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I have a ginormous crush...

Submitted: September 29, 2009

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Submitted: September 29, 2009



When he smiled When he laughed When he sang He was beautiful I loved him So, so, so much But I was sure he didn’t like me And then he kissed me


Ryan Darling did not like me. I knew it, I was sure. 99.9%. But I liked him SOOO much. I might even love him. And there was just that .1%… So every day I stared at him in class, and in the lunchroom. Everyday I imagined what I would say when he finally sat down next to me. When he finally noticed me. Something smart like: “Oh, hi.”. But day, after day, after day, he sat next to Taylor. Day after day after freakin day I sat with the same people. Day after day, I watched him kiss her goodbye on his way to Social Studies. And then one day he didn’t. He didn’t sit with Taylor at lunch. He didn’t buy her an ice cream cone. He didn’t kiss her goodbye. So I asked Patrick, the knower of all things. “What’s up with Ryan and Taylor?” I asked. “Oh, they broke up.” he told me, hitting Katherine’s desk with a pencil. “He says he likes someone else, just won’t tell.” “Oh.” I said “okay, now get your feet off my chair.” So all through Social Studies I listened to Ryan answer questions, I listen to Ryan goofing off, and I imagined that the girl that he liked was me, I imagined, but I stayed within the confines of my mind. I didn’t let it go public. And in homerooom the next day, when he sat next to me, I tried not to hyperventilate. And when he whispered into my ear during English, I tried not to shake. And when he sat down next to me in lunch, I tried my best to keep my heart in my chest. And then, when he asked me to homecoming dance, I did my best not to faint. And when I was in Math, and I hear Carly talking about me to Riley about how ‘I was such a slut and that I didn’t “deserve” Ryan’ I really didn’t care. In fact I smiled at Carly and said “I heard about Ryan and Taylor, it’s so sad.” It was the best moment of my life. And then, when we were at homecoming dance, and Ryan kissed me on the balcony, I practically died. And no I’m 99.9& sure that he loves me. And I’m 100% sure I love him back.

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