Space Travel

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Phillip and Nate were best friends since they were kids and both dreamed about exploring space. So, when the opportunity arises when they were in high school, they obviously took the opportunity.
Later on, Phillip becomes the captain of a ship with Nate as the second-in-command. And everything seems like it was like what they expected, even better. But all good things do not last forever...

Submitted: March 09, 2018

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Submitted: March 09, 2018



As the captain stood in his private observatory of his spaceship, he noticed that there was a flashing red light. For a while, he forgot he had a panel installed so he could be notified of any problems. This light having flashed before, was nothing too worrisome previously. So, the captain shrugged the idea off and continued with the test. His second-in-command, his longtime friend Nate, walks into the observatory and notices the flash and says,

“Phillip, shouldn’t we do something about that?”

“I’m not too worried about it, so you shouldn’t be either.”

Phillip says that with a stern tone in his voice, as if he is disappointed that it was brought up to him. Then Nate goes ahead and says,

“But this is a really important test captain. It could be what causes us to be successful, or what could have been a waste of ten years up in here.”

“I know Nate, this is really important for all of our efforts towards terrestrial travel. But I have dealt with that problem before and it is always nothing.”

“Well what if this time it is something?”

“Well then we’ll deal with it if and when that occurs.”  Phillip says as he looks at Nate with a glimmer of anger in his eyes.

Nate noticed the anger that he has been far too acquainted with, so he just drops the topic. And then there was a long silence that had fallen between them. After not even a minute, Phillip got a call on his intercom, it was the crew saying that everything is ready for the test. At that moment, the captain said with a bit of confidence in his voice,

“See, I told you Nate. There was nothing to worry about with that warning.”

“You sure did tell me Phillip.” Nate said with a bit of sarcasm towards the captain.

As always, the captain did not notice in all his gloating about “being right.”

“Now, shall we begin with the test?”

This came over the intercom from one of the main operators of the spaceship. The captain jumped a little, but not from fear, it was a mixture of happiness and nervousness. In his head he thought of the possibility of there actually being something wrong. But that left his mind almost as quickly it came when he reassured himself. The captain then went up to the intercom and asked,

“So, what are we testing this time again?”

“We are testing to see if the torus is fully operational and can sustain itself. And we need to see if we have the power means to actually preform a jump.”

“Now, remind me what that is again?”

“It is the big ring around the middle of the ship that will allow for us to perform the jumps in space. And it does it by oscillating around the spaceship.”

“So, are we going to be actually preforming a jump?”

“No sir. We are not preforming a jump yet. We are just seeing how much power the torus needs and if we have enough power afterwards to make a jump.”

“Well if we had enough power, wouldn’t it just preform the jump anyways?”

“No sir, unless we preform the protocol to start a jump it would not do it. And also, we are going to shut down the torus right after we get the power reading. Which we will get that before it gets to full speed.”

“How are you able to get that before it goes full speed? Would that not be where the most power is used?”

“You are correct sir. But we are able to accurately able predict that power need without reaching that speed and risking a malfunction and accidently jumping.”

“Good. So, we should start the testing soon.”

“Okay sir. All we need is for you to come down here.”

“Alright, I’ll be right down.” Phillip said with a sigh of relief.

He takes one more look over at the blinking light and wonders about it. And as he wonders about it the captain takes one last look at the vastness of space all around him.  He is mesmerized by all the vibrant colors around him. In the very far distance there are clouds of bright blue and vibrant green, that are kind of polka dotted with the many infinite stars in the seeable universe. And there are a few planets that are seeable in the horizon. One looks like it is enveloped in a light pink cloud, kind of like a blanket, with a big spiral of grey with a spot of an opaque red that is very light in the middle. And then the other one is quite a bit smaller than the other one and looks like it is farther away. This planet is like a dark and muggy version of Earth. Its atmosphere is barely see through and you can barely make out the outlines of what looks like continents. Other than that, there is nothing else visible and interesting about that planet. They were supposed to check that planet for its feasibility of life, but no one wanted to get near that planet. Something about it gives everyone the creeps, including the captain. As the captain was trying to think about what was so creepy about that planet, Nate interrupted him.

“Should we get going Phillip?”

Phillip jumps a little because he was very distracted by the sight around him and Nate notices.

“Did I scare you Phillip?” Nate says with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“No. I was just distracted by something.” Said Phillip with a mixture of frustration and a little bit of sass in it.

“Okay, okay. Calm down there tiger.” Nate said jokingly.

“Alright, let’s get going Nate.” Said Phillip with a hint of impatience and also a little anger.

As they are leaving the observatory, Nate just looks at the view one last time and sighs.

They then enter the hallway and start making their way to the control room to start the testing. As they make their way to the control room, Phillip looks around the familiar interior of his ship. He sees the thousands of rooms that the crew are all staying in. And on their way Phillip and Nate walk by the cafeteria and the fitness center where they see some of the crew enjoying their time off. Phillip smiles at this because he likes that his crew are enjoying themselves. Phillip made sure to make it a top priority to put in some activities and such for his crew to enjoy on their own time so they are not bored. Even though his crew all love doing what they are doing and say that alone is enough for them. Both Nate and Phillip care about their crew and their needs, and the crew appreciates that they care about them. Then, finally they make it to the control room where the is waiting for them. And they are greeted by the head scientist.

