The Happy Traveler and his Female Companions

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I have seen hot before when I was in Venezuela but this was different. I had won what is approximately 100,000.00 German Mark, which is about 45,000.00 American Dollars

Submitted: October 19, 2013

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Submitted: October 19, 2013



The Happy Traveler and his Female Companions

(This Story Has Adults-only Content)




he year is 1960 June and it is hot. I have seen hot before when I was in Venezuela but this was different. I had won what is approximately 100,000.00 German Mark, which is about 45,000.00 American Dollars, that was back in Germany.

A little bit about me. I come from a small town in northern Germany, called Bredstead. My parents both come from Husum which is a bit further up the Coast. My People are fishing people. Granddad has a boat which is quite modern for them. One Day my parents moved to Bredstead, It was just before the War, which is WWII. Mum had lots of friends there from when she was younger, but now she was pregnant with me. When I left School we moved to Bremen, where dad got a job on the Warf.

I got an apprenticeshipwith a Radio Technician I was always experimenting with old Radios and making things that required electricity.  I once threw 2 wires over the Mains Wire. Boy did I get into trouble. I also stuck 2 pins into the wall power socket. Wow! Anyway in Germany we had Lotto and soccer pool. My father played soccer pool every week and after I left my Apprenticeship I started playing Lotto which is a bit like Bingo and “you know it” I won.

The first thing I did, I got myself a “Reisepass” which is a Passport for travelling. Mum was all upset with the thought of me leaving home. But shit, I was 20 years old and had the “Wanderlust” which means I had to go and see the world. I booked a passage on a ship to New York. It was on a Cargo ship which carries up to 6 Passengers. The ship was fairly new and I should remember it’s name, but not at this moment. Well what I do remember is that nearly the whole journey I was “Seasick”, which is not funny.

I got of in New York, but I didn’t like New York. To dirty and not being 21years old I wasn’t allowed to drink any Alcohol in the USA. Bummer! Anyway I had a good look around doing the “Tourist Thing” The first thing I noticed was all these Yellow Taxies and Policeman on Horseback.

 I climbed the stairs at the Empire State Building, close to 2000 Steps. It wasn’t quite that many but it sure felt like it. When I got about halfway I was out of Breath and had to have a “Break”, I sat on the Steps and lit a Cigarette, which was probably the wrong thing to do. Other People smiled at me as they climbed past me. But I eventually made it to the Top.  102 Stories high. I also went to see the Statue of Liberty.  This time I didn’t get “Sea-Sick” coming over by Ferry. That was another climb up the Steps. At the bottom on land again a Local who seemed to me was a homeless person, told me that the French People had given the Statue to America. I gave him some change which I believe he converted into Alcohol.

 After a Week here. I caught the train to Chicago which they call the “Windy City”. Mind you on the Day that I was there, we had a beautiful Day. I had to wait at “Union Station” for the Amtrak to San Francisco. Union Station is Big, but I don’t think it is as big as the Central Railway Station in Hamburg Germany. I will always remember that trip.

 When I went to board the Train, I was greeted by the Conductor, “a white haired Negro with a big friendly smile on his Face.” Just before the Train took off, the Conductor brought in a small type of Box, which was used as the first Step. After which he walked down the Aisle of the Train, checking everyone’s Tickets. I love the sound of a Train moving along the Tracks. It keeps on making a monotonous sound sometimes going fast and repetitive over the “Switches.” At times it will put you to sleep. I noticed that there were not many Passengers on the Train. I found that I had a whole Seat to myself.

I thought it was great the way that white-haired Conductor looked after me and explained so many things. He had a story to tell about everything. He told me that earlier he had travelled that same line on a goods-train as a Hobo.

When asking him, “How he got to be a Hobo,” he told me that after his wife died, he wasn’t doing too well, took to the Booze and lost everything in a very short time. Then I asked him how he got this Job and he told me that a few years ago he found “Jesus.” He continued by saying, “that this completely changed him.” The old Negro sat down on another Seat and said proudly that he hadn’t had a drop of Licker for 2 whole years. This was the most memorial Train trip I ever made. The Countryside is forever changing and is so beautiful.

On this trip I also found that the most Americans are very friendly towards Germans, even so it was not so long ago that they were fighting the Germans in the war. They were also worried about what was going on in Vietnam. The average American told me that they had no business being there. There were many Draft Dodgers who burned up their Cards. Many fled to Canada to escape Prosecution. Still most Parents were very proud of their sons, who were fighting over there.

