some call her the ideal poster child due to her extremely happy, and completely random personality.

Submitted: July 06, 2013

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Submitted: July 06, 2013



I wrote this for a post in my SWToR role-playing guild back when the game was first released and decided to post it here as well. It is "Chapter Two" in the forums but, Key'ae Drelk's first chapter in the Star Wars Old Republic realm as far as the reader is concerned. I haven’t thought anything else about this piece, but if you think I should continue with Key’ae’s Drelk, then maybe I will. I’m much better and more comfortable when creating my own realm’s, and research seems like such a hassle, but if I get enough votes toward writing more about this nautolan, then I will give it my best shot. :)


Key'ae Drelk: For Honor, Glory, and Adventure!


Key'ae Drelk stepped forward, grey robes still swaying around her thin frame as her black almond-shaped eyes took in the dull sight. The flight had been a long one here, and so the young jedi stretched her arms out above her head. Key'ae thought the jedi temple had been busy before her departure, but today the spaceport was much worse than that.

"Please get in line!" A man yelled over to her. "Everyone has to be scanned for approval before you can proceed. Including you." He pointed a pudgy finger in her direction.

The nautolan raised a brow to the man, but slowly obeyed, filing into line behind countless other strangers.

Key'ae bounced on her heels impatiently as one by one the line moved forward. 

Sooo sloooow. The young jedi thought to herself as she glanced around at the people around the area.

Finally, she threw her green head back with a sigh. Gooo faster! 

Sure, she had patience. At least… Key’ae called it patience. But this was her first time traveling abroad and the excitement was walled up inside of her, just waiting to burst free.

With a slow and deep breath, Key'ae closed her eyes and sought to silence her mind. An old nautolan tune entered her mind and she began to hum it while bouncing her head from side to side.

The man in front of her turned and glared down at the nautolan. "Do you mind? Don't be so annoying."

Key'ae wrinkled her nose at the man and fell silent.

Sure, it probably sounded annoying to others... A smile crept across her green face. "You don't like nautolan music?" The young jedi asked.

The man turned back to her with a furrowed brow. "Are you touched or sumthin'?"

"Geez... aren't you rude?" The young jedi crossed her arms in a pout, and looked away. "I was just trying to make conversation." Key’ae grumbled.

The man huffed and turned his back to her.

Key'ae Drelk had had five previous masters before she was finally able to graduate.

Coruscant was her destination. The jedi could hardly wait to see the building where the jedi council resided. She had heard stories of what it looked like in its past days, and she only hoped that in its remodeling it would be as glorious as before.

Master Trenton was Key'ae's latest mentor. He was the first to realize that Key'ae's talents lie in aiding, rather than fighting. Where the others were focused on combat training, Trenton was solely focused on healing and protection; using the force in a defensive form rather than offensive. 

Trenton had also realized that with music Key'ae was able to drown out distractions. So, her master gathered a little music from Glee Anselm from a collector for his padawan.

During her time off, Key'ae would spend hours meditating to the music of her home-world. Eventually, she was able to instantly clear her mind by recalling a favorable tune. It was especially useful when she felt nervous.

When she graduated, Master Trenton arranged for Key'ae’s transport to Coruscant, where she would continue her training as a formal jedi.


"Next!" A voice rasped in front of the young nautolan. "Please step forward."

Key'ae grinned brightly, obeying the guard. He ran a device up and down and all around her. With a beep the man nodded and pointed a thumb behind him.

"Confirmed. Proceed. Next!"

Key'ae Drelk followed the crowd down a passage and into a rather large hangar. There were two ships taking passengers, with a droid who called out the destination of each. But, behind the two ships there was a beautiful scene outside a large window.

The nautolan's almond eyes widened and her jaw dropped at the sight. It looked similar to a sunset except ten times as pretty. The sky was pink and orange with a large sliver moon hanging high above. Stars glittered throughout the scene both near and far. Beneath the silver moon a mist rolled forward, hiding whatever might be there.

"Is... this real?" Key'ae whispered to herself.

Behind her, the droid shouted a new announcement. "All passengers have been confirmed. Flights will leave shortly. Please take this time to board promptly."

Hardly wanting to take her eyes off the window, Key'ae turned toward the two ships.

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