Confessions *new version*

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This is an excerpt from a larger story I have so this is a one shot for now. Two people who are learning to deal with their past and present. Favourite it, Flame it, I just want someone to say something.

Submitted: June 03, 2011

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Submitted: June 03, 2011



I just couldn't take the way she let everyone push her around. It's like she had no regard for her own life. She lived to serve. I could feel the anger bubble up inside of me. I know that it is not her fault it is theirs,but she doesn't have to let them do it. She could fight back.

“Why do you let them do that?” I asked her, looking over her. Her eyebrows came together in confusion. “Why do you let everyone beat on you and then provide them with excuses to defend their actions!” I answered to her confusion.

I could feel my control slipping from my fingers. It was just to much for me. The world could do anything they wanted to me, just not to her. She must be safe. She was perfect. Why was I yelling at her?

“I don't give them excuses, because they have done nothing wrong!” Her eyes matched her shouts.

Of course she will stick up for them but not herself. I wanted to scream that right in her face. She had to understand what would happen to her if she let this to continue.

“Oh, really.” I smirked and grabbed her arm, yanking up the sleeve of her blouse. A yellowing bruise was wrapped around her arm. I could nearly make out the whirl pattern of the finger prints. “Then explain this!” She looked up at me as though I had betrayed her.

“He was drinking.” She answered in a quiet voice, pulling her arm away and pulling at the cuff of her sleeve. “It was my Moms birthday last week and he was sad” Her gaze fluttered to the ground so I couldn't see that she was sad too. “It's not his fault”.

She sat down onto the curb. Her arms wrapped around herself, her left hand cradling the curve of her neck. I sat down beside her. I could see the water from her tears making channels and pathways through the thick weave of her cream colored skirt.

“It's not your fault” I whispered. She looked up at me and smiled through her tears.

“I know” she said and in all honesty I believed her which made it worse that she took the abuse. “I still love them all because they are my family, and I can take it. I see what you go through, in the foster system, and I know it is just easier for me to live with it.”

“Hell, your a lot stronger than me 'cause I couldn't take it anymore”. She looked over at me. She knew that I had never told anyone about my past before. She looked down at her hands and then looked back at me, she was frowning as though she just realized something.

“You're a hypocrite” She said it as though she had just decided this and she seemed shocked about it. I was shocked as well and I didn't understand. She jumped up to her feet while I remained seated. She started to pace. “You let him win.”


“Ya! You let him win. I don't know exactly what happened or what he did to you, but you let him and you're still letting him ruin it for you!”

OK now I was confused what the hell is she talking about? “This!” She screamed answering my unasked question and lifted up my shirt exposing my scars. I quickly yanked my shirt down,

“What the fuck do you think you are doing!” I screamed. Shit, I was gonna loose it.

“Do you think I am blind! I see the way you move, with a permanent limp all over, no one else may see it, but I do! I saw the way you looked at my scar from the cigarette. Anyone else wouldn't give two shits if my Dad burned me once in a while, but you!” She laughed to herself, grimly, “You care to much, yet you can't say it. It's as though you are too afraid. Afraid of me!” she looked at me with accusation.

Control dropped to the ground, shattering on impact. I was on my feet. “Goddammit! You don't know and you don't want to know! I don't need your help! I don't need anyone! And there is no way in hell that I let him ruin anything for me! I killed that bastard! I took a baseball bat to his head without a care! I felt his blood run over my face and I smiled!”

SHIT! My brain was screaming at me. Everything was going red. She looked at me like no other person had before. She knew. She knew. Of all the people.

My hand clenched into a fist and I brought out my frustration on the tree, two inches to the left of her face. She didn't even flinch. Her eyes were wider than I had ever seen them before.

I dropped down to the curb and put my face in my hands. I just sat there for minutes, until I felt her hands slid down my shoulders.

“I may not need you, and you may not need me, but we need each other” She sat down next to me and brought my head to rest on her chest. She kissed my hair. “There is a big difference”.

We sat.

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