I finally got my drink of Beer. Nice but I think it was real weak. But I was just grateful to get a Beer to drink. When we got to San Francisco after 4 nights on the Train, I booked myself into a cheap Hotel, where I had a great View of “the Golden Gate Bridge.”

The next Day of all places I could have gone, I went to the Movies. I found that it improved my knowledge of the English Language. I saw a movie with Andy Griffith called “A Face in the Crowd” in it he sang a song that I still remember the tune, but forgotten the Title.  It was a song about his Guitar.

Again I did the Tourist Thing. By going onto the Golden Gate Bridge, I saw Alcatraz from a safe distance and then went on the famous Tram. I did lots of Window shopping, like I had a look into a Radio shop as I am always interested in what is new in Electronics.



  While here I made a couple of Trips to Los Angeles, a very exciting Town had a good look around and then the next day I took the Bus to Malibu. Went through Santa Monica, we had a short stop there and I bought a Hot Dog with lots of mustard.

Malibu was a real eye opener. I had heard lots about it, especially about the Pier, which was at the State Lagoon Beach. It had everything a tourist could want, and Girls. Also there was a place called “Muscle – Beach” where young People showed-off their Muscles.

I had never seen so many beautiful girls in one spot. So I spend some time on the Beach. When I tried to talk to some of the Girls, I “struck out” as they say. I was about to give up, when one of the young Ladies, indicated that she would love to talk to me.

I said to her, “hi, my name is Matt,” which is short for the German Name “Matteas.”  She replied to me “nice to meet you, I am Sue. She next asked me whether I lived in Los Angelis. After telling her some of my Story, we went for a swim. She was in a two piece Swim Suit and had a great Body.  Sue said that she was born here and she had a small Apartment in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

 After spending most of the Afternoon with Sue on the Beach, I went back to San Francisco. That is after getting Sue’s Phone Number and Address. Next morning I paid my Tab at the Hotel and took the next Bus to Los Angeles.

 From the Bus Stop I rang Sue and asked her to have a Cup of Coffee with me. I was at a nice little Café not far from the Bus Stop. When she arrived, she seemed pleased to see me. We sat on one of the Tables ordered Coffee and talked, mainly about where I was going. When we were ready to leave, I said rather sadly, that I better go and catch my Bus to San Diego. I was going to stop there for a couple of Days, to look around and maybe go down to the Mexican Border. Sue looked at me silently and said; “how about, I drive you?”

I must have stood there and looked funny with my Mouth wide open. Sue laughed and said; “what’s wrong?” I replied; “nothing! I’m just pleasantly surprised.” She said; “OK. Let’s be on our way, grab your Kitbag.” I grabbed my Bag and put it in the Trunk of her Car. When I got into the Car, Sue ask me if I could drive, which I responded to in a negative manner.

Sue was a very good Driver; she said that she had been driving since she was 15 years old on her Grandfather Farm. It was a lovely drive and we got to San Diego in about 3 hours. Sue drove me to a Motel near the Beach and after I paid the Man for the Room, she stayed with me.

Sue said to me; “what are your plans now?” To which I replied; well, I might take a Bus or Hitchhike to the Mexican Border. I told her; “That I always wanted to go there and see Mexico.  To cut a long Story short, Sue drove me to the Checkpoint on the Border. On the way back, Sue said she might as well stay the Night and go back to Los Angeles the next Day.

 We spend the rest of the day looking at the sights of San Diego. I could have stayed here for the rest of my life. The beautiful Ocean, lots of Mexican Music, very friendly People and I had never seen so many Mexican People outside of Mexico before, but then we were only about 30 miles from the Border.

That evening we packed something to Drink (Bourbon).  Sue had her way of getting Alcohol she had her Sisters ID which her Sister reported as lost to get a new one. She also packed some Finger-Food and other delicious looking Things. We drove along the Beach towards Point Looma. There was a slight, but warm Breese in the Air and it was lovely in the Convertible. Soft Mexican Music set the mood, I had my Arm around Sue and she didn’t seem to mind.

In the distance you could see the City of San Diego by Night.  After we rounded the corner if what seemed to be an Inlet, the Road got closer to the Beach. Couple of hundred yards further on we stopped. While I put the Soft cover of the Car up, Sue got a couple of Travel-Rugs and the “Goodies” out of the Car’s Trunk. When we walked down to the Cove, which was well hidden from prying Eyes. I found it to be very Romantic. The Moon-Light was playing over the almost still Water. I had never seen the Pacific so Calm. It must have put on the show just for us.

