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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story about a young boy who finds himself in a unique and helpless situation.

It was a strange enough thing to happen to anyone, of course. But despite the obvious physical anomaly, why here? All my mind could ponder was why I was in the park all of a sudden. That and what my mother was going to say when she got here. She declared world war 3 when I left a dirty mug next to the sink. She was going to rip a hole in space-time and hurl me into it I was sure of it.

By now, the crowd was 50 strong, and I was already beginning to get tired of answering the same questions. It was exhausting shouting down to them and it's not like I had any more knowledge of the situation. I was as clueless as they were. I mean if you’re going to play a practical joke on someone and suspend them 30 feet in the air, why would you choose to place them in the middle of a busy park? The more sensible questions came first.

“How did you get up there?”

“Can you move?”

“Do you need help?”

After answering these with sincerity to the first 15 bewildered members of the public, the latecomers were met with vicious sarcasm as my patience began to wither.

“No of course not, I think it's perfectly obvious that I have everything under control isn’t it?”

“I don’t think you’ve taken enough pictures yet have you? Make sure you get one with all the family. I think my left side is my best” I shouted as I pointed towards a huddled group of Chinese students I had spotted giggling and swapping photos in my peripheral vision.

I was obviously dumbfounded at the situation I was in. No cords or ropes attached, no evidence of a force of some kind keeping me levitated, nothing. It had to be magic.

Through the white noise of chattering, I heard the familiar shriek of a distressed mother. Here we go I thought. I’ll never hear the end of it now.

“Jacob!” she yelled, pushing through the bodies beneath me. “What an earth do you think you’re playing at!? You get down here at once or… or you’re grounded, young man!”

I rolled my eyes and sighed as I tried to forget about the near 200 people that were witnessing the ordeal, now switching their cameras to video mode.

“Really mother!? If you could get on with it as soon as possible then, I quite like the idea of being grounded as it happens.”

“Tell him, Brian!”

My father, following behind her like a faithful old dog, caught up with her and followed the line of my mothers pointed finger. His eyebrows raised as he saw his 16-year-old son fixed in mid-air.

“Well I’ll be damned” he muttered, the most speechless I’d ever seen him.

“he’s been smoking that hashish again I’m telling you. Didn’t I tell you?” said my mother.

I had been smoking cannabis when the strange event had occurred and I had spent the first 2 hours convincing myself that I was just a new kind of high, followed by a sapping realisation that maybe I had justed smoked too much and this is what happened to over indulgers. But it had been nearly 4 hours now. I didn’t even feel stoned anymore. Just fed up, really. And hungry.. very hungry.

“Can someone throw me up a sandwich or something?” I shouted down to the frenzied horde beneath.

It took a whole 23 attempts to lob a package close enough to me before a local primary schoolboy had the bright idea of fetching his fathers drone and attaching a carrier bag filled with an assortment of food and drink.

“Thanks, buddy!” I shouted as I stuffed a sausage roll into my face.

“Oh Brian what are we going to do!?” my mother cried looking expectantly at my father.

“Listen, the police have been notified and they are on there way.” replied my father reassuringly.

“I wonder if I have special powers too?” He added as my mother ignored him.

My sister had now turned up with her school friends like a group of laughing hyenas.

“Hey, Jacob! I think you need to be a bit more down to earth!” she shouted, sniggering under her sleeve.

“Seriously though, are you ok?”

“Oh yeah fine” I replied. “Just another one of those days. I'm sure ill shake it off”

Sirens grew louder and I could see the blue lights flashing over the tops of the trees. The puzzled expressions of the police officers mirrored that of the rest of the newcomers on sighting me.

“Are you in pain at all Jacob?” shouted the sergeant.

“No sir” I replied, “Just a bit bored now if you wouldn’t mind getting me down.”

I could see more vehicles turning up. Some marked, some not.

“We’re going to send this rope up to you with the drone” the sergeant explained, as police officers laid out what looked like gym mats beneath me. “If you could tie it around your legs, we will attempt to pull you down.” He continued.

“Yes alright,” I said.

As one of the officers began to pull on the rope I let out a shrill.

“Ow!! No no! That hurts. It's not working, you're going to pull my legs off! I'm totally stuck.”

A further 20 minutes passed and the doctors had turned up now. Arguing about what drug or antibiotic should be administered to a floating adolescent. I'm sure I heard one of them mention iron deficiency.

Suddenly, the crowd parted in the distance and I heard the bellowing voice of a crazed man.

“Out of the way people! Move! Move!”

A tall old man with grey wispy hair emerged at the front of the crowd in a lab coat and looked up in amazement.

“Ha!” he cried. “It worked! I did it!”

“Did what you crazy old fool?” I said.

“Stay right there!” he shouted as he began to run back in the direction he came from.

“Very funny,” I replied.

Submitted: January 09, 2020

© Copyright 2022 AstroMunky. All rights reserved.

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