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Submitted: July 04, 2017

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Submitted: July 04, 2017



All of the excitement was draining her. It was the moment she and her husband have always waited for. She had somehow pulled through the 8 months. The morning sickness, lot's of puking and emotional breakdowns with mood swings was quite a lot for her husband. Nevertheless, he'd been her moral support and caressed her in every way possible. looking after her every need while showing her quite the affection and love, she was able to pull it through. 

The 6th month and onwards had been the best ones, when she had started feeling her baby boy kick inside her regardless of how hard and painful it was, it always made her blissful and ensured the healthiness of the to-be-born baby.Once, when  Andrew had her in his embrace as her head rested on his chest, he felt the baby kick. The husband couldn't control his emotions and burst into tears of joy and in this emotional moment he gently kissed Kate on her forehead sealing this moment and preserving it in their minds forever. 

....As time went by she experienced intense contractions almost killing her insides. If it weren't for Andrew's luke warm bath arrangements she possibly couldn't have gone through these. She loved him more and more as days went by and he continued to look after his wife and future son's health.And finally to this day when it was time for their baby to enter this world. Scared, Kate asked Andrews to stay with her as she lay on the stretchers pushed by the gynecologists and nurses.He didn't want anything more than to be with her at this crucial moment.He held her hand and kissed her cheek, "You can do it"

.....An hour later, the baby took his first breath as Kate looked into his eyes and gave him a weary smile before passing out from exhaustion.The time had come and Andrew couldn't stop himself and burst into tears of happiness as Kate slowly regained consciousness.  She saw him hold their-what a beautiful word was their- baby and gave him a quick smile before Andrews handed her the baby. "He's beautiful, Andrew" Kate whispered as she absorbed the details. The face cut exactly like her own, heart shaped, soft fair baby skin a tiny pointed nose, rosy lips and oh god, the mesmerizing teal eyes he inherited from Andrew. He replied "Sure is."

"I really didn't want you to see me so weak, but I was really scared," kate confessed, all embarrassed. A playful grin made it's way on Andrew's face and then quickly turned into a smile, " You were beautiful"Kate's cheeks reddened."What are we gonna name him, Andrew?" Kate asked with a questioning look. "You always thought the name Noah was beautiful, so why not name him that?" Andrew said with a smile. "Yes, I did," Kate looked at her baby and slid her finger across the cheek, "Welcome to this world, Baby Noah."

In a few hours, Kate was being rolled back to the house, Noah in her hand, in a wheelchair.They entered the living room and made their way to the room on the left corner that was especially made for Noah adorned with children toys, a cute cradle with toys hovering on top. The walls were freshly painted teal,as Kate loved Andrew's eyes and wanted the room to be of the same color, not knowing that her baby was going to inherit his father's teal eyes instead of her honey brown eyes.  The windows had gold colored curtains shielding away the sunlight and the floor was covered in a lush brown carpet.

She laid down Noah in his white cradle which was covered in beautiful white bed sheet adorned with tiny beautiful blue flowers Andrew placed a supporting hand on Kate's shoulder as she watched Noah rest in his little bed. Andrews was beyond happy and ran his fingers through kate's strawberry blonde hair making her turn around and face him. He gave her a quick smile before saying "Thank you so much" and leaning in to kiss her. He could feel her lips curve into a smile and it made him smile even more. 

She looked deep into his eyes, the excitement plain on her face as she thought about their future. She has loved him for a long time and..." I can't wait to raise baby Noah, Andrew. I can't wait to hear him call us mummy daddy or mom dad. I'm very excited" kate exclaimed. Andrew had seen her this happy once before, the day she walked down he aisle with her brother, on her wedding day. Andrew had seen her this happy once before, the day she walked down he aisle with her father, on her wedding day."Hush sweetheart, baby Noah is sleeping and we might not wanna disturb him," Andrew said as he planted a smirk on his face and placed a finger on her lips.

Days turned into weeks and those weeks turned into months. Soon Noah turned a year old and on that day Kate heard him say "Mum" for the first time.Kate couldn't have been more happier and she hugged Noah a bit tightly but gentle enough for him. She whispered in his ear, "Your the best thing that ever happened to me, baby Noah." "Nahh, YOUR the second best thing." Kate said with a mischievous smile spreading across her face.  "Oh really, second best huh, lets see who's the second best one here," Andrew said with a smirk as he hugged her and Noah.He whispered, "You both are the best things that ever happened to me." Kate smiled at his words and kissed him on the cheek and saw Noah clapping his hands happily.


They laughed knowing that nothing in this world could tear them apart. They were now a family and they would surely have a ton of fun experiences in the near future, together



The End.


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