“Thanks for coming sirs.”

“The pleasure is all ours. Let’s start the test and see if we have enough power.” Said Phillip

“Yes sir. Okay everyone, it’s time to start!” Yells the scientist.

Then suddenly, the whole place comes to life with everyone monitoring the ships state and the status of everything.

“Let’s start the torus at the lowest oscillation we can do.” Says the scientist.

“Yes sir.” The captains hear one of the many busy people say.

On the main screen Phillip saw that it said that the torus is operating at eleven percent. And other than that, nothing else is happening.

“Okay, so start increasing the oscillation slowly and DO NOT go more than seventy percent.”

“Alright sir.”

Phillip and Nate both then notice the number start slowly increasing and then a diagram of the torus shows up on the screen.

“Is that normal?” Phillip asks the head scientist.

“Yes, it is normal for that to show sir.”

Phillip then looks back at the screen and sees that there are diagnostics starting to show for the torus. It starts showing that there is pressure being pushed outwards.

“And that’s normal too?” Asks Phillip.

“Yes, it is sir. That’s what allows for the warp drive to work and allow us to perform our jumps.”

Phillip notices that the percentage has reached fifty already. And that the diagnostics say that the space-time fabric is starting to get weakened. He is confused about why it is saying that and what that exactly is.

“What does it mean when it’s saying that the space-time fabric is being weakened?”

“Well what that basically means is that the fabric of space and time, which is usually tough, is starting to get weakened. Which that is important to the way how we do our warp drives.”

“Oh, okay.” Says Phillip with a bit of confusion in his voice.

By that time, the torus has reached seventy percent of its full power. And it stabilizes at seventy and according to the diagnostics, the space-time fabric is weakened enough to start manipulating it.

“Okay everyone, so let’s start seeing if we can produce enough power for a warp drive.”

Everyone starts running diagnostics on everything to see if it would be possible to perform one. And from what Phillip can tell, they would be able to do it with the power that they are performing. All the crew is saying that they indeed do have enough power.

“Okay so let’s start powering down the torus slowly.” Said the head scientist with a grin on his face and a happy attitude.

At that moment the crew started to try and power it down. It seems like everything was working just fine except the scientist had a worried look on his face. And then everyone started panicking and Phillip and Nate did not know why.

“What’s going on?” Asks Phillip.

“We don’t know. The torus isn’t powering down like it’s supposed to be.”

And almost as instantly as the scientist said that, the power to the entire ship suddenly shuts down. And all the crew is panicking trying to get the power going again. Phillip starts to hear a humming noise but plays it off as nothing. Everyone starts calming down and tries to figure out what happened.

“At least the torus isn’t being powered anymore.” Said the scientist with a mixture of panic and laughter.

The humming that Phillip heard is starting to get louder now and it’s starting to annoy him. Phillip then asked, “Does anyone else hear that?”

Everyone said that they could, but it was not their number one priority with the power being out. And suddenly the ringing got really loud and now no one could ignore it. But no one could figure out what was causing the ringing since the power is out. This went on for a few minutes which then, it just abruptly stopped. Then everyone started floating, which the scientists just played it off as the artificial gravity machine just stopped working. But that was quickly disproven because the power finally returned and they were still floating. As everything was coming back on Phillip notices that the main screen still shows that the torus is still oscillating and it is somehow over the 100 percent mark. He brings that up to the scientist who is very confused as to why it says that.

“According to that screen it has been operating the whole time we lost power. And has somehow exceeded the limit we put on it.” Said the scientist with a concerned tone.

As everyone is trying to rush around to try and stop it, the gravity gets fixed. And the screen then shows that space and time is starting to wrap itself around the ship. And with that showing up, everyone started rushing more to try and stop the ship. But to everyone’s dismay, there was nothing they could do. The main screen then said, “Starting jump sequence.” Suddenly then the ship started moving faster and faster. The only thing that people could do was stand and watch everything happen. Outside the ship the only thing they could see was the streaks of light passing by them. The screen then said, “Jump successful” and they stopped moving.

“Okay so we can fix this. Let’s just turn around and go back. Clearly there is some bugs we need to fix.” Said the scientist.

“You heard him, let’s turn around and go back everyone.” Said Phillip.

So, the ship started moving again and they turned it around to head back to where they just where. And once they turned it around the scientist said, “Okay, so let’s get the torus oscillating again. But do it slowly.”

“Yes sir.” Said everyone anxiously.

They started to get the torus going again slowly as the scientist requested. But once it got past twenty percent everything started to go crazy again.

“Prepare for the gravity to go crazy again and for the power to go off.” Yelled the scientist.

But only if that were the case. Instead, they heard something starting to explode. They all embraced for the whole ship to explode, but nothing was going up in flames near them. They quickly find out that it was the torus that exploded. They all look outside to see the torus in thousands of pieces floating away.

“Oh shit.” Said the scientist.

“So, you’re telling me we’re stuck here without a way to go back?” Said Phillip.

“Yeah, we’re stuck here.” The scientist said with a bit of shock in his voice.

© Copyright 2020 ataylor29. All rights reserved.

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