What Is Childhood

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Something that popped into my head while I was mulling over the question "What if I haven't grown up?". Read it like spoken word - put on a bit of music and let the words flow.

Submitted: February 02, 2009

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Submitted: February 02, 2009




What is Childhood but a period of innocence all human beings experience? What is Childhood but a time in which all worries are suspended and all responsibilities put on hold? If Childhood be not a set time between ages, would it not then be a mindset to which all human beings may return at any givem moment? If Childhood be compared to a period of Life during which one is innocent of all dark matter, all pressing issues and all hidden truths, can not Childhood span one’s entire Lifetime?


What is the consequence of emerging from Childhood? Is it Adulthood? Adolescence? Or could it be that what awaits on the other end of Childhood is merely Life? Life in all it’s stages and forms? Or is it another state of being? A state of being which transcends all other stages of being? A sort of Undeniable Consciousness in which all becomes clear?


Is Childhood a lie? If so, would not the state of being into which one emerges be Truth? Or is Childhood truth and the emergence one full of deceit into Lies? What if Childhood was but an illusion – a caccoon to aid in the development in one’s mind? What if Childhood was a period during which to fully explore Life and fully explore Oneself? Is not then the Childhood forced upon us in Soceity one more akin to a Prison?


Childhood. Be it more than a simple time? Be it more than a time during which we play with any- and everyone? Be it a chance for us to simply Live? Or be it a chance for us to Truly Live?


What is Childhood but a time during which we are blissfully unaware of our own personal short-comings? What is Childhood but a place in which we are veiled in Ignorance, which covers all before ultimately folding unto itself?

What is Childhood?

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