Curse of the Curious

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A young girl named Victoria went into the library. One book inruiged her and she checked it out, not knowing that would be the last one she ever got.

Submitted: July 14, 2013

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Submitted: July 14, 2013



Curse of the Curious

It was a crisp autumn evening, a young maiden named Victoria Blackwood was strolling down Potter Street to Mr. Kindy's library. She lived a few blocks away, so it was a short walk. She wanted to get some horror stories for her collection.

Once she got to the library, she spotted Mr.Kindy.

"Hello, Mr.Kindy! Got any good horror books for me today?"

"Hi there, Victoria! You know I got good books, I always do! Right down aisle 4!"

Victoria ran off to the aisle. She looked and looked but nothing aught her eye, until she saw an old, dusty leather bound book at the end of the aisle. She timidly walked over and picked up the book, its title was:  PANDORA'S BOX.

She didn't think it was there before, and it didn't look too scary. But she was intrigued by it. She needed that book.

"Mr.Kindy, I've found my the perfect book! Check me out please!"

Mr.Kindy looked at the book, his eyes widened and he began to shake.

"No, no, no... This can't happen..." Mr.Kindy stammered, he looked like he'd seen a ghost.

"What's wrong? It's just a book!"

"You don't understand, the book is cursed!"

"Cursed? Really? Yeah, I believe you, and I'm Athena." Victoria snickered.

"I'm telling the truth!" Mr.Kindy insisted,"Every 100 years, this book appears, and one young girl picks it up, and she looks hypnotized, like she needs the book. Then she goes home, she starts to read it, you hear a scream from the house, and she's never see again." Mr.Kindy looked like he was about to faint.

"Victoria was getting curious about this so called curse. She wanted the book even more.

"Well now I'm starting to believe you about this curse! Ha! Just check out the book."

"Don't say I didn't warn you, and just remember this, curiosity killed the cat."

So Mr.Kindy checked out the book with tears in his eyes.

"I'll be fine! I'll come back tomorrow and I'll say I told you so!" Victoria called to Mr.Kindy. Then she walked off, hardly waiting to read the book.


Victoria got to her house on 24 Gasier Street. The door creaked open and Victoria stepped inside. The grey clouds were stirring and winds were gale like there was about to be a storm. Thunder rolled across the plain, and it started to pour.

"Lets start reading!" Victoria cheered. She sat down in the living room in her favourite chair and started to read. A couple pages in, the power went out.

"I'm going to light a candle, I must finish the book." Victoria sounded like a robot and her eyes were glowing. The curse was starting.

She kept reading and reading until she finished the book. The last picture started to glow. The picture shot up a grey mist, then a misty figure came up. She had glowing eyes and a sinister smile.

"You have awaken the ancient curse, you fell into the trap, just like the others!" The misty figure roared.

"Who are you? What did I do?" Victoria wailed. She was bawling and cowering.

"I am Pandora. You have released all the sins into the world! As I did many decades ago. Now I m here to punish the people who followed my path for the trouble they caused. Now you and your offspring will be cursed for 100 years!"

"What!? Please! No!"

"Have you ever heard the saying, curiosity killed the cat? Well in this case, you are the cat. But first, I think I'm going to make you pay, how about a little possession, eh? Ah, ha ha ha ha!" Pandora cackled. Pandora stretched out her hand and muttered a curse. Victoria started to float, her eyes glowed and she turned deathly white. She got tortured and punished and so many more bad things. Until one day, it stopped.

Pandora took Victoria and  laid her on her bed. Victoria was battered and bruised.

"See my dear," Pandora sneered, "Mr.Kindy was right you were too curious and that pays. What did Mr.Kindy say again?"

"Curiosity killed the cat." Victoria moaned. Pandora laid the book on Victoria's chest. Vines started to shoot from the center of the book, and they would soon wrap Victoria into nothingness. The last thing Victoria heard, was the sound of Pandora laughing.

The End

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