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Submitted: June 06, 2017

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Submitted: June 06, 2017



The ultimate moments we spent in this house are heartfelt. Setting eyes on the rooms that we decorated diligently and the flowers that we grew with passion and care revived the memories we had spent in this house; playing and maturing.

Not only is this apartment the only memory we have associated with this country but also the neighbourhood who have always treated us with kindness and respect. Shifting from a place where you have spent your entire childhood is quite a tragic story. The memories chase you forever. The friends and bonds you make are desperately missed and our hearts long to meet them again. 

The most dreadful day of my life had come. We are leaving this peaceful, fun-filled country permanently with only the reminiscence of our lives in this country. So many anxieties dwell in my mind. What type of a house will we live in? How friendly will the people be? Will I be able to make new friends and blend in at school? Would we be on good terms with our neighbours? These questions make my stomach churn and I feel really morose. 

We say our final goodbyes to our delightful next-door-neighbor; tears trickling down my cheeks as I absorb the view before me for the last time. Beautiful buildings, lovely lush green grass dancing gracefully as a result of relaxing chilly blowing air, the children's chuckles and screams filling the air. All of my five senses have suddenly become very sharp engrossing all the tiny details I would have never noticed or felt. For once breathing air was suffocating and every passing second was agonising...

We make our way to the airport in a small yellow cab, travelling through the nostalgic streets filled with busy people; screaming sellers promoting their freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, customers shuffling from one market to another, children running around. 

The mood was pretty grieving. It seemed like the time had frozen and the scenery had lost its colours. An air of melancholy surrounded me. As if nature was sympathising, the sky was gradually being hidden with grey-black clouds given off the premonition of an upcoming rain. 

Tiny water droplets settled on the windscreen and streamed down, it was raining. The air was mixed with petrichor and for the first time, I did not find it exhilarating. The driver pressed the accelerator, speeding up causing the rain droplets to slap my face. 

We were far from the city now and this marked a new beginning in a new country. More than sadness, I was engulfed in anxiety wondering if I would ever get used to the new life up ahead.

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