The Awaited Blooming

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Sometimes, when things grow too difficult to cope with, to fight against, we hide ourselves away and give up - it's best if we push ourselves up from such a slump, but at times, we need someone else to give us that forceful - yet kind intentioned shove.

Submitted: December 08, 2006

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Submitted: December 08, 2006



The Awaited Blooming

A timid bud,

closed and secluded.

Resembling a precious secret?

Never -

I practically laugh at the prospect.


despite that irrefutable truth,

that timid bud was constantly hidden away.

A vision seldom seen.

A voice not ever heard.

I desired this,

yet I did not.

What did I desire?

What did I yearn?

What was that pain,

that never ceased its pulsating?

How ever did it spawn?

Often I was struck,

by a forlorn feeling.

For as soon as it arrived,

to a new stage I never seemed to have expected,

where more effort would be required,

.....I shyed away....

It was more than just shying away,

it was becoming reticent.



Quiet and frighteningly secretive...

But through the darkness,

and through the pain,

before I could fade into evanescence....

You reached out your hand,

without any sense of resistance or begrudging.

I glanced up instantly,

abruptly blinded,

by the sudden burst of light;

Of hope.

It was warm.

Oh so inviting.

Though painfully unfamiliar...

Your bright smile,

resembling all that which I had driven away,

almost seemed like a dream...

But I did reach for it.

I reached out my hand,

and grasped onto yours.

At that instance,

in that precious and vital moment in time,

I bloomed into a flower,

and came to life.



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