County Fair Wish

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A naughty little girl tells of her wish to go to the County Fair.

Submitted: June 02, 2008

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Submitted: June 02, 2008



I'm just a little girl and I haven't any money.

I tried to tell a joke but it wasn't very funny.

When I go to school I try hard to be real quite

but I'm always making noises even though I try to fight it.

My Momma says she loves me then she sticks me in the corner.

My nose is getting pointy but I mustn't further scorn her.

What I really, really want is to go to the The County Fair,

but if I get in any more trouble I won't be going anywhere.

So, I'll be very,very quiet and I'll finally learn my lessons

so I will know all the answers and I won't just be guessing.

When my Momma sees my grades she'll be happy and excited.

She'll take me to the County Fair where everything is lighted.

I'll ride every stinkin ride in the whole stinkin place.

I'll eat so much cotton candy it gets stuck all on my face.

I'll win a great big stuffed toy that I can't even carry.

I'll run away from all the clowns because I think their scary.

My Momma will tell me what a good little girl I've been.

Until I get back to school and it starts all over again.

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