War of 1812

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This is a historical fiction short story about the war of 1812! Enjoy.

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011




It was a cold and blustry evening, the wind stung the faces of the 5th  Maryland regiment. They had been placed there earlier that day by John sticker, who had been anticipatng a move from the British forces. We had six Smooth bore cannons awaiting the moves from the lurking British forces who had made camp to eat and rest.

I ,Charles Smith, sat crouched behind a large mature pine tree listening to the sounds of the rustling bear creek. I had a stocky frame towering at six foot two and short clean cut hair. My face was kept and clean always shaven and was all around quite muscular and fit for my age. My musket was tightly clenched in my hands, and my breathing was even.  I could feel that my body was pulsing with adrenaline. My heart was in this war and the massive British forces weren’t going to change that. My forefathers had fought against massive odds and had overcome the British and he was going to do the same.  Word was drifting around camp that the commanding officer had sent out a small detachment of 250  soliders and one cannon to draw the British troops to their position. I recited repedidly  in my head the bible verse I long knew and lived my life upon , in first Timothy, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity but of courage. Just at that moment a shot rang out and echoed through the fog shrouded woods, my neighbor let out a blood-curdiling scream that sent shivers up my spine, he then doubled over and fell to the ground. Rage engulfed the patriot he thought of the sorrow that would swallow the family, their dad was the two younger boys hero, and they would never see him again. Also for the wife her knight in shining armor shot and dead by the people they hated most.  I then saw the advancing redcoats coming straight for our position. I looked straight through my iron sights, took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger. I heard the chilling noise of death erupt from my gun barrel followed by the sparks that shot from the muzzle. Before the shot was heard a british solider, a man, fell hard like a log. After I shot I was ocumpanied by a deafing volley from my teammates.  Some Brithish soliders screamed, some held their sides desperately as if looking for someone to help. I then kneeled behind the large pine ripped open the powder package poured it down the barrel, put my minne ball in the barrelgrabbed my ramrod and shoved it down. Now it was the enemys turn to fire and without warning the released a deafining volley straight toward my company. I ducked and to my luck a minne ball came and showered the side of my tree. Splinters of wood chipped off and dug into my face. My rage burned even more I fired off another round and saw another one fall. Then they charged across bear creek whooping and hollering with their bayonets lowered. My captain then yelled prepare to meet the redcoats! As soon as he got the words out of his mouth a minne ball came and tore through his adobonal flesh. Blood poured out of his mouth and stomach, the redcoats were on top of us by now. I fixed my bayonet and charged I saw two British soliders ganging up on one of my teammates I sprinted and did a flying tackle to take him down.  I had good luck{not} and it so happened to be a buff fit guy that I tackled He immedietly tried to stab me but I shoved his gun out of his hand. I then jabbed him in the throat and he yelped, I found my gun and stabbed him. It felt like I had gotten stabbed, but I pushed my feelings aside and as soon as I got up I was suddenly tackeled back down again. The British solider then got me in a headlock and I suddenly thought “I might die”. I had a flashback of my two beautiful daughters running through the fields barefoot with hay in their hair, and my lovely wife standing at the porch of our log cabin smiling at me as I came home. I snapped to reality and punched the guy furiously in the ribs till he went numb I got up and said “get some’. Without warning I heard the ground rumble and tear up under me sending me high in the air and landing with a thud, that’s all I remember before I blacked out…..

I awoke a day later surrounded by dead bodies and empty battleground, my arm was numb, but I thanked god for putting his grace and mercy around me. I then decided it was over and I picked my self up and tried to navigate home through the Baltimore forests, surrounded by nothing but the sound of bear creek and the dying.


EPILOUGE: I layed in the rocking chair of my log cabin surrounded my My children and wife thinking that the previous battle was just not my day to die, I only heard the crakeling of my fireplace and the sound of my children playing. My wife then yelled “supper time”. I eased out of my chair and was invited by the aroma of turkey and a hug from my wife.

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