Mysteries in the woods

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 28, 2018

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Submitted: February 28, 2018



Mysteries in the Woods

I was taking a stroll along the woods when I found an ancient script stuck in a pile of leaves. Written in it was a horrific adventurous story of five teenagers, camping in the woods. I sat on a log to read its content. After reading the script, I never returned to the woods, I had rather take a stroll as a free citizen in the open streets of Miami.

“I feel I have already killed the suspense by telling you that the story is horrific and gory. Nevertheless, I would go on with it. You too might need to reconsider and stop taking strolls in the woods as I have done”

Let me tell you what was in the script and by the way since I have read it before, permit me to comment on the plot as the story progresses.

The story begins thus...

“…To a close comes this gory drama as Elsa walks the streets of blood and ruin; having the devil’s enzymes flowing through her veins and deep in her unconsciousness the will of hatred, lay, her heart’s crave".

Early on a cold Saturday morning, the breeze was gentle and calm. It was a perfect day for a picnic in the woods for Pete, Elsa, Clara, Nick, Jane and Howard; six close friends from Oxford High. They had just begun their long vacation and had nursed plans to go for a picnic. Jane wakes up and greets her parents in a way anyone would swear that she never knew them: even a dog deserves a more respectable exchange of pleasantries. It was Jane’s first picnic in the woods and the euphoria was heightened. Little wander it was the strangest greeting ever. Jane runs off to her wardrobe, packs a few wears and dashes to the fridge to get some comestibles. She then heads off, like Sonic the hedgehog, to the kitchen where she pleads with her mum, who was busy with the dishes, to drop her off at the park, where the others were earnestly awaiting her arrival. Jane’s mum concedes to her pleas reluctantly and agrees to drop her off at the park on the condition that she returns before dawn. As she hurries down the stairs with her mum, she trips and gets her ankle sprained.

“Nature was speaking softly but Jane was too excited to listen to its plea”

She feels the pain sink deep into the skeletal joint that connects her foot with her leg but she smartly comports herself, just like a teenager would do to avoid what she thinks and sees as unnecessary care from her mum, which could mean being disallowed from going for the picnic. Her mum pulls her to her feet and asks softly, in the tone of a charming singing-bird, if everything is alright. This, Jane answers in the affirmative. Still in great distress from the fall, she hops into her mum’s Porsche. The park was just fifteen minutes’ drive from home and in that span of time the fascination and euphoria of the picnic seems to serve as a healing portion, just like in the fairytales, in curing Jane’s pains. They get to the park and her mum drops her off, waves at her friends and drives off in a fast and furious manner just immediately after Jane alights from the vehicle and walks cautiously towards her friends who were sitting under a covered pavilion, smiling as she approached.

“Jane would not have stepped out of the vehicle if she was aware that the reaper had his plate washed and his dinner was yet to be served.”

It was just a ten minute walking distance to the picnic field, so, in no time they reach their destination. Clara and Nick helps in setting up the picnic mat, Jane and Pete helps in preparing the snacks and the fruits while Elsa and Howard hangs out in romantic poses, enjoying the caress of the warm breeze. It was six in the evening, they had all had fun and the clouds were closing up, the sky had started to mourn as the atmosphere grew dark. Clara suggests that they start to pack up and head home but Howard, who was the boss figure, the James Bond, suggests that they wait back a little longer. Everyone agrees to Howard’s dooming opinion since they were all still enjoying the comfort of the cool and romantic weather. Just like a typical love gathering, it was getting dark, the weather was cold and perfect for such obscene expenditure and these leaves them oblivious of the fact that the grim reaper was close by, setting up his chess board and arranging his pawns, that he may partake of the fullness of the night.

“But should we blame the grim reaper? I think he just wanted to have fun like everyone else was doing”

It was Jane in the soft grip of Pete, Clara in the comfort of a sensitive caress from Nick, and Elsa, with her pink lips stuck in the clip of Howard’s kiss.

While the three teen-couples were lost in a romantic adventure, Howard gets a glimpse of a strange movement across the trees.

“The trees were quite far away. He could have ignored it and key-in to his lip-romance but for his broad chest and his athletic muscles which catalyzed his curiosity, and since he had always wanted to check things out, we are left unable to ask the question ‘why this time?’ For God’s sake, he was the James Bond.”

Howard makes his way straight toward the scene, like Arnold would, in the movies, without much consultation, and everyone follows just like the sheep follows the shepherd, and in all, they all made their way into the woods like rams to the slaughter. They spot a gigantic foot trail which measures about 45cm long and 30cm wide. At the sight of this heart-skipping and breath-taking sight, Jane pleads that they return to the tent and leave for good. They all stare at each other for a while before Elsa breaks the silence by suggesting, while putting on a wry smiles that they check it out first before going back.

Did she think reality plays out like the movies?

“One could have concluded that Howard’s traits of curiosity must have been passed down into her system through oral fluids while kissing but there was far more to it. Fate had written its piece and death had made its list.”