 Sue spread the Rugs while I went out a bit further out of sight to relieve myself. I t was fabulous to just lay there on the rug thinking of nothing but Sue and how nice it would be to make Love to her. Man can’t help himself everything in his mind is about Sex. After a while we got closer to each other and I began to Kiss Sue which she returned with vigour.  When we finally came up for Air, Sue suggested that we go for a swim.

I told her that I didn’t bring any swimming Trunks. She laughed and said that we could always go “Skinny Dipping”. I got to be honest and say that this was what I was counting on. The water was warm and I could see the Lights of San Diego in the Distance.

Sue stripped off and I must have starred at her forever. She had the most beautiful sexy body I had seen. Her Breast stood out firmly with puffy Nipples. Her Pubic Hair was trimmed to 1 inch strip and instantly I had an Erection. So I ran into the water slightly embarrassed. Sue was right behind me. The water was warm. We both laughed and touched each other.  After a while we began to shrivel from being too long in the water and we ran back to our Rug holding Hands. Sue produced 2 Beach Towels and we rubbed each other dry. Dropped down onto the Rug and covered with the other. There was only us, the rest of the world didn’t exist. We started kissing again and as our Tongues explored and tasted each other my hand wandered to here stiff nippled Breast. Sue went stiff but smiled and when I ask “Should I stop?” she just shook her Head. We kissed again and our Hands wandered over each other’s Body boldly touching everywhere. When my hand touched her Vagina it was extremely wet from her love-juices. I parted her dark swollen Pussy Lips with my Fingers. Her Pussy was soaking with Love Juices and so I inserted my Fingers in as deep as they would go. Then I formed them into a Hook, those being able to better find her G Spot. I knee as soon as I found that little bit of rough surface that I found it. By the sounds of it so did Sue who started trembling and shaking for about thirty Seconds. She fell down next to me saying “Hell nobody has ever done that to me “Continuing with asking “How did you do that?” She stayed there for a little longer then smiled at me with a funny expression on her Face. Then she laughed and jumped on top of me inserting my throbbing Penis into her vagina.

She dug her finger nail into my chest as she moved her body wildly up and down. After what seemed to be only second Sue started to shutter which developed into a giant Orgasm. Sue let out a scream which could be heard in downtown San Diego and before she had finished, I came with a loud groan. After this we laid there cuddling, feeling each other’s Bodies. When we got back to the Motel we showered, pushed our beds together and went to bed. After a short while Sue’s hands started roving over me and finished up in my crotch getting hold of my all ready stiff Penis. She pushed her face down to my crotch and putting my Penis into her mouth nearly swallowing it. Sue than proceeded to push her mouth up and down on me. It felt like being in a vagina. She increased her pace up and down scraping my Penis with her teeth. While she was doing this to me I frantically squeezed her breasts and pulled her nipples. I just could not control myself and my emotions any longer. So inhaling deeply I cried out “Sue, I am Cumming”She just bobbed her head in acceptance. I grabbed her head and pulled it hard down onto my impaled Penis. I came with a tremendous shudder calling out “Yeahhhhhhhh!” Sue looked at me saying “wow I have never done this before in my Life.” After this we went to sleep holding onto each other. Next day after a hearty breakfast we went the local beach.

This time in our togs. Bikinis were the in thing and I was admiring lots of beautiful bodies. There were lots of Navy personnel around; I think there was some kind of Navy-Academy close by. We went to “Sea World” which was new to me and watched the Seals.

Afterwards we went to a Cafe which we had seen earlier, it was in a red building and was called “The Red Victorian” We just had a “coke” to drink and enjoyed the day. For lunch we thought we would try Don Jose’s which wasn’t far from the Motel.  One thing that I saw in San Diego for the first time and was “waterskiing “I told Sue “That it looked like great fun. In one of the shops I saw the most beautiful Western Saddle and Sue said proudly “They are made right here in San Diego. Back at the Motel Sue said to me “Wait here a minute” Grabbing her purse she dashed out of the door. After about five minutes she was back laughing and holding up a bottle of Bourbon. Sue then sat down saying “Now we can have a Drink.  After a drink we went and relaxed at the beach and did “People watching” Sue told me laughingly not to look at the girls in their bikinis. After a lousy night’s sleep we made love again. Only this time my heart wasn’t in it, as I knew I had to leave for New Orleans.

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