The Angel from my Dreams

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Beauty of your love in dreams and reality

Submitted: April 17, 2012

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Submitted: April 17, 2012



Like a blurred vision in a dream, nothing is clear All senses are gone you can only sit and watch As the fog of uncertainty rolls in

But soon, all is made clear An angel takes my hand, and pulls me through and the blur goes away

As this angel slowly comes into focus of my weary eyes And I am filled with an unmatched amount of happiness To see your beautiful face To be beside you

You speak words which I do not understand For they are muffled, but i do not care Your voice is the prettiest of all which is comforting and yet powerfully embracing

With a startle, this dream has ended And sadly, I get up and wander to school

Astonished, and filled with the same happieness in the dream I see your face amongst the crowd of unfamiliar eyes I rush over to you, praying that is isn't a dream When I wrap you in my arms, I am assured, that it is not

In my mind, I wonder how im so lucky to know such an angel But in my heart, I do not question why Because because in both dreams, and reality You are there

Waiting for me to come

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