They all follow the astonishing foot trail. It was getting really dark, Jane becomes uncomfortable and desires to return but she cannot since they had walked too deep into the woods and every other person on the group wanted to press forward in the journey, driven by mere curiosity. She is too scared to go back alone and so, decides to play along and follow the pathway of shadows. Having followed the seemingly endless trail, they take a sit on a log to rest. As they sit, they hear sounds which the human ear is unable to decipher of what distance it sources from.

“This sounds, I best describe as the devil’s hum or the whispers of the grim reaper. I think this happens when he moves his first pawn”

Humanly, they could conceive that it were some wild animals exercising their vocal prowess while taking a stroll. They all stand in a circular manner and take guard; with each having their eyeball do the work of a surveillance camera, capturing a radius of about 60 degrees. While they look around, scouting for their predator, there came, with no warning alert, a sharp stake, with the speed of a furious wind, drilling through Pete’s skull in a horizontal manner just like the flash of the cutter’s axe through a pile of wood and of all left of his head were two unequal halves of a neatly divided skull dangling on a lifeless body like pork hung on the display hook.

“If fear were human, it gripped in a tight hug, everyone who had air flowing through their nostrils. Elsa, Jane Howard and Clara’s countenance changed and their convictions to what the future held faded”

They all run along a dark path, knowing nothing of what the heart of the woods has in stock for them. As their legs move swiftly and their heart raced, they perceive a somewhat black smoke, which has visible red-colored corneas, swaying loosely in the atmosphere like the pendulum in a church bell. Clara, unaware that one of this creatures mapped its space right behind her; turns back to evade the incoming ones only to run right into the evil smoke-like creature. There was utmost silence at first as the view of what was seen was unimaginable scary.

“When I said unimaginably scary, I meant it. I also couldn’t imagine it when I read the script. Simply, it was beyond human imagination. Nevertheless, I will paint it the little way I could conceive it.” It was Clara, with a black mossy-textured skin, absolutely red-colored eyes and her blonde hair turned- green. At this juncture it was obvious that Clara was lost. Not just amidst the malevolent woods but forever, in the hold of the unknown demon. Clara was no longer herself. Her mortal body was now governed by the demons of the woods. Still in the state of being possessed, she gives her friends a hot pursuit, with just a single intent which I need not tell. They all run for their dear lives till they get to a free space. It was a beautiful cottage and it seemed pleasant and safe enough to take a nap as they were exhausted from the pursuit by Clara who has now turned to something really scary. At this point, they were hungry. They sight a beautiful pear tree with so many fruits dangling from its branches. Jane goes first, she walks slowly towards the tree and raises the extended portion of her upper limb in a bid to have of the fruit of the tree. As her hand makes contact with the fruit of the tree, her hand starts to melt with her blood, boiling her flesh like a pot of boiling larva which swells and bursts.

“She must have touched the forbidden fruit. It makes me feel like she was just another Eve” In a sincere, absent-minded attempt to save a loved one, which in the true sense cannot be saved, at least not by a touch.

“This kids keep forgetting that this is reality, and not some Snow White or Sleeping Beauty tale. Did he think his touch would save her how the prince’s kiss saved sleeping beauty from her sleep? What exactly was he thinking? Anyway, whatever he was thinking was perhaps his last thought”

Nick touches Jane and that was in the least, his last significant romantic action, as his blood ripples and in little or no time all that is left of Nick and Jane is a torrent of blood and melted flesh. Howard and Elsa watches with horror in their eyes as drops of transparent crystals create a streambed on their faces. While they mourned the double tragedy, the darkness starts to clear out. Hope started to tread the pathway of Howard and Elsa’s heart as they sight a trail whose end seems to lead to the city’s drive way. They both walk a few meters into the savior-path. But suddenly! There came a loud burst of sound. It was a branch which gets peeled from its trunk that comes rushing at Howard. As the branch journeys toward Howard, he spots it, just like Jet li would, but it was a little too late or probably his palms weren’t as strong as that of Jet li. He tries blocking with his palm but the pointed and dash-motioned branch digs its way through Howard’s palm and finds its way through his lungs, sticking some part of it out from his spinal column.

Elsa holds Howard’s ‘lungless’ body in her arms, with tears in her eyes, she mutters these words agonizingly.

“to the bleeding moon and the fallen stars I give away my friends. That they may walk in an open end And glide through the storms up to Mars. That my feelings be not lost And above all If it takes none, My life, a must.”

“With Howard still in her hands” She mourns and her tears were as thick as asphalt. She looks down and buries her face between her laps, lamenting the loss of three friends and a lover. Just then, a staggering creature, with a haggard body frame, a rough-textured flesh like dried up cactus and a blood stained, torn singlet sneaks up behind Elsa and buries its teeth in the depth of her thorax. She loses consciousness as her blood makes a confluence along the flesh of her neck.

“It remained just Elsa, alone in the bleeding heart of the dark woods, a few meters away from salvation, but…”

“So, that’s how it ended. If you aren’t satisfied, you could go and look for the original script. I buried it back, in the pile of leaves but the location of the woods, I won’t say and it’s all because I love you. I won’t want you risking your life for that stupid script. I love you.”

Note: Everything written in this piece is Fictitious.

© Copyright 2020 astorm2000. All rights reserved